Co-creation with the Divine

I have already written a little bit about my beliefs and insight regarding inner potential and also about connection with Source Energy.

I want to share a bit more about this. But first, I apologize if this is information that you already know and apply into your life. If you do not believe in my words, then that is fine. We are all free to believe what we want to believe and to live accordingly to our inner truth.

As this is a place for free expression, then I will express myself here.

I have always felt an invisible presence in my life. Since I was a child; maybe specially when I was a child I was more in tune with this.
I remember as a child, feeling observed by the invisible. No matter how alone I was, I never felt alone. I always felt or "knew" something was watching me. Not a negative or fearful presence. It was a neutral one for me. I just have felt observed by spiritual energies for a long time.

As I grew up, I started to understand a bit more about this presence and my connection to it.

This "Great Invisible" has been called many different names by different people: It has been called God, Allah, Source, The Universe, Universal Consciousness, Love, Creative Life Force, the Higher Self, etc... I do not know exactly what this Source is or how exactly it works of course. To me, it is the origin of life... The origin of us. Where we come from, or what created our Soul a long time ago. This is the Divine, the perfect Silence, our place of origin and return... Our home in a way... The Universal Source.

I believe that our highest potential as individuals is many times closely related to the connection to this source. Why? Well, because that is the Source of creative power. It is the consciousness and energy behind everything that exists and happens... And we are fractals of it.

Of course our human mentality cannot compare to a super expanded state of being. We are not there yet. We are still caught up in our human limitations for now. Learning from the experience, growing from it and expanding ourselves.

I am realizing that we are supported by this intelligent and spiritual energy if we are open to it. We can ask for anything we want. We can ask for help on different situations and also for answers. This great power is always present within us and all around us. It is super conscious, wise, intelligent and powerful, more than we can imagine. I know that there is a form of telephatic communication with this Source.

What I am trying to say is that this energy has the ability to read our minds and know what is going on inside and outside us. And it can communicate back, if we are open to it. We will never be forced to acknowledge this force. If we do not believe in it, then chances are, we will not experience it or wont acknowledge it.

Anyways, we are part of this same Source in our energy and consciousness. We are that, we come from it. We are its "children" or "fractals". Because of this, I believe that as we connect to this field again, as we open up ourselves, we have it easier to create and manifest realities as a co-creation process.

This co-creation process works by connecting to Source and asking for whatever we want or need an answer for. This powerful energy will manifest it for us if we are open to it. If we are not, then it will bring the situations to make us realize that we are blocking it and that we need to release certain blocks in order to receive. But then, we have an important role to play too, as it is a co-creative process. This means, we create along with the Divine; both parties.

The Divine has the creative life force and the universal wisdom. It manifests realities for us. Our part is to connect to this Source, to trust and to open ourselves to being able to receive.
This is not the easiest thing to do in my experience because we were conditioned to be skeptical about many different things. We are also creators with our perceptions, energy and belief system. So many times we come with blockages and skepticism which contribute to us disconnecting from this field. Also a limited mentality blocks the flow of abundance which comes from this same Source.

So our part is to rid ourselves from our mental and emotional limitations and to trust and connect to the Divine as this brings the answers and creative process for the things we want to manifest.

This process happens when we ask and believe. We can also do things our own ways, disconnected from it. Its respectable and it would work for many people I suppose. Life is meant to be lived in freedom after all so we can chose to connect or to not connect and it will be fine. Different outcomes probably, but its our choice and for our own wisdom in the end.

Our trust is one of our most important parts in the process.

Sometimes, if we are blocked in something in particular, then we may have to release our blocks first. Answers will be given though, if we ask for them.

We are not alone and have never been. Even with life struggles, we are backed up when we need to. We are also deeply loved by the Great Invisible.

I respect you if you disagree with my ideas. You are entitled of your own beliefs and insight. I share mine here.
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