Pop Quiz! :D

This is written 'tongue in cheek' but it has some very good deep, hidden meanings... ;)
Something in here is true, including my experience with '5.d' recently! roflmao
Pop Quiz

montalk.net :: (CC) 15 July 03

Instructions :
Address these questions to yourself; time limit is one decade.
Answers will be provided after time is up.

1. “Fear based material” is:

a) material that evokes fear in the reader.
b) material that seeks to evoke fear in the reader.
c) material written out of fear.
d) aren’t these all the same thing?
e) a convenient label to discredit whatever truth one is too scared to accept.

2. The concept of good and evil:

a) is simple – good is anything that is nice, feels good, and is based on love rather than fear.
b) is not valid – this is a false dichotomy; there is no such thing as good or evil.
c) is subjective and relative. They mean whatever one determines them to mean.
d) is objectively a duality of balance vs imbalance, respecting freewill vs manipulating freewill.

3. One day, Gandhi says “1+1 = 5,” to which Hitler exclaims “Nein! 1+1 = 2.” I respond:

a) Hitler lied his way into power and killed millions. I think that speaks for itself.
b) I agree with Gandhi because he’s a friendly guy and makes me feel good.
c) Hitler must be using fear-based logic, and I’m too lazy to count on my fingers, so I agree with Gandhi
d) 1+1 = 2…guess that make me an anti-semite?

4. When I listen to my intuition:

a) I am freeing myself from the limiting nature of the logical mind.
b) I am actually listening to subjective emotions arising from chemical imbalances, programs, and insecurities.
c) I am blindly listening to the implant in my head.
d) I use my logical mind to crosscheck intuition, seeing if they concur.

5. If someone is hurting me, I respond in a loving manner by:

a) giving them my tender kindness until they feel guilty and become nice like me.
b) allowing them, since there are no victims and so I obviously asked for this as part of a karmic learning lesson
c) ignoring their existence, thereby making them go “poof” from my created reality.
d) caring for their spiritual evolution by doing whatever is necessary to teach them a lesson, including being cruel to be kind.
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