Tabernanthe iboga

Iboga takes away all addictions without any withdrawl symptoms that usually follow going cold turkey from whatever your addictions may be.
Banned in some countries but still legal in other countries. Do some research if you haven't heard of it and spread the word =)

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Hey Red Violet 3!
Yes mental illnesses and addications can be healed in a single trip since I think it lasts up to 24 hours, from my research when it comes to addications not only do you not have any withdrawl symptoms but the craving itself disappears.
Check out this video when it comes to mental illness:
I think all who has ever been under psychic attack, fatigue from heavy energies, depression, hearing voices, entity attachment or something of that nature becomes very happy when seeing this video. There is hope! =)
There are various places in Europe where you can do a treatment for 1200-1500 euros and one thing is sure you need to supervised by professionals, too risky to do by yourself. ... ith-iboga/

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Wow thank you so much for sharing these stories =)

Yes there is hope for the ones who seek it I suppose. Amazing what Nature has for us.
I live in Colombia and have never heard about iboga treatments here. What people do here is Yagé or Ayahuasca which I have not tried yet but planning to. It is said the effects are very similar to this one. Very healing.

I love this.
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