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I used to believe that third eyes is just a gift from God that I have since I was young. Then, when I was 13 years old, I came across to the experience of meeting 'ghost' and 'demons' and many other creature, it was then I started to think that 3rd eyes is a curse. I struggle my life until I was 15. I could finally get control and used to this gift that has been given. Since then, I see it as an amazing gift. Then, when I am in my 16 and 17, I came across another struggle. I feel people, I hear their inner voice, I can see what they see in their mind. This made me crazy and I want to get rid of being a crystal child.. because all I see from other people's feel, voice and mind is just negative thoughts. I ended up feeling down and negative as they do. Then I started to ask myself.. Why do I only hear the negative thing? Was it me who choose to only hear the bad or was it the human that always think negatively?
Now I know.. The answer is both, I choose to hear the negative thing instead of the positive and human, the always think of the negative first.
So guys, please, filter your head, try to get rid of the negative thoughts. It is still a struggle for me but now I am getting better as I know, there is always the positive, that you can have if you choose to seek it further.

Now I am 18 years old. As I grow older, I don't feel my energy out of control as I used to felt. I tried to meditate few times. I thought I was failing but now I can meditate anywhere I want. I also found out that now I am able to do a controlled astral projection beside, I can feel where is the person I am looking for. Sometimes, I can even see what they are doing (This one is still hard to control since I always doubt my intuition).
In my previous post, I posted about I got this vision when I meditate. A vision of space but full of many unknown dimension. As I was asking in that vision to myself, what is that place and where do I go to sleep, I was back to reality and the question remain unknown until now. I was listening to Prince Ea, a guy who made a lot of meaningful video. (The link below, check it out! It is helping me clearing of who am I)

Then, 1 minute before the video ends, I found the same vision in my head. I am there in the space of portals and dimension and I have the thought of an answer saying
"This is the reality, where everything exist, the truth, the life itself. The past, the present, the future, the link of every human life, where you belong.."

I am seriously amazed by what I have just found. I am not sure if I am able to go to that dimension again but this is something really serious and big, that's why I want to share it.. I would like an opinion please, and I hope my mind is not making up itself..
I am me :D

Re: Growing the life

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. I resonate with your vision. In my mind, it can be a reflection of "Source" or "God" the way you perceive it inside.

You are very right; when we chose to see the negative in others, we perceive more of that and maybe even create more of that. However, I believe that when we perceive negativity and it has a strong emotional impact on us, we should first check inside our own negativity and see how it related to the negativity we see externally. After all, life is a mirror.

I think everyone has a third eye and everyone has at least the potential to develop it along with its "super natural" abilities. Learning how to use them may be the thing. It may feel like a curse sometimes but I think it is a gift, it is power. We are just growing and learning these things at the right time :)
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