Thinking about the self as an individual is different to experience of awareness of spirit that is not individual. I have a name and a physical body but my mind is not singular. We are all connected as spirit yet in this reality it is easy for us to forget because we think in term of I am not we are. I have found this being I am reflecting animal, plant, human and spirit to the point where I have to ask what kind of energy this is. I reflect whatever energy is around me and it is not always positive. If I reflect your negative traits back to you whose fault is that ? yours or mine? The only way to answer I believe is to not judge any thoughts or energy because I am you and you are me. There is no need for fault.

I used to worry about reflecting negative energy and having a greater need to be positive. Life is much simpler when you do not worry about these things. To go with the flow is a more uplifting experience, knowing that in a day or two, this too shall pass.

I believe the ability (although I am not sure that is the right word to use as it is not a conscious act) to reflect has to do with vibrations and frequencies. The higher they are the closer to the we are. The lower they are the closer to the I am. It can be very confusing sometimes having no autonomy, constantly a candle in the wind. I imagine it is the state of spirit without a physical body. It is our natural state of being to be like this, it is the individual that is other wordly ,not spirit.

This time now is the hereafter, it is the life after the life before. We are all just reflecting each other back to each other but it is somehow hidden from our awareness.

Love Tawmeeleus x

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