A Man

I met a man today. He was in a wheelchair. He had no arms. He was being fed.

It puts spirituality into perspective.

What does it matter if we delve into spirituality. Wouldn't he like that to be his priority!

We are priviliged.

Love Tawmeeleus x
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Re: A Man

Shaj wrote:
Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:16 pm
Hello, old friend.

I totally agree with you about the mans desire.
If he would have his limbs and them working, he would embrace this physical world and try to live it out in the most exciting ways, i am sure.
Your message is a good reminder to be thankful for this physical existence that we are in and in those hopefully well functioning bodies of ours, so that we can take action. And in the end it is of course about being balanced. Grounded on one side, active, and open for spirit and intuition on the other hand.

Best Greetings
I had the same opinion! Thank you!

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