Dealing with problems in life...

I imagine that most of us have what we call problems in our life. All with very different stories, but sharing some kind of struggle in some area of life.

This is the current human condition, I suppose... But it is also a fundamental part of life. After all, they make us creative, stronger and powerful. What would be of life if it was not for these challenges? What game would there be to play?

However, sometimes these life challenges and problems become overwhelming causing great frustration and hopelessness. Sometimes our perception may tell us that things are impossible to solve or change. This perception can lead to a lot of resentment and frustration building up and affecting life negatively.

I believe every problem can be solved by remembering 2 simple yet hard to see things:

1. The solution to any problem lies in the root of the problem itself. To solve any problem or life situation, we can go to the root of the problem and change it. All other efforts which do not address the root may result in temporary results (if any) until the root is addressed.

2. The root of our problems is almost always found within ourselves; in our interior. Our exterior is only a mirror of our interior. The root is usually found within. This is key to our empowerment because this means we are the solution to our life.

Now, what is the real challenge then?

Well, I believe it is our inner mental/energetic shadows. This is lack of knowing, limiting perceptions which create our reality. These blocks or inner baggage are the real challenge as they also shape the illusion of our reality, making us think that these limitations are our reality... And they become it.

There is a third thing to remember when dealing with life problems:

3. The answers, solutions or possibilities for solving problems can be triggered, attracted and manifested by ourselves, even if we do not know them yet. Even if we cannot imagine a solution yet.

However, again, the challenge is us. Would we be able to receive and acknowledge these answers coming from our Higher Self considering our limited life perceptions? Hard to tell but depends on how open each person is.

But these are some things to know when it comes to acknowledging not only our inner power but also our inner responsibility for our lives.

If life is not treating us the way we want, then it is because we are doing something wrong. And that is ok, we are humans and it is ok to make mistakes, to live them and to learn from them. Acceptance is also key!


Re: Dealing with problems in life...

Well said, all too often we throw hands up and say "why me?!?!" but we fail to actually assess the depth of that question! Why, indeed? What have you been doing, seeing, not seeing, living through, evaluating, not evaluating, etc? Chances are, the answer is there in front of you, but you must be willing to put aside what ego will tell you is the situation versus what really is.

namaste min venner!

Re: Dealing with problems in life...

Yes this is right. It is not about being guilty because sometimes we just dont know better; we just dont realize. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and confused. But in the end, we are the cause and solution to our suffering and problems in life.
This is also the idea of the ascension process. To gain the knowledge and awareness to become the conscious creators of our life and to live our potential.

This may sound hard, but for example, a person who endures bad treatment from others for a long time without doing anything about it is directly responsible for this happening. Not guilty, because there are reasons for not acting; usually extreme fear and trauma, which is understandable. But still, the person is creating this reality until he/she decides to break free by doing what it needs to be done.

Others can cause us pain. But it is us who chose to hold on suffering rather than healing and letting go.
They say: pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice. And it is kind of true... Our suffering comes from our perspectives and these are decisions that we made at some point. We made the decision to see ourselves as victims and to create this reality. Or, we made the decision of healing ourselves and evolving from this and breaking free from this delusion and suffering. It is us, our decisions and actions, but not our fault, because we are coming from dark ages and are fighting our way to Light... Literally.
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