Self-sabotaging fears and insecurities

We all share one same power that we use, either consciously or unconsciously to create and to shape realities around us.

We do this on both an individual and collective basis. This process begins very deep, inside our deep consciousness; our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. This combination of thoughts, perceptions and beliefs irradiate our energy through our aura. This energy is connected to the world that surrounds us and creates and manifests realities for us.
It is as if our aura and energy were our "magic".
Energy is creative power, it exists for that: for creating realities. But for this, it is programmed before, by consciousness. There are even scientific experiments that show this behavior.

So, the consciousness is us. We program our energy and this energy goes out to the world, connects to the collective energy field and creates the reality. This is our power.

Many times we are un-aware of the state of our deep consciousness, or in other words: our subconscious mind. Many times we carry memories or traumas from the past which left a negative mark in us. This negative mark is a combination of low ideas about ourselves, negative perceptions, emotional pain and stuck energy inside our system. This is what they call emotional or spiritual baggage.

When this baggage forms a strong mental pattern, it keeps manifesting same realities over and over in order to keep and sustain our negative perception; in a way, we are making the decision for this, even if we dont realize yet. We are actively using our power to keep ourselves in such state of reality, over and over, for as long as we need to be, until we make the decision to break from the pattern and experience new and different realities. One way or the other, it is an inner decision, an inner choice, an inner responsibility and an inner path as well. We are fully responsible for our own life and well-being.

We perceive the world around us according to our inner state. Many times, according to how we perceive ourselves as well. This is necessary for inner healing and for evolution, so this is not a bad thing, rather an empowering one.

It is often of no use to point fingers at others, to blame external circumstances or to try to external excuses for our failures. Doing this, only keeps the cycle going on. Expecting external people and circumstances to fill our inner gaps will most likely not deliver the results we may expect.

When we hold inner insecurities, they are usually about ourselves, even if we think they are about others. When this happens, we start making strange decisions, having sabotaging behaviors and blocking feelings which have the goal of manifesting the inner fears into the physical reality. It is not a sustainable way of living in the long run, in my opinion.

When these obstacles come, when the low feelings come, then it is a great chance to overcome them by shifting our perspective and feelings about them.
Not always easy of course, specially when we are already programmed to think in certain ways. But with time, understanding and experiencing this inner potential is empowering and freeing.

Many times, this awareness comes from the darkest periods of life.

Re: Self-sabotaging fears and insecurities

Yes, our physical life is like a mirror, a reflection of our inner state, specially in our subconscious mind; so life keeps showing us these things. This is also why there is the karma thing. Because we are consciousness and energy such as the rest of the world and there is interconnectedness. What we are is what we give away to the world while the mirror of life shows us the reflection of who we are by bringing experiences that resonate with our inner state. By doing this, it keeps us in a state of constant evolution (or at least gives us that chance) by the observation of the self. We get to see and to know each other by living and life is a mirror that keeps us growing and evolving as a natural process for all livingn creatures. All our memories, wisdom, perceptions are stored in our subconscious mind which is also the creative mind; our powerful aspect which can connect us to Divinity.
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