namaste, thank you for the video

it is interesting to me especially now how science is changing

the field of cosmology grows, with minds that are again thinking outward

less empiricism, more flexible thought

this is a good thing, for this allows for progress

I find it interesting that physics is still stumped by apparently chaotic data

to me, this thinking is somewhat absurd

what appears as random is anything but.....our scope is just not the right size, to put it rather crassly

and in years past, when ego and testosterone dominated the laboratory

it would not do to insult the scope of a learned man, indeed *cough*

Why is is such a surprise to find that we communicate in ways we do not see?

Is this not very obvious? We all give off a measurable bioelectric field.

All organisms that could be defined as "living" and even some things that are not traditionally defined thus

have this field

and as we think and feel and move about, they interact with each other

we are, each of us, nodes in an ancient but highly complex network

this is technology beyond anything we have come to create

and we are just now scratching the surface of it

what a marvelous time, it is, to be here

adumbrae et lumis otium
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