Not sure I believe in soul mates

But I know that love at first sight exists because I experienced it myself. The first time I met this girl we kissed before even saying a single word to each other. It was like our eyes did all the talking. Maybe even our 6'th senses, because as I got closer to her I could tell that she wanted to kiss me too. We both knew exactly what we wanted and that the other was thinking the same thing. And when we did our lips fit together like puzzle pieces. There was no awkwardness at all. Like 2 people that had already been in love for years. So perhaps that is evidence that soul mates exist.

But circumstances beyond our ability to control eventually tore us apart. So maybe we're not specifically meant to be together here in this life, on this Earth though.

And the way we met was so random too. Back in the primordial, dial up, AOL days I was talking to this girl in one random chat room out of tens of thousands. We realized we lived close to one another. Then talked on the phone. Then decided to meet. She was a nice girl and fun to be with and all, but there wasn't anything more than that there. The next time we're gonna hang out she tells me she wants me to meet her friend and says she knows that we'd get along great... boy was that an understatement. It was this friend, and not her, that ended up being that girl... the love of my life til this very day.

After we kissed like that I held her close to me, and looked over at her friend (Hannah). She says: "Well... now that you're both acquainted..." And it was quite funny, combined with the look on her face.

Re: Not sure I believe in soul mates

It is possible that ifyour love was so real, you guys will end up meeting up again and maybe being together again. And maybe in this same life haha

Maybe life torn you guys apart because each of you needed your own journey for growth or preparation for something. Maybe for being together, maybe for something else.

I do believe that this kind of feelings are triggered by a Soul mate at least.

Re: Not sure I believe in soul mates

I sure hope that you're right. Obviously at the time we weren't ready. I was only 15 and she 13. I doubt either of us even knew what true (romantic) love even was until that moment we met. And talk about a crash course. From one moment having no concept of it to the next moment feeling like an expert on the subject matter.

If I ever saw her again I'd never let go this time. Also though I promised myself that the next time I meet a good girl that cares for me I won't hold her to the standards of that ghost of my past because it's completely unfair. And I'll end up alone forever if I keep this up.

Another kind of funny & random thing... after her friend Hannah made that quip about us being "acquainted" I said to her: "I just realized that your name is an anagram". So out of left field, but all of us laughed about it. That entire sequence of events was like something out of the funny pages/meets a sappy romance novel. Her name (my love) was Brittany btw. And her little sister Taylor took the situation almost as hardly as we did. She always wanted to be around us when I came over. I'd bring her gifts and candy all the time, read books to her at night as she was going to bed then tuck her in. Brittany told me that she gave her father the cold shoulder for months after they moved. And she was just the sweetest little girl too. That broke my heart too. She was the little sister I wanted to protect as her big bro that I never had.

It really wasn't fair to their father to have his daughters resenting him like that. He did what he had to do as a father/provider. He really liked me too and treated me like family, and I tried explaining that to Taylor, but at that age it's hard... they don't know anything about responsibility yet. She could only see that she was losing the big brother she always wanted.
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