Divine Creative Sexual Energy

Hello comunity, I would like to spread one discussion topyc, that is abaout The Sexual Energy. I have read and heard that the sexual energy is one of the most powerfull energies in the universe. So one time I was speaking with someone, and just imagine if is possible that the universe was create in someway, with a kind of divine sexual energy creation, been intimately link to the natural creation process, in the universe. So, what do you said, how would you link the sexual energies in the nature, with the creation by itself ?. Off course, that I can make it sure that have to be like that. But just for a imagiinary play, is interesting try to imagine secret in the universe. So, the only thing that I can said, is if in all the animals there is reproductive sexuality, including our selves too, plus one been born with the sexuality, for sure that it is related very deeply with the creation itself.

Re: Divine Creative Sexual Energy

I guess sexual energy comes from the same Source of creation as everything else.
I do not know much about this, but to me, sexual energy is very related to love and connection (not always, but still...).
Sex, in its most pure form, is a way to express love, attraction and connection in the physical reality. And, is not Source energy Love itself?
Metaphysically, love is the strongest creative force. Some people understand the magnetism of love energy as "the law of attraction". Others see this energy as an electro-magnetic field which creates realities.

So yes, sexual energy is closely related to love energy which is creative life force. There seems to be a connection in there. But I also believe there are several ways to express Love energy besides sexuality.
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