Could we become a planet, star or other galactic bodies ?

Hello comunity, today I want to do a kind of imaginary excersice, that is about how could be feel been a entere planet, or even a star. As you know, are much bigger and powerfull galactic bodies in the universe. So time, kind of some spiritual reiki guide, tell me that in certain point of evolution of the soul, when it becomes the enough powerfull and evolve, this can evolve into a entire planet. Off course that I can't assure 100 %, that should be really interesting for the soul have one experience like that. Been a planet, shelter all kinds of different form of life. Or been a star with su much power, and all the things that the planetary systems deppend of it. So what do you think ? if you could been a galactic bodie in the universe, what do you like to be, a entire planet? or maybe a big star ?. So I leave here this interesting questión, to put together and interesting debate.

Re: Could we become a planet, star or other galactic bodies ?

Hey, my friend.

Interesting question to me.

I think that if that could be the state that one soul could get into, i would prefer becoming a star, a sun so to speak.
I could just generate a lot of energy, sending out some light into space.
I wouldn't want to become a planet or planetoid though.
At least not one being inhabited by destructive lifeforms unable of living in symbiosis with their planet.
Because what could you do about it?
Must feel like fleabites.
Maybe sending some floods and earthquakes.
Hmm...okay, that would thrill me on the other hand i must say.
But for now i prefer being an individual living being with a small body, grin.

What would you like to be, by the way?

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Could we become a planet, star or other galactic bodies ?

Interesting, a white dwarf.
A star who cannot become a super- or hypernova due to its small mass, after its death.
I haven't even thought of the category of star of which i would prefer to be i must say.
Wouldn't it be cool being a star who will transform into a neutron star or even a black hole after having burned away its life?
This also leads to an interesting question.
If stars or planets inhabit a soul, then what about black holes, who originally have been stars before?

Interesting topic, a mix out of spirituality and astronomy.

A Frispy Crisbee
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