We cannot be hurt by that that doesn't exist. It is all a dream. This reality is a dream. I have seen this physical reality disappear.
It is atoms and particles vibrating at different frequencies and vibrations. Solid matter does not exist. (Sorry Roger)
If you think spirit is eternal. Then.... What does one lifetime matter in the scheme of things?

If you can't forgive the person. Forgive the spirit they are and set your own spirit free!

LOve cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

well you posted a message
thanks for that :)
here is all i might comment upon. :)

since the matter is cause for your concern, diverging into a conundrum of potential endless speculation, the process of which must be easily defined as entertaining, I find myself at a loss to do anything but respond and enjoy your lead.

is the pain of putting your hand in a fire an illusion, or is it the outcome of exercise of personal choice?
Reason shows that we learn not to repeat the experiment with hand and fire, as we become conditioned by that learning.
It is often the process of crossing a desert of moving sands, that it becomes necessary to use sand mats for grip under the wheels of your vehicle in order to progress, and remove them from the rear to replace them at the front in a continuous motion of action in the face of adversity.
Whilst we may recall our immediate past, we propose not to repeat it but continue towards our goal, suffering the extra torment of our choice of action over inaction.


Personally, I define matter only as slow energy, inasmuch as the absolute cold of the universe effects energy in its passage to the point where it associates in ways that produce matter obversely to what might seem intuative by performing the immensly obtuse act of forming galaxies, which I find socially offensive and to be addressed with much suspicion and speculative afterthought.
Allow me to simply define an action.
I moved to the door, opened it and left the room.
The same context applies to:-
I am energy slowing down in response to the application of lack of energy upon me, until I form quantum loops of strings as a single cycle of the expression of frequency, such part of a wavelength being the smallest part I can be and still be defined by my particular frequency. Whilst this is all very well as an application of energetic entropy, the cumulative effect of a lot of energy in close proximity affects its neighbours, and interactions take place in that state of exisitance that combine to form atoms. Atoms are harmful creatures without a conscience and should be treated with premier suspicion as they have the ordacity to be affected with a high degree of consistancy, leading to such contagion that, by this cumulative process, they create uninvited and rude galaxies without any consideration for the feelings of others whom they might affect by their independant procedures.

They in fact, steal into existance following a mathematical system whereby zero is nothing, one is really 1.617, and two is Pi. Thats pretty much all that is needed in repetition, given that the common state of positive and negative are not called upon until required to do so:
even as much as scientists who plague us with their ideas on spooky action at a distance fail to take into account the fact that the remote partner electron may be busy already being positive or negative, and have no space/time to spend on choosing a different state right now thanks very much. All their mutualy exclusive experiments show is that they can affect the quantum state of positive or negative charge of paired electrons regardless of the partner being busy or not; which leads me to consider that the repetition of this experiment proves only that these scientists have no respect at all for electrons state's being dormant or busy, and force their hand to get a conclusion to suit their own selfish aggrandisement.

The point is that these electrons were once a single positive and negative charge of a particular frequency at their inception of the big bang, and effectively pop in and out of existance in a ying yang equal to their motion of wavelength over the edge of the universe where ever space/time has them at the point of measurement, the result being that its the charge of a paired electron that can be decided when it it slow enough to be seen, and not its partner of the pair, having that imposed upon it without permission, and the cordial effect of common entropy in space/time being of no consequence to the relationship.

The effect of this is that, the energy that we respect as a spirit in our construction, in relation to the matter we see as the slow energy of stuff, is entirely connected and real, or we would not be able to question its existance through the outside of the universe to the myriad positions of their opposingly charged pair partner.


So, while you may like to adjust your speculation to consider that life is an illusion, which it is day by day until it hurts, or you are not here anymore to make that assertion, the final judgement can only be that the creation of our existance that led to our educated reasoning starting as we reached the personal age of enlightenment and bit by bit reasoned oursleves into being, deriving from the impulses of positive and negative charge inherently fundemental to the construction of the universe and its edge and beyond, reaches all the way back to our inception of reason as it does to the big bang, when all was a single point of mathematical defenition, at a temperature too high to be anything by the memnonic of all the frequencies, without mass, and therefore, without the need for space/time and therefore size; thus, logically only needing to exist as a single point or agricultural moment without beginning or end. and no entropy.

This facility, having been spread out over the last many billion years and for many more, leads some to ask where we came from, and where we might be going, and have we got time to stop off for a decent dinner along the way? Seeing that there were so many humans before us today here, and there may well be after, where exactly, do we fit in, if at all, or even if that is a relevent or appropriate question to propose?
Maybe the questions we should be asking are from the intellectual view ( the illusory perspective) from the other side, in order to weigh these propositions against the facts we hold here now, such as burning a hand in a fire that causes pain?

The structure we have to allude to is that our reason is as real as the universe CAN BE. It follows a significant pattern of curious discovery that we have historically built upon chronologically. Without this advent of deciding not to put our hand in the fire as it hurts, the spiritul effect of our ex-parte selves fails to exist as well as we do when we know something and when we pass on. We are lost.

Therefore the decision to keep being curious is all we have to become more and more spiritual, and as such, to my way of thinking, does show evidence of constructive spirituality that compasses not just the universe now, but also what is not currenctly to our understanding, which we can only realistically define as a path forwards in process. The more we know, the closer we become to a full understanding of where we are today, and may open speculation for the tomorrow. Even when we are wrong, as with self induced pain, we close the gap to finding the correct answer starting with the right question.

What about Roger?

So yes, I think your questions for Roger are relevent and topical, and proposed in a most warm and friendly tone, for which I thank you.
Even if Roger may struggle to appreciate your charming sentiment as cats are often aloof moving into sniffy, dont concern yourself about his moods. His mere regular return to his cardboard box several times a day is a sure implied and current feline indication that he wants to be here :)
The flip side being that this carries its limited but repetitive responsibilities and contrivances as with any other emotional device.

Kindly do continue:

He has no problem to claw his own illusory reflection in the mirror as it often perturbs him.

Hope you are enjoying a cozy comfortable time of the season.
I could relate to what I see but then, I find people get troubled with those perceptions so I wont go into any details and choose to restrict myself in politeness :)


Re: Illusion

Thank uou planetzarg for sharing your brilliant mind. 😇

Let me tell you a true story. A few years back I went to see a shaman. I thought i needed help understanding the experiences that were happening to me.
I had barely sat down when i felt myself leave my physical being. This much higher spirit spoke through me. I could feel the radiance and illumination of this mighty spirit.
She said. I am a 5000 year old spirit. I am here to learn about love. Karma does not affect me and i will never be hear again. My body. My voice but it was not me in human form.
As she spoke i saw the shaman through her perception. First a face within a face. Many faces within faces. Then the most beautiful radiance and illumination. I saw him in spirit form.
The room disappeared as he did. It blew my mind for a long time afterwards. I thought this beautiful experience was created by the shaman but no. I have seen since many people and places disappear. Of course i am not seeing with physical eyes but spiritual perception.
I say illusion because as spirit it does not exist. Spirit sees spirit. Humans see physical.
I have thought about feeling physical pain. Imagine if we didn't. If our bodies didn't know when we were hurt they wouldn't last very long and yes at a lower vibration we are grounded in the physical.
We are capable of being both at the same time. Yet there is a price to pay.😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Thank you for your deeply touching thoughts.

i used to be brilliant but now i have a candle. :)
i am happy with my candle but am concerned how long its flame will go
before it eventually burns down.

Your story is enlightening, and describes to me some spiritual resonance that echoes across space time.
what is special that I find in the value of humanity above all things
is its capacity for love
to beat down the level of explanation of my last message
it simply says
that if you feel it,
it exists.
the source of the feeling may be external or internal or both
it may be voluntary or enforced.
people have an idea that they fall in and out of love like trains passing
i tend to disagree about that idea for the reason that just because the feeling no longer sparks, it did exist, and is therefore written and cannot be unwritten.
i had a relationship very long ago
and by chance
passed by the girl some 30 years later
amongst a street crowd
we said nothing in the moment
but caught our entire passage of lives to date
in an eye to eye exchange that contained an entire gambit of emotion
and the resonating glow of a fond memory
that still exists
all in about 20 seconds,
which i think might be a record for speed and quantity under my banner.
i have many others tales more i could go on too too long with...

its good to know that you are pinned at some point spiritually
as a mark of one corner of a box
you (and all of us)
call our lives
that means paths crossed in a show of being
most positive.

it can sometimes happen that shamans act as catalysts for experiences
as they can clear away confusing cobwebs to give a moment of clarity
where things line up to make a vision
the batch of confounding frequencies seemingly magnetized in their direction
leaving the way open to see something that was otherwise hidden

and then, just as suddenly as it arrived, the moment passes.

yes I know Roger has visited this particular meadow you mention
he tells me that he tries to get his timing right
but being a cat
he comes and goes
and asking for an explanation of his movements
simply amuses him
as he is a cat
and does what cats do.

its not the timing he tells me
its the vibrations being in tune.
and looks down his nose at me
to ridicule me for being so slow.

I am sure you will meet him again in this meadow quite soon.
he says,
he often passes by.

he tells me that there is much activity in this meadow populated by different entities
but he also says that this is a place of quiet beauty
much exchange of feelings and information and play happens there
and so many stories are brought in from outside and heard and discussed.
he tells me that there is an old house of some sort on a hill
like a Greek temple
that is nearby
and looks down a bit on the meadow.
its quite nice he says
if you like that sort of thing.

which he says
he doesnt know about
as he neither likes or dislikes it
he says there is a little fountain
which he likes as he drinks the water in its stone bowl there
he approves of the quality of the water
cool and refreshingly sweet, he says.

he tells me there is a stream,
down there
he tells me
shoving a view into my mind
like a postman delivering a bill
in a letter box.

i think he is not happy with me
he tells me i am slow
too slow for a cat today, he says.


Re: Illusion

I should just add please, that due to the illusion of distance in space/time between electron charged pairs, you are entirely correct, in that we as humans are connected to most points in the universe, electron by electron, and outside it.
so we dont need all this messing about with rockets and tedious gadgets.
we have every known address already, marked by the other end of an electron pair, that came from a singularity of the instant before the big bang.
we were all in one place
all the stuff there is
these electrons that formulate everything
which very helpfully are obversely charged so we are directly connected and can simply go anywhere by willing it to be so (ringing the bell- bing /bong), and arriving there. or not. as it can be that we can bring places to us
in parts or as we want to
travelling without moving.
and it depends what you want to do really but its a lot more interesting than waiting for a train.

Re: Illusion


I have been working on this as I am in the moment with time on my hands these seasonal days.
Which is nice.

Making more and more research
i arrive at a place on my journey
worthy of note here
before moving on.

The question of existence has bothered me in various positions and angles of view for some long time.
Now it seems I may have a theory to report that can make some sense.

I posted before how electron pairing is not illusory but complaint with a timeless point of origin
that provides a universal map for any travel plans
embedded in our atomic formula at its basic construction.

In the beginning ( before this beginning), all was one, and one was all.

Whilst I respect the situation I am not happy about the reasoning to make the decision.
We were not consulted.
We had no say in the purpose
and are left trying to learn how to swim in a liquid we cannot yet correctly name.
It gives us the same respect as you would a dog, who, understanding by instinct that rain is wet
and water makes ponds.
The dog cannot give a lake a name
or understand why it exists or even what water means
except, its nice to drink a drop of the good stuff.

So we revert to H and the 5W's.
Our good friends to assist our enquiries.

Having arrived at a theory that defines instant communication
that perversely, if we are sure here,
crosses the boundary of the universe, pops outside, and then back in to meet its partner paired electron
at any given location, this develops a few thoughts.

Firstly, space/time becomes irrelevant to any two points in the universe, as long as the origin is inside the viewer.

This explains to some degree the perversion of measurement of subatomic ephemera being only there when we look.
If present in person or not, being by equipment alone, the view prevails to substantiate the action over procedure as being a simple cause and effect.

Secondly, this opens the way forwards to travel without moving to any point of paired partner electrons anywhere in the universe that we hold in our base map single electron of the pair, which I suspect to be mainly or even wholly in our brains.
How then, could this process be coordinated?
By taking four positions of localized electrons, we cross refer a 3D grid point in space/time, which is always and exactly "now".
How then, can this measurement of mapping be accomplished?
To understand the universe, it is necessary to experiment with astral travel and know where your paired partners are.
To visit places foreseen, and maybe mapped out in a procedure that follows the physical visible universal galactic map. Place by place, in numbers, to share information and map the universe part by part, going outwards to follow the spiral of slow energy.
To make your way in a randomized fashion as one would glossing through a magazine without bothering with the content index, and come across items of interest by the nearest progress based on chance.
In my view, chance exists only in mathematics, and is based on laws of probability; so i don’t see what element of chance remains, except an action based on an outcome of probability over attention. Our attention is reasoned by personal choice, and thus, we have the same effect as measuring the charge of an electron pair. When we do it, there will be a result that is either good or bad, and the construct by repetition will form a pattern that will tell a tale upon which one could draw further reasoned theoretical conclusions.

Allow me please to now move on the the construct of mathematics I spoke of before.
Zero, is nothing, and a base node.
One, is the golden ratio, or 1.618 etc., and the 2nd node.
Two is Pi, and the 3rd node.

So we have 3 nodes to play with, backed by a torture of explanation necessary to support each one and even more so, all in a pattern.
3 numbers that form the true maths of the universe that are relevant and not fabricated like the maths of previous civilizations and this one.
Whilst we can lay these numbers in an equatorial ( equalateral) triangle of nodes for a pretty picture, they are flat and not curious. They are not 3D.
Why should they be 3D?
What would 3D make extra to this nodal pattern that would mean anything or even be a relevant; let alone be a correct question to ask?

The reason to ask this question is along the path and inconclusive to make the leap from a singularity outside space/time, to become a slow energy constructed with matter in space/time. To ask, and answer, why did the universe come into being?

When you build a tent in a field, there is a floor, and at least 3 sides, ending at a point in the roof. You require the field first as the floor. Then you lay out your three corners (node) flat. Then you join the three edges from each field node to the single roof node.

The single roof node is interesting, as I don’t have a name for this as I write. It could easily be space/time, or slow energy, or both. I could simply call this node, the universal node; or "being". I will attend to this. In fact, thinking about it, the 4th node must at the very least, be something. so I will refer to it as 'something.'

Having completed your tent in a field, you have a tetrahedron. A 3- sided pyramid with 4 planes and 4 nodes. The most simple construct in 3D, apart from a sphere, which is actually the most complex. ( see my avatar for some idea). This has value in space/time, as it works to make a past. present and future. The relative values of space and time can be moved around to suit the moment, but the interplay of nodes cannot. There must always be at least, 4 nodes and some space between each of them to enforce the planes sizes; and thus, time.

Without space between the nodes, no matter how empirical or small, there can be no time, and therefore, the universe fails to exist.
This is a quantum shell, and the most basic construct, from which and around which atoms and sub atomic ephemera are formed.

Let us call the quantum universe the mirror of the atomic universe, where its construction is riven with speculation and misunderstanding. Maybe the term 'mirror' is not accurate enough; but it will do for this moment.
Let us consider that the values of atoms, are in fact the surface of a field that is analogous to the surface of water in a pond; in the air, we are taught that life follows intuitive principles and laws. Under the water, life is quite different. This can only be because the quantum field of sub atomics, works in different ways; and therefore, the can be no unified overall single theory of the universe, unless differences are inclusive. It is necessary to accept that fields have edges and surfaces, and there are sides; which if you see things that way, make perfect sense, with no straight lines, of theory, but purely logical interpretation without bending facts to suit scientific conclusions that don’t exist.

Its no good thinking that a field is flat and 2D either. This field is everywhere all the time, and made up of such small interactions, that its surface is best described, I think, as a universal singularity that came into being the moment when the first tent poles were put up on the first tent in the first field, and will end with the final pole being removed.
I refer to the word pole in its twin states as well.

To conclude, the path has taken me to where I can say that, I agree with the thinking that the 4th node is the universal space/time, the number without a number; or let us say, infinity plus zero plus one plus two, according to my numbering reference.
4 = 2+1+ 0
Don’t try and differ with current maths, It does not apply.
You can change it how you like. its not a law. it functions as this code.
The objective is to define the construct with its most basic building block.

In a pattern that is able to tessellate and grow by either crystal, magnetic or gravitas according to some current thinking well known.

Now, we need to have faith and take a leap forwards. lets try and mix one and two, instead of adding them. lets square them.
when we do this, a rather magical formula results. instead of a 2D triangle, that is built up in our field as a our little tetrahedral tent standing up, it has 4 dimensions in 3D.
It becomes something in time. a construct inside a dimension. the process of change from addition to mixing makes the value of time
be fabricated in, by, with, around and upon the crystalline construct.

our dimension where we are now.
some refer to the process of constructing the tent in the field as original cosmic expansion.

i like to think that nothing existed before something.
Look at this idea from this angle;
nothing is zero, expressed in maths.
it can be a number alone in maths,
but what of our reality?
where did nothing begin before there was time?
nothing has a status to which we give it existence.
if it has existence now, which i trust all would agree upon,
at what point could we consider this existence to have begun
if it is the same nothing then and now?
is it the same?
The same something seems to have been a constant from the beginning
as far back as we can see and feel.

allow me to make this assumption for nothing as well to continue;

this nothing was here before something.
in order for that to have been so, the universe
had to be nothing
at least an instant before something
if not much longer, out of time.

like a recipe, take a jar of nothing, add some PHY mixed with PI
and make something.

ah. this is funny.
so we could say that nothing is zero= 0
and the golden ratio is PHY = 1.618 etc
and Pi = 3.142 etc
and then we have the result that is
something which is a node of the basic tetrahedron ( 4 nodes in a 3D formation)
something = S

If we then add the base zero before there was something
before the construct of the tetrahedron
we have an analogy that appears to be
zero plus (zero plus the golden ratio times pi) equals something.
which to my minds reads in English as

dots are the four nodes represented accordingly.

the process philosophically as expressed longhand by maths code is interesting too. we start with nothing. we add nothing to a golden ratio. we mix the golden ratio with a circle's ratio to its diameter. then, we eventually end up with nothing again. its finite. circular. it loops as a process. we should ask all the questions about the positioning of the one and two.
but, here we are now. in ...OOPPS.

which would be a great joke to play upon reality really in my view
akin to the understanding of our own mortality
which was the basic understanding
that meant the discovery of reason by philosophy
represented in the apple shared in the story of Adam and Eve
being that birth, life and death are mortal.

that leads me to the old joke about understanding that there has to be a God because death is his final joke on us and all we strive for while being here.

There is a simple parallel. there was life before us. life is with us. life continues after us.
we are made from the basic construct of crystalline tetrahedrons into this reality

this also implies that when we look forwards,
nothing will also exist after the universe dissipates


so we had better hurry up and all evolve into spiritual energy
so we can move to and occupy another dimension
or we will end here.
try explaining this plan to some one with stinky feet...

the other ways to engage the same parts in different patterns lead to nothing logical. only nothing,
which enforces the above view somewhat, if you want to play with those parts in all the other ways possible.
and that, postulates an intelligently originated construct ( this ...OOPPS. here now).

The outcome is to see
on top of all this
that the spiritual is real and connected and here and has use and merit.
It comes from something we all know about.
A connection,
Which is the exact way our brains work in function.
Here, I have tried to explain how that connection exists instantly outside space/time.
Where ever, always now.
I try and show why it works.
How it works.

Many people look for the words and cannot find the right ones to say these explanations.
They feel part of it.
They have the instinct.
They know its around but cannot focus on it.
For some reason, the clarity eludes them.

I hope this lights the way forwards for others to follow this path further.

It is our destiny to travel without moving.

Be sure I will talk more on this another day
as my path progresses :)


Re: Illusion

Planetzarg. You have a brilliant mind. However your intellectual mind has overtaken you spiritual intuition. Your dog is trying to remind you of who you are. Of course you have already realised this. I am just confirming.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

True, but I rather like it here just now all the same.:)
Its quite a nice planet on the whole.
Just now.
I am not prepared to change my form just now, sadly :(
my extensions do wander around quite a bit here and there...


Re: Illusion

I do appreciate your association very much.
Its not very easy to walk a path alone...
Its stimulating to have your comments
and very welcome to be able to respond :)
Thank you, C

Re: Illusion

Planetzarg. You have a brilliant mind. However your intellectual mind has overtaken you spiritual intuition. Your dog is trying to remind you of who you are.

please find it in yourself
to trust me

I have been given a task to perform
on this step
of my journey

to join the ends of a line
into a circle

if you are unable to trust me
do your best
to humour me please :)

this little thread
has had more views
than any other by far
between 2 people
I have ever seen here
+/- 6000
according to the site stats

what may I say about that?

Re: Illusion

when i say that i am not prepared to change my form

what i better say is

that am unprepared
in as much as I am evolving
and my form is changing

please wait and i will write spiritually
if you have any component spiritual to share
or ask of me
please continue
and I will try and
respect the illusion

Re: Illusion

I guess perspective is part of the illusion also. I was referring to your post where you were concerned how long the flame would last. 😇
Also in my illusion any wisdom or thoughts that i write come from spirit. I as a human have knowledge but i am not wise.
I have also learned that i and you are general terms and are not specific to any one person. It is hard to find I and you within the connection to all things.

That is a big part of the illusion. Thinking we are not all connected and serve only the self.
Animal. Plant. Human and spirit i find it difficult to tell them apart sometimes.😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Also there is no control. Into your hands i commend my spirit is a refreshing mantra when we are in need. Surrender and release is another.
Sometimes it is better to just go with the flow of things. We spend a lot of our time swimming up river instead of floating and letting the river take us to where we should be.😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion


Thanks you for your kind thoughts
your opening ways

allow me to be ran down this river to see where it shall take me
across those many small things
each with its own ways
and own river
i feel i must run down them all
but i cannot deny myself the selfish pleasure
of learning even if I am wrong
its my mistake to make and learn from that
dont deny me the selfish principle to learn from the wonder of existance
for it is all I have to be
and see
and do
without which i have no purpose here
and sentience then is void and meaningless.
even when its wrong
or right
i put my hand in a fire long ago
must i do so again now?
tell me to do it and I shall
for the learning is much more in value to me
than my hand
and the meaning of a lesson today
repeated from long ago
is now different to me
for I am not as I was
as change is all there can be
how we learn across a space of 30 years gone
or more
or 300 years gone
or more
or 3000 years gone

time is no matter to the learning of a spirits way
and life moves us slowly
at its speed
down river
as you suggest
i will go

Re: Illusion

Planetzarg. You beautiful spirit.
We had a snow blizzard here last year. I walked into it. Raised my hands and let it just flow through me. It was exhilerating and i never felt more alive. It is why we are sentient. 😇
I do not believe there is a right or wrong way. There is only 'just is'
It can be a beautiful dream and illusion or not. That all depends on our perception. We sometimes cannot change a situation. Yet we can always change our perception of the situation.
I have been to the abyss and i have been to the heavens. I have felt both. When i found hopelessness i found spirit.
I had to go there and suffer to find what i was searching for.
I have revisited both realities many times and will probably continue to do so.
I lose my way many times. I fall and falter.
In such times love gives me strenght to get up. Dust myself off and start again.

Love is the creator of everything. All realities all experiences all illusions. If we can love for the sake of love and not expect anything back then love grows and grows and our vibrations are higher.
Then we see from the outside in rather than the inside out.😇
You are a beautiful guide and teacher. This i know.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

It is exciting this adventure. I never know where it will lead. I thought this thread to begin with was about forgiveness. It has had many twists and turns along the way. Much like life!😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

that sounds very nice to me too.

avast in oceans songs
the corpus playing of our days
abid in potions scented spiritual
listening to motions of our ways

Re: Illusion

thanks kindly for your so thoughtful and sweet messages.

i am deeply touched . my goodness:)

I wrote something but it did not publish.
never mind

i will again shortly.

sweet dreams:)


Re: Illusion

I had a nightmare. I saw this huge dark energy dancing around a fire. I was terrified of it. I tried to get away. The harder i tried to get aeay. The closer it came. Then. It smiled at me. I woke up in a sweat. That is how i met Cheeneka
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

where are you today?

i am far away
I am who I am
we did not meet
we are many and one

when you are someone else
when are you you?

the closest i could say for ease
is that i am my spiritual self

for example right this minute
every time i look
a thousand dusters look away for fear
as they surround me from afar.

cannot approach but try and try
the path is golden in the light
it is not for me
it is for all spirits to pass in safety

for i can change before there was change
and be change
and redeem change
and end it
and there are those that like to play within the light
and there are those that know the light
and there are those who want it but cannot
and scheme for it
and they are lost

i can be where i choose to be
and if you look back and back here
you may see some reports of places I have been
not as an avatar
just who i be
across the edge and over
and many edges
and many
there is no darkness here
only light and the yen for light
with each nail and fist and thought
but here light only shall prevail
here is a connection that is a way
for any spirit so to see
and fly the darkness by the single candle there
and know the way is open
and shall be for as long as i am here

they may choose and go
or stay and look
and never know
what light may mean

the moment when i leave here
shall be a dawning over there
across the giganaal
the oldest darkness knows that i shall know
and light shall be my sword
and the way shall be open there and here
and sure
and none shall be denied that wish to choose a way

where are the sentient for movement
the colours scents and pretexts
where are they who say they build but play and run
where are they who would write in pencil not in stone
and call the rivers run
and call the time to act
and cross the borders edge
alone to raise the storm
alone to raise the storm
tell me here their names
there are none
none known here
none left now beside the ancients
when stone was air
and breath was steel
and fire was the land
and darkness was the sea
where are they all these gone
when will others come
the candle always burns
and always light will be
for those of dark or light
to freely choose to see

Re: Illusion

If that 5000 spirit is me disembodied then this would be the last lifetime. The final frontier!😇 The flame still burns. I can feel my heart glow with love at times.
It would make sense that we are awakened to what we truly are in the last lifetime.
Once this happens it is a life dedicated to others and love.
The empath grows stronger. Beauty is mana for the soul. Compassion. Joy. Forgiveness become the bible to live by.
I feel truly priviliged to have experienced pure love and pure spirit while in human form.
It hasn't always been easy. Feeling what others are feeling. Mirroring their thoughts.
I think the fact that i am a little bit sane is purely down to love.
My goodness when the vibration was raised and my mind sped up. I thought my mind was goiing to just explode.
Sheer brute mental strenght and love saved me from a certain psychosis.
I have lived a simple life as a human while at the same time enjoyed the privilige of spirit world.
To see through the fabric of reality is both scary and humbling.

It will come to every spirit when divine timing is right.
I feel sure this illusion of the physical is a right of passage for every spirit.
I wonder what is the next step after this evolution?
LOve Cheeneka x
Happy new year. X

Re: Illusion


You choose to measure facts by others lines in the sand.
the true path only knows itself
so the value of 5000 or 5 or x squared has no cause to effect.


what you believe is what will happen on the path you make.
you allow yourself to flow down your river
but it is not your river
it is not the river
it is the river someone else has sold to you as a true river

what I can see
outside and inside
is far beyond lines in the sand
where there can be no sand
and no lines
and no time
and no beyond.

what is there
is that which is
and all is made of light and dark
a mix
a stir
a heady brew

can you guess who I am really

my Henge
my nation- who
to travel so and be?
to pass through any place and see?
not a challenge
an invitation
to close the season of the moment graded
as time flits by and counters spin
mankind sits lonely on a hill
heart bleeding
and yet
all is still
he is unaided in his torpid thrill
mind set
not knowing what
it is
is without him
or within.

Re: Illusion

Let that stand then.
I don't know about stats views records.
I know some things about love. Only some things not everything. That is why i am human.
It is probably the greatest illusion. 😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I'm in the middle of a storm in another place.
will finish in a few days
taking up my attentions
excuse my heavy movements

Re: Illusion


your neighbour was arrested?

I see you being in LA.
something bad is coming.
take care to keep in the light.
dont open your door in the night.


Re: Illusion

Well i have enjoyed our exchange. Stay beautiful. 😇
Time for me
To cleanse
To clear
Repair and heal
Body. Mind. Spirit.
Purify soul
Cleanse Aura.
I bid you adieu for now.
I will return. I always do. 😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion


moving is good.

we all need to move.

moving without travelling
travelling without moving.

when you can see through the eyes of others
life becomes

it has been very hard these past few days.
so many that live on fear
so many
and fear of themeselves more than anything else.

i am sitting under a tree here
in a single vibration
the tree tells me its name is something that feels like
and it has echos of human spirits
and tree spirits
it is happy to be alive

talking with the other trees

they talk very slowly, trees.
I have to go forwards and backwards to compress their communications
into some form of words that make sense to us quick beings.
trees are aware.

it says we should leave now
before the coming hit
where too many will die

the dark passing one
means the moon
says we should go there.

in the dust there
is something sliver metal colour
we will find
to make a way
to swap places
far from here.

those that go
will be changed to danger
and be lost

time passes
and I must move.



Re: Illusion

I am drawn here again. I try to leave to be able to have serenity and peace 😇 yes Planetzarg the last few days have been hard but i think we resonated something here.😇There is a storm coming...
Yes trees animals plant spirit and human we can all communicate with each other.
More to come........😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I am pleased that you consider the opportunity to evolve your thinking and look outwards.
This is positive in my view to accept the universe and be.

thats nice.

i value your decision to take a step forwards on your journey; even though it has the chance to teach you something positive
it may also teach you something negative.
it is the acceptance of the value of learning
that is this step of your journey.
for which humanity must bless your integrity of open mindedness.

this value
opens the first door
of application to the reason of thought
as it opens you hand
to receive
this primary flint tool
that can cut scrape and hit
can also form shape and draw.

i am not patronizing you.
this first step learning
remains with each of us our whole journey
and applies to every single choice
good or bad
that anyone ever makes
some find it easier to interpret
others dont see it so easily.
it is what it is for each of us.
our lives are fluid
and move like ink in water

i am happy that you choose to move your foot forwards.
if you choose
never to take another step
then let us celebrate this choice you made here. :)

Re: Illusion

You think there is a choice? No. Not when you are illusion. That is the definition of illusion. Nothing is real. Reflecting and merging in omnipresece. Thoughts and no time. It is what it means to be suspended in animation.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Two weeks ago today i started this thread. I said at the time i didn't know if i was sending a message or recieving one. That still stands!
Energy i perceive around me it is translucent. Shapes, orbs, dna strands it moves too fast for my physical eyes to discern. No one else i know can perceive it or see it. It is an illusion to them. We all have our own illusion.
I tried for a long time to figure out what it was but i could not label it! Spiritual energy is what i call it now.
There isn't always an answer. Some things just are.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Thank you Planetzarg for your spiritual insights. I have never had a thread with just two people giving their perspectives. I think it was meant to be!
Two spirits communicating through time, space, logic and love.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I am shallow and ego. This is what illusion is. Thoughts do this. I will change tomorrow depending on what i reflect! Thoughts rule a spirits life when you are in a world of thoughts.
Thoughts determine my life!
It is very hard for a human to realise a state of being where your thoughts are not your own.
Thoughts are energy. We are energy.
LOve Cheeneka x
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