Future of humanity on this world

As a species we are not doing well. We have waged wars and atrocities for thousands of years and still cannot play well with others. We continue to rape and plunder non-renewable geological resources, destroy natural habitats, rain forests and coral reefs. We have little respect for all living creatures small and large and leave them little sacred space of their own. The very land we walk on, air we breath and water we drink is saturated with noxious chemicals and cyto-envasive nano-particles. We are destroying our body and mind with manufactured food, unnatural chemicals, DNA modified substances, drugs and various forms of radiation saturation. We currently see the beginnings of global warming catastrophes, loss of coastal landmass, migration of disease and pestilence, international stresses of famine and loss of water, violent weather phenomenon and destruction of infrastructures and communities. These changes are non-reversible and may lead to run-away heating, loss of our atmosphere's oxygen and death of every living thing. We sit complacently doing nothing on a dying world. With the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction we have become "killers of worlds". I do not see us existing into deep time to become a species of permanence.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Future of humanity on this world

We will survive, but note in the sense has we are now. What is going on here is way beyond what is physically observed. It lies in the unseen world, of spiritual wickedness, which influences, behaviour and thought patterns of the individual has well has the masses. I will say, and this I know, we has a species will never stop in our current way of life, an out side force will intervene at a critical time, since the spiritual evil, if that is what we call it, with de dealt with. I can tell you a bit about my experiences, and how this particular problem has effected me since I am aware of it and others associated with it, and in fact it is the major reason why the world is like it is,

Re: Future of humanity on this world

I also believe some will survive and would like to know your experiences regarding this knowledge.

And yes, negativity has been on the rise lately, it is almost unbelievable. Different people spreading fear, hatred and division and way more people falling for it. It is everywhere. It is on the news, on several YouTube videos, on entertainment, social media, etc. This is not by chance but rather something which has been planned.

It is hard not to say that humanity is brainwashed in very negative ways. Too many are still holding on the fear, judgement, hatred and division. Many others simply do not care about human´s actions and their consequences. But some care. Some lonely Souls are having their fight.

The greatest majority of people are selfish, careless and lack real connection and compassion. Not evil people, just the way it is.

But yes, this behavior is destructive. It is creating such imbalances, suffering and lack of freedom in the world. We really need a shift from this madness and I do believe it is happening somehow.

I mean, it is possible to perceive that more and more people are getting conscious, caring more about the planet and about the animals. Respecting more, connecting more, helping… They are the ones making the difference. They are the difference in a world with so much ignorance, negativity and darkness.

It is hard to see the light in the end of the tunnel right now but I do believe it will come.
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