lol Ayausaca* (or w/e) may be easier to come across first though. Its just tree leaves and tree bark boiled for like a day and thrown together with some spiritual rituals. Has the same effect though, just a longer effect and usually more of a process of the "destruction" of your physical body which lasts for an hour or so the first time. After the body has "shed" though, apparently you fly up to either the 7th or 8th dimension depending on how adept you are at spiritual dealings. The entire experience apparently can last for awhile. They have camps in Peru that do this religiously and take groups of travelers for 3 days on this spiritual journey. Think I might hit this up first before Aya though lol. 15mins is way easier than 3days lol. But then again, I think Indigos take well to these types of things for a reason, I'm actually not too worried either way. Great stuff though :)

I had a natural DMT trip... And my love for this world duplicated 10 times from what it was. It is a true blessing to have this trip... In my case, I didn't go to gods, I went in space and confronted my spirit guides and I can say, I am in good hands. It makes me cry. I am hoping to have a similar trip when I die. I strongly recommend it to EVERYONE. As recorded it has made people cry and laugh at the same time. I cannot degrade the universes love after this. The plan for humans have been in place from the very beginning. After the trip we are supposed to melt in the ocean of universal love. It is not permanent, but it gives more insight to living than anything else I know. Atleast your worries vanish in thin air. And you feel the highest form of love. That love knows no evil. Ayahuasca usually gives you a trip around the globe and in the mental pictures you have.. But if the trip is stronger, it's like a rocket and your head feels orgasmic. It purifies you and makes you understand there is no difference in feeling small or big. Because if your heart controls your way of living, you rather want to feel small and humble, than big and alone. Two choices, be one, or be separated. Ego, or the heart. That is why I cry, because I cannot get rid of my ego and feel what there can be felt. I want to say to all of you, please choose to be in the bottom of the ocean. Please choose the way of the heart. In this western world it requires death and rebirth of the spirit, it requires the awareness of things that matter. Do you need friends in order to feel love? Of course I don't suggest that you would not require to have them, but do you really need someone to always be there for you. Instead of placing your life in the withstanders hands, give your heart to the world. And god will smile for you. DMT gives you the tools to connect with your heart. And to become gratefull for all that exists. The ultimate lesson. There is no need to worry. You come to understand that nothing lasts and that nothing is lost. Some claim that the tools are in our genes. I believe that the tools lie in the connection of the heart and spirit. You can do anything, anything and your spirit can feel pain from only hurting others. The sense of understanding would not exist if others would not exist and so you can be gratefull of the knowledge in your meaning for others. Even those you have never met. The world is truly magical. The serenity in love places your spirit in the kingdom of heaven. Yes, I truly recommend the trip for all.

I'm down. Got a guy who knows a guy in Harvard apparently who is a chemist and can make the stuff in the school lab on the weekends lol. I should really put good energy into making this happen. :) \\//
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