Unexpected Spiritual Event

Last week I bought some glue pads to deal with current mouse invasion
mainly in the kitchen.
The metal traps I had put down some time ago were not working, and evidence of their nocturnal visits was demanding uprated attention.
I put one on the side next to a freezer and one at the back of the cooker. Thye have a few seeds in the middle of their glue pad.
Not an hour later, late afternoon, one had a mouse squeeking away in it, which caused consternation in the household.
And there it was.
What to do?
Usually, the pets deal with such issues and all ends well.
But this glue was proving unpopular .
Holding the pad for a few minutes and wondering what to do with a severly glued mouse and pad...
So I dropped it in the toilet basin.
I was waiting for the end to pull it back out and put it in the garbage
before anyone complianed about the toilet being blocked.
Just what I needed as a left of field distraction to a busy and otherwise planned day.
Then, the moment it expired, with a final kick of a free back leg,
I was astounded to see its spirit rise from the dead animal
below the water in the toilet bowl
in the shape of a blurry kidney mouse as misty ether
that was outside here
and enter into my left shoulder,
upon which it sits happily up to today,
watching the world go by.
OK once is something but not everything.
Get this.
The next day, there were two mice in the freshly replaced new glue pad
in the same location.
One smaller than the other.
So, with sniffs from the pets and noses turned up,
the toilet end was repeated.
Not expecting anything, I was even MORE perplexed
to find that one of the mice spirits joined the earlier one,
as a different rising shape of a misty bell with mouse head
and whiskers ( the smaller one of the two)
and the other larger one of the pair just expired; dead, ended- nothing.
No spirit. just gone, not there any more.
pretty much as one would expect of an evacuating mouse.


Accepting the circumstances as is;-

My question is
why did two of the three mouse spirits rise up
and are happily esconced on my left shoulder for whatever reason I fail to comprehend
and not the third?

I hold a suspicion that 3rd one was bloody minded and decided to stay on regardless.
These two are a boy and a smaller girl;
if that makes any sort of sense I dont know really.
Ah. they are telling me that they are brother and sister
and the other one was her...male partner gone.
They seem quite chatty together and interested in everything that goes on...
It seems they will be here for a few days and then find a new home for themsleves
when one presents itself. They dont seem purturbed or under pressure.
I must have a spiritually comfortable left shoulder...
Oh thats a bit rude.
The male says I have a spirit the size of the biggest thing he understands
as being very big
that tastes of honey and he is now drunk.
The girl says dont pay him heed;
he was always the loud type.
Charming I am sure.

I did have similar experience to this sometime back as I further recall,
when a tiny puppy from our own litters
didnt make it due to some illness,
and died in my hands
even though I gave it all the kind attention I could at the time
it rose up as well, smiling spiritually and thanking me for my attentions
and then it was scooped up by the dead old man in the saloon
where I was sitting
who apparently had been standing looking over my left shoulder at the time
who went off with it back through the front wall
glowing in happiness
and they were both extremely chuffed
with the mutual new companionship.
I stood up out of the chair,
and he glanced side ways at me as I moved to the centre of the room
and he moved towards the front wall
and nodded a quick spiritual smile in my direction.

I have an idea that I may be a bit jealous of my left shoulder getting all the spiritual attention...
Am I missing somethings maybe?
I wonder if its crowded on there?


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