Star Wars

I would like to share with you some facts about the movie in relation to our dayly life

1. did you knew that Jospeh Cambell was helping G. Lucas design the arequetypes roles of the actors and all the movie as a mythical story, to get deep in the subcouncious of the collective mind? then the mvie got a global success.

2. Hate. was used by the Drk jedi to develop power. Did you realize in the normal western and easter world hate and anger are considered sources of powwer too. ? that means our "normal " society follos the path of the syth?

3. In the other hand, a higher level of spiritual practices integrates anger as useful energy to be transformed in compasion. For sure that was not the case of the syth? or it was?

4. The highest level of spirituality on the mind dont consider anger or hate as good or bad. actually there is no judgement, and are experiences that can guide you to total self liberation. Was that the hidden path of the syth?

5. The normal zen sword practitioners, follow always assetic practices, but the highest sword warrioir know the path of transformation and of the mind beyound duality and judegement. then, what defines a syth from a real jedi?

The guy who plays Darth Vader alledgedly lives only a few streets away from me. It was in the local newspaper he was raised in my area, and still lives here as does a few other famous people like, McKenzie Crook, Richard Roxburgh, Esther Rantzen etc.

Original trilogy was shot with anamorphic lens. Episodes IV and V were shot in Panavision, while Episode VI, which was shot under Dunton camera. I anamorphic lens case with Hawk was shot on Arriflex cameras, and Episodes II and III Sony CineAlta high-definition digital cameras were shot with a new hope Lucas Ben Burtt hired to monitor the sound effects.

I will put my pence worth in after letting the thread untangle a bit more, also I will tell you why Lucas has not decided to write the last chapter containing 3 films, although I have touched on Star Wars in other posts :)
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