difficult to live in a material world for indigos

i don't understand things people do sometimes.i find most normal everyday people to be often dull and hypocritical like for example,I'm not overly religious but i do believe in God,he had lightworker abilities(healing,having visions,calming the sea,etc...) yet many people don't want to believe that other people can have the same abilities and they believe it's witchcraft or other evil(and God stated that any man can have the same abilities yet no one listens). and many people don't want to believe a psychic when they said they saw God,but they believe someone that said they saw him in a tortilla or whatever it is,what is up with people. i find this place on earth to be boring and difficult to live in,idk what it is.does anyone else feels this way or think about this stuff?
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The world can be a very strange place sometimes. Maybe these people are a distraction for when you have bad days, they take your mind off your problems and your thoughts are mostly of them how they annoyed you

I hear ya, it is maddness for sure. However those guys are right, focusing on it only feeds it. I get really overwhelmed now and then when I see that shit.
To be honest it happens everytime I watch the news lol
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