To awaken to spirit in a physical body takes, physical, mental and spiritual strength. To be literally blasted with love and feel it flowing through your veins, awakening every chakra is something that would blow our minds, literally. The physical is trying to cope with physical bliss, the mental is trying to control the mind and the spiritual has taken over. To go from a one dimensional being to a multidimensional being and feel like there are bits of you all over the place. Then you realise that this feeling is actually omnipresence.....! To be in a state of grace on this world is not a natural state of being and it takes years to find the balance between who you are as spirit and who you are as human.
To experience from a spiritual point of view turns everything upside down and inside out, everything feels backwards because we are looking from the outside in rather than the inside out. To see all matter disolve and the veil lifted is a gift to be treasured.
Love is the only power that can give us this gift, it is grace that gives us this gift and grace is an umerited gift. When our spirit is evolved enough to not abuse the power of telepathy, (thoughts are the language of spirit) when we are evolved enough to face the truth about mortality and when we are evolved enough to love unconditionally, then and only then is the gift, gifted.
LOve cheeneka x


when traveling, one passes through various events, some inexplicable, some in between, and some that become. to hold oneself together requires an understanding of where you are or yeas, you can get disseminated and then there are moments when you have to splash around to get back to surface again. it can be panicy.
the hollow tube of travel between is as short or as long as you want it to be. there are not rules. you stop and go as you please. as on any journey. to find where you want to go, you should look before you travel. in order to look, you need to see. in order to see, your spirit needs to be in harmony with universal vibrations. its a music of the spheres, although sound as such is not what these vibrations do. things vibrate well enough in the vacuum of space.
and also in space time.
and also in time without space.
so in the moment of now, vibrations where you are at that time
can be recognized.

as a flower in a field, it helps if you have a name for it that has a file which describes all that is particular to that vibration.

vibrations are composites in chords, that display harmonically at the electron and quantum levels.
a lot of information.

dont get lost in the information. you only need enough to distinguish the difference between the one filed flower and all others. if you consider the piano keyboard as a metaphor, there are the positive notes and the minor notes. not to say this is the rule of measurement, but it helps.
lets say that you see your destination as comprising of a main group of four flowers you know are in the field. its enough to take you there and not another place. so, you dont need to hold every last morsel of in formation of the address.
like going to Fort Lauderdale, FL. name and state is enough to get you to the city.
when you get to the city, you can define again, using the same technique; Vine Street, number 1052.
and define again; apartment 306, kitchen.
and there you are.

its the same for anywhere in the universe.
l dont know if anyone else uses this interested to see how and why whatever etc.



very good advise...:)

What if (hypothetically) your mind is omnipresence and you cannot tell the difference between animal, plant, human or spirit. When you say I it is not always meaning me...It could be any of the do you find a reference to anything. Or would one need to?

LOve cheeneka x


On this issue Cheeneka, when we depart our human form as spirit, what you may easily name as the ''etherial'' is then the domain of our energy. In this state, we are disembodied, and only corporeal by the determination of our will as energy. In this state, mass has no relevance but it does have meaning. the mass of our energies are in substance. we are the substance of our energy.
to dissolve our state of consciousness there, and in higher dimensions, to become integrated with the spiritual dimension, will mean that we as dissolved there as we are when we return to dust here.
The values of existence in spirit form in the next dimension are not measurable in the moment there by the same methods one may apply here. The point of origin that tethers us when we exist here, to there, is a reference point for existence, in the same way you might imagine, that we were before we were born here as humans.
When the flesh eventually dies, the most important step you may take, now, is to travel astrally. Buy this process, we ascend our spirits to the next dimension when we vacate our human form, and may continue as spirit energy to exist, without the need to assimilate and be ''incorporated'' into the divine light of light from which we sprang.
We have the choice.
In that way, your meaningful sight of plants and animals takes on new interpretation, as these are viewed alone as spirit energy with the reference to matter in this dimension- which we remember and can therefore construct an image across two dimensions- this and the nearest next- ( you might consider the way an infra red image, or a heat signature image, is seen in a picture of a plant here, to get the idea). While we have the ability to be in both places and beyond, we should make the most of it, as this allows us access to understanding outside.
The easier it is to see from outside, with the differences there not being a new experience, makes moving on all the more comfortable.
This is only one step along the way, and many are not even near ready to consider such, and many more choose to deny or refuse or limit their curiosity.

This is the choice that God has given to each of us that was from the Divine Light of Creation. The God Spirit we all know and feel within us- except Dusters- has granted us through reason, the opportunity to make our own choices. Why like this? Without the essential switch of choice in any event, we cannot make a valued conscious decision. It is this state of making a decision- even mistaken ones- that is our divine right by our existence here today.
We can choose whatever we want to decide, if a choice arises. This switch is our spiritual protection, our source of conscious power, and our difference between animals without choice. Why? Simply, because we choose to exercise it.
It is my belief, that this way of ascent, to higher spiritual levels, is what the Divine Spirit intends for each of us, and is part of what you earlier posted about in terms of evolution for humanity.
All these ways of the Tech and book learning that deters and distracts from this path, are not part of the ascended way.
Each person has his own way, alone, to journey, and learn his choices and make his decisions. No one may take them or make them for another.
Although, it is obvious that we are the same species and there as one, we can choose to journey alone and learn, or group together up somehow if we feel that may be our choice, and go with that for as long as it pleases us, until we decide otherwise.
No one person is more or less right than another, and their understanding of right, reflects where they are along their spiritual journey.
The semantics are an open topic of debate for any length of time people may consider appropriate; but they only distract and divert attention from the way, and may add in terms of depth of understanding, levels of comfort for the traveler to commence or continue their journey.
Being basic; it is our right to choose to ascend to a higher level and continue our journey. This right was blessed upon us when we discovered Reason.
It comes with consequences- responsibilities, duties, KNOWLEDGE. (your garden of Eden post). when we know things, we become responsible for our actions.
Therefore, we can see clearly that this right granted to us, has a higher purpose. When we choose to move up, our journey will take us to places as yet unknown to each of us. Whyso? The only reason, that makes any sense at all, is BECAUSE WE CAN. Whyso? BECAUSE ITS WHAT GOD HAS INTENDED FOR ALL OF US.
We are designed to do this from the getgo. From before then even.
I am NOT going to tell you do this or that, You go and work it out for your self. Its YOUR CHOICE. You travel alone.

All l know is what l know, and that is for me and my journey, thanks very much; even every day some ass wants me to smooch my nose in his.

Having established that our journey is a choice we may take by Divine Spirit, we may deduce that this journey has an ulterior purpose. One designed by the Divine Spirit for us to choose to take. Whyso? because it is our DESTINY TO HURRY UP and get the butt smooch out of Dodge.

There are superior choices to be made on our journey that will lead us along our way with the promise of more knowledge and understanding that will move us closer to the Divine Spirit while retaining our existing knowledge. OK, we may forget some- who knows every second of every day we spent as babies, as children, and teenagers; or even what we had for breakfast a month ago last Tuesday.

It is what it is.

We make it what we choose. The Divine Spirit only gives us the element of CHOICE to make our decisions. Its up to our REASON to do whatever.

So, when l look at the USA today, mostly people stay whacked out when they can. This is their choice to deny themselves passage to their journey. They will die one day, a Dusters, with nothing except the void forever. It is sad, but they have the right to deny life to themselves as they will, and choose the paper bag of escapism in place of a journey. This is not good. In Russia, its Vodka. In China, opium.

You have to choose for yourself. Maybe you are ready to make your own move for yourself and decide. Only you can know. The Divine Spirit has given us all the tools we need to move on. We should at least honour his intentions for us to take them up, and chip off some flakes, and learn how to make a few flint axes and arrow heads of our spirits; even only if to fulfill our least bit of curiosity to find out something we did not know before to be real, and works, and we can do it.

Some people can sense there is more, but dont know the way or whyso's etc. Now, you do. So dont ask me for any excuses that you cannot read English ok?

The choice is yours to leave or take alone. You make it in all good reason, or deny it for what many religions call the evil of life's distractions.

Do what is your will. Your will, will keep you in the next level, and beyond; to be defined by your choices and decision from those choices. YOUR JOURNEY.

Take it or leave it. Time will tell, and if you dont, l will meet you in one place l know, where we ways to deal with the Dusters. It will not be a pleasant meeting. Those that deny choices are returned to the void of non- existence, and some choose not to fall there, and prey upon the departed souls traveling towards the Divine Light. Those who have made the choice to believe in a Divine Spirit, and sense its being. We protect their safe passage form the Dusters, to arrive at their chosen destination. It is the way of our choice.

Please excuse me if my candor occasionally appears torrid. l have no patience when l witness ignorance in others, who have been sold a pup by users. It is not the fault of the poor believers, that they suffer nonsense. Idiots who claim to be wise and are lost themselves, and l see influence others with their nonsense, make me angry. apologies for that. l only know what works for me and that is all.

Anyway, i hope you make good and reasoned choices. Best Wishes.


Yes it is a journey.....conscious choices at times. Yet in a reality of omnipresence, thoughts and no time I am not sure there is conscious will or intention I think it is more 'just is'

Knowing through wisdom and love and listening to that knowing and wisdom in the silence where all secrets and all our paths converge and lead us where we need to be.

LOve cheeneka x


you spoke before of the id and the ego, Cheeneka. and these are tools in our bag to use on our journey. some choose to use these tools to limit their thinking, and others to expand it. where paths converge, we may meet others and share. where we follow a single path, there is space for the silence and reflection to absorb and digest wisdom.

it is what it is day on day.

what we know is that the divine spirit is calling to us to continue our journey. that call comes from inside of us. if we choose to make our journey step by step, sometimes a path will end in a wall. we must choose another to move on. step by step. your discovery of secrets is in the fashion that suits you best as you go, and every one of us is different. you move at your own speed.
you may wish sometimes to move more delicately and read deeper. you may wish to move faster and notice less. these are also your choices. it is the art of 'being'.



Cheeneka, would you say being spiritual takes one to be meek or assertive within their meekness, to me it just doesn't take being meek, as you said, the mental is trying to control the mind, this takes one to be assertive but not egotistically but in a more passive way.


here we be with a clear clean self directed path to ascension and you question the validity of passive spirituality. its a distraction. if you feel that you do not wish to discover life in spirit form after your human form is gone, then why are you asking these questions? passive means to receive. to invoke active self discovery through curiosity is an aggressive action.



When I say the mental is trying to control the mind I mean it in the sense, every thought is in spirit energy and therefore every thing is speeded up in the mind. Spiritual vibrations are much faster than physical. Trying to cope with everything at the same time takes great mental strength and endurance. There is a feeling of what I would now say is psychosis and battling that alone while trying to get on with daily life during an awakening is not for the faint hearted :)

I am not sure passive or aggressive comes into it. It is purely a matter of trying to remain sane! while awakening as spirit in a physical world......everything seems backwards as one is seeing from the outside in rather than the inside out.

LOve cheeneka x


G'day planetzarg

A distraction is far better than stagnation, this would be like not questioning the validity of the religious Dark ages, Christianity would still be in the Dark ages burning so called witches.

Actually, passive means more to give than receive where's assertiveness means to mainly receive. Used in balanced way, both passive and assertiveness belong in spirituality. The religious Dark Ages to me were just about assertiveness.


G'day cheeneka

Actually, the more assertive I am, minus the passive, the faster the mind spins out of control, this is quite different to when I am passively assertive, in this case my minds vibrations have slowed down.


oh mr G. l would add that your interpretations through your choice of adjectives is limiting. Its like circling an issue. our position is limited to the progression of linear time here. this is the basic way of our journey. to commit adjectives to an encirclement or spherical box around a linear does not form an understanding expedited by geometric association.

to say the phrase '' it is what it is " creates a node position geometrically.

this is a good reference point to calibrate from in any linear direction, emotional or spiritual. for one simple example.

how would one therefore expect to geometrically interpret the attempt to encircle a direction?

aggressive, passive, assertive. all good words, when spirituality is about being and moving forward in context.

one may be aggressive as one wishes, which also means assertive, and at another time, passive, that means submissive.

to hold more than one contextual symmetry in mind, ms C, is not an unlimited opportunity, and need not be ungoverned. Thought moves through the brain at a set speed of travel, limited by the rate of travel via electrical connections between neurons through synapses.
a neuron is a geometric node held in space time as point of reference in our brains that individually and as groups, create the procedures that lead to thoughts, actions and memories. these are limitations of our genetic formation.
we cannot remove these without being extra terrestrial.

to travel spiritually existentially outside ourselves requires a node as an anchor as a reference point to refer to. without this, we have an disorganised explosion of electrical discharge. so, when traveling astrally, we need at least one reference point to refer to to maintain understanding and comparison. hence the id and/or ego; the summation of our personal interpretations and responses to our life experiences.  

you as in the experimenter, need a starting point; as does a mountaineer need cleats punched into the rock walls to tie ropes to themselves while moving against a wall. or they fall down.


it may also help to see into the issue of development by looking at the interpretation of patterns.

if a man is running towards you screaming, your response after shock and acceptance of the reality, is fight or flight/passive defense. it is not necessary to understand much else; the weather, time of day, what you or he are wearing, or how you feel about the event. time is limited before you need to respond, so the process of thought need be limited tot the minimum in order to get a successful outcome.
in every case, this applies to every event in our lives, big and small. there are millions of permutations that you must decide in a second or so, to reach a decision and act. making a decision is a fabrication of choices.
choices based on reason.
reason based on our life experiences- as a child may be nervous of shadows behind colours one the face of clown, and be comforted by its mother that this is not a threat to safety.

we must all develop to be our own mother sometime, or we will fall.

how to develop? the addition of breadth of connections by experience.

the saying that life is the best university holds weight, and many successful people prefer streetwise employees to academics.

however if the starting point is not noticed or maintained (family, emotionally) then there is no linear tie, and the journey of experiences may have little meaning, until the person comes across their own point of reference. hence why religions propound their dogma so profusely, and their followers in the vast majority prefer to hold on to their belief systems until the end.
their point of reference is grounded in a teaching that is limited and not deep enough in reality to make sense of our passing journey across each step. therefore, people end up with an entirely false perspective, and some choose to preach those distractions.

maybe you would like to use a very simple node as a point of reference, and did the philosopher Descartes; who said famously;
Je pense, donc je suis.
l think, therefore l am.

there are many to choose from. unassailable facts that deny any further division.

part of the journey is to learn what is a distraction in any pattern, and what defines it just enough for a successful response.
of course we may make mistakes in our interpretations, and have to return and for example, decided that blue is not yellow becuase they are both colours. it helps to have a good memory, and know where you punched in the cleats on the wall of the mountain when you are coming back down.


G'day planetzarg
I used actual life references to make my point and my point was that validity is needed to evolve humanly, the real life example I gave is quite sound because it didn't come from  a hypothesis but from actual events that took place. It would seem to you  that actual events are limiting but an hypothesis is sound, I disagree.

The reason we have experiences is to evolve, I think human history quite plainly shows this.

I'm sorry but all you are talking about in your lengthy reply here is purely based on human perceptions, nothing more, we are not really human planetzarg, we are just acting the part of a human. Try not to break everything down into this that and the other when everything is of the same one source. Once you look beyond human perception, all you see is one thing, not multiple different things as you are clearly stating here, it's a lot simpler than this. 


Planetzarg: Yours is an amazing journey of the spiritual that comprehends both the balance of what to recieve, as in one who absorbs and digest information from his or her experiences, while taking a look inside him or her to actively in a way, be it a reaction or an action, respond to the environment. When we did die on the other hand, looking back at those same objects that we once, as a human, precieved with limits, and to see the bigger picture again.

Goofy: Many people are waiting to be "there". Even Love Himself is, and all those compassion, so why not smell the flowers and get in there, to get a feel how those birds sing (or even fight). I too felt entirely, the sense of you limiting your own prespective (detatching) of what you are recieving, or make certain choices to be so. Even our loving "God" detatches Himself while being attached (action)--  Meekness and spirituality does not equate pure passiveness: you have to be more active on both spirituality and then (later conceptually but not first), the (therefore) the reflection of our results, that goes the mundane. To think of nothing, but not selfishness, just about you, yourself. You are living a life so much not on sync at all with even nature. Human is a label, well then astrally to you, (ok we are dead now), who are we now?

For whoever in here reading, I hope I make sense.


Mr G.

there are no references to any events of experiences in your prior posts on this thread that l can find or have responded to.

your questions seem to be your answers.

your idea that we are not really human is very amusing. a tree is not really a tree, and a dog is not really a dog: so no matter when it rips your leg off. That car accident where your family member died didnt really happen; in fact, you were never really born at all, and are writing your posts as a fetus in a frozen womb in a cryogenic chamber 200 clicks North East of the South Pole.

What rubbish you speak. rubbish rubbish rubbish.

Is that simple enough for you?

Or do you feel it has multiple meanings?

Why consider the insanity of demanding the award of first place in a race that you never even entered let alone ran?


Indogo Violet, thanks for your comments and l sympathise that you are getting your head round my writing. I never do say my commentary is easy or like instant coffee. l do see that you have an overview from which to make your valid judgements as you wish, which is what life requires without the distraction of undeveloped minds and weird thinking. l hope that whatever l write shows any small insight of value to broaden the personal interpretations of the reader to widen their attention to diversity of thought-- the only way we may progress and then make sense along our individual journeys.

should you wish to awake further discussion l am most open to follow your posts.
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