The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

I have a deep interest in the world of psychedelics. I understand that this is a touchy subject for some and it is very respectable. We all have the freedom to decide what is good for us and what is not.

In my personal experience, I consciously explore this aspect of life from time to time. I like to explore my consciousness through these experiences. But they are not for everyone necessarily and it is all very respectable.

Anyways... Through these altered states of consciousness, it is possible to receive a lot of mystic visuals, insight and perception. This is my own experience at least.
To me, these substances are like a shortcut to access deeper consciousness and self awareness which otherwise wouldnt be seen, or would take a long long time and experience to discover. Again, it is all very respectable. I am just a curious Soul...

So, I noticed a symbol, a visual image that has come into my mind on a few occasions. It was strange to me at first because this symbol is somehow related to a negative force. So I wondered why it was popping into my mind like that. However, at the same time, I must say that I had to admire the beauty of such powerful symbol.

The vision that came into my mind was of The Eye inside a triangle (pyramid) and then a circle surrounding the triangle. From the circle, there were several colorful rays in all different directions. The whole symbol was releasing colorful light. It gave the feeling of being a very powerful and ancient symbol, somehow Divine.

I got the feeling that this symbol has been misplaced and misused through our history. I believe that this symbol is the Divine or Divine Consciousness.
I want to explain why I believe this.

First, I must say that I did not have a real interest in this symbol before these visions. To me it was a symbol with a negative meaning. Now, I think of it differently.

So first, we have The Eye. To me, The Eye is the symbol of Consciousness. For most ancient cultures if not for all, I think it carried a similar meaning. Consciousness, usually higher Consciousness. The reason why I believe it is mostly related to a Higher Consciousness is because it is located in the center (Source) of the triangle.

The triangle is a powerful geometric shape, widely used in magic throughout times, and for good reasons. Geometry is a close language to the Universe and goes straight to the subconscious mind. The triangle is the symbol of number 3.

Number 3 to me is a symbol of union with the Divine. The reason is its esoteric use over history and even its religions and psychologic relationship. In some religions for example, it is a symbol of 3 levels of consciousness: God or Universal Consciousness, Holy Spirit or Soul (our Divine connection, subconscious mind, our aura or electro-magnetic field) and we have our human or ego mind.

3 levels of consciousness: our rational mind that we use in our waking life, our subconscious mind which is our deeper mind with the power of manifesting our external reality, and the Superconscious which is the Universal Mind, our Source. We carry that seed but it is so deep that we are not aware of it in our physical reality.

So to me, number 3 is a symbol of Divine Union and spiritual awakening. And its symbol is the triangle.

Then we have the circle, commonly associated with number 0. The circle is another powerful geometric symbol which resembles Source of creation, Wholeness, union with the One, the eternal flow of life and creation, etc.

Then we have the colorful rays coming from such symbol. Which means Light, knowledge, spiritual awareness.

All in all, a very deep, ancient and powerful symbol with a strong vibration (the vision at least).

It left me realizing that this symbol, along with some others with a deep spiritual or powerful meaning, seem to have been misused is several ways on purpose.

I believe that symbology leaves a deep mark in one´s subconscious mind as they as often subtle and abstract. This is one reason why they are so widely used in magic across different eras, cultures and locations around the world and maybe even outside the world.

To me, this symbol left me with a positive feeling and I no longer associate it with negativity.

I welcome any personal opinions on this subject since I like to learn more about these meanings and their use.

Re: The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

Red Violet 3 you continue to amaze me with your ability to perceive what is hidden beneath the surface of things... LOL, makes me kind of glad i have nothing to hide... yeah, anyways...

I recently had an experience with a psychedelic symbol, very similar to what you describe... really sort of mystical beyond normal that you could receive the event so well in your minds eye.
I'm not really qualified to go on much about symbolism, seals, or divine geometry, but i know enough to realize that a circle represents the regulation of flow, of life, energy, manifestation, change. A circle in its most basic concept imo, is an abstract tool or weapon, a tool if used constructively, a weapon if used destructively.

In nature to encircle something, to encompass, it is usually seen as a threat or danger. The pupil is a circle, the part we can see of a competitor that looks for opportunity... deep down in our psyche we all know that if something round and circular is aligned to receive and be aware of our presence and location that we are in a state of potential danger. It means the predator is watching, hunting. This is one reason it is said to not look certain animals in the eye, thieves and killers tend to get aggressive when they know they're almost caught... never let them know that you know... ya know?

Any living system survives because there is flow of resources. Seal any inlet or outlet appropriately and death or damage will occur, stopping or hindering flow is most easily accomplished with a sealed circle, whether it is a python encircling its prey or a rubber band too tight on one's limbs... how do you think we castrate bulls?... an elastic circle snapped around its... whats the word for them things idk... the nut sack... turns black and falls off... in effect that little circle of rubber kills every potential offspring before they can happen.
War is the same.
who controls the bigger circumference strategically can win... except its a no win situation, war.
We could easily say that a sealed and constricting circle is evil, and i maintain that the auroboros is a sealed circle representing death and not some process of life, who knows, it's the best i can make of the information ive had to work with.

A circle is circumscribed around one's self in order to separate one's self, the definition of death, to be separated... although perhaps separated from danger too... but this is also weak because to fear implies a lack of trust with source and Soul. Sealing rituals, idk, i dont bother preferring to remain as open as possible to the flow and will of Source. There might be some comfort or benefit from sealing, its up to the individual what they want to experience, what the person can tolerate.

I dont mean to sound all negative about circles, I have a different understanding maybe, but the fact remains that living systems are circular but not ever closed circles, there has to be flow and it is regulated by circles... sphincters usually do the regulating, not all are A-holes LOL.

So there i was looking at a psychedelic symbol, see for yourself, bottom left corner, yellow, a circle surrounded by a triangle surrounded by a circle. ... 048%2C1536
Isn't that interesting eh?
I cut the square diagonally in approximate half, a little less actually... and ate the small half.
I believe what happened is that I released so much penned up energy by breaking the circle holding it symbolically separate from creation where everything is meant to flow appropriately.

Ok, wanna get weird about it now?... My perception was the same as what you said, there were lines of energetic force radiating outward, like an illuminating force that had been held back...
When I observed this, and harmonized or aligned myself to the energetic event... I wondered... so weird to say this... I wondered if you would pick up on the energy being released and notice anything... yes, I thought of you Red Violet 3, I dont know why i thought of you but i did and look at you now... You picked up on the frequencies and images i released and diverted towards you.

Incredibly, you have just described the very first psychic impressions of my journey that night a couple of weeks ago... not only that but also the symbol that took me on the journey, as well as the meaning and intention of the energy that was released when i broke the magicians circle.

Got me good on this one!
Love that you are so incredibly perceptive,
I am humbled before your divine talent and abilities
I acknowledge your service to Soul and respect your life path.
Thank you for being here and allowing us to walk with you in peace.

Re: The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind message, it means a lot to me

About the circle, I guess the symbol carries particular meanings for each person. The way I see the circle, is maybe as the most basic shape for creation.

I remember some years ago, the first time I tried psychedelics, I had a mindful trip where I was able to see the sacred geometry behind everything. I could also see the energy vibrating everywhere but when I looked closely, I realized that all this energy and vibration I was seeing around was shaping into different geometric forms and colors. However, the first symbol that was formed, from which the energy was radiating, was the circle. I remember that I saw many many circles beautifully aligned, forming the flower of life symbol, from which the energy was the radiating.
The flower of life I think is considered one of the most sacred geometry figures and it consists in many circles together hehe

But yes, like in almost everything, they can be used destructively aswell and it can also be perceived in many different ways.

Your "psychedelic symbols" look very interesting. So you felt this release during your trip? I think these trips also release a great deal of stuck energy.

I really didnt guess that the vision came from you. Now I wonder if it was possible that we were tripping at the same time as this experience was also a couple weeks ago.

I imagine this symbol must carry a very deep and important meaning for you, since it took you on a journey that day :)

I think that maybe, if you are seeing these deep visions, it must be that you are deeply spiritually aware; or are becoming. You dont need to be humbled by my divine skill, since you have the same :P And you were the one who was able to send me the vision; I just received it, in a lazy way hehe

Thank you so much for your appreciation anyways.

Re: The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

Ages ago like 13 years ago in the middle of night I took two small puffs of weed, and when sitting on my bed all of a sudden all my normal senses shut of like I was fainting, My mind expanded and I was somewhere else and I heard a african-american gospel choir sing: "I've got my eye on you doodoo-doo-doo-doo now watcha gonna do? doodoo-doo-doo-doo" all this happening while a gigantic violet triangle with the eye in the middle was infront of me! Haha! I reclaimed my senses thought the experience was awesome and recorded the melody on my portable sequencer. ;)

Re: The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

Hehe yes yes I am extremly sensitive, I really had many full blown insanely beautifull visions of just small amounts of weed that's why liked it so much, I had synesthesia also. One trip at my cousin to one his songs he had made was still to this day hard to describe since colors like that does not exsist in the physical but the song itself is unlike anything else heavy latin percussion and just pure insane jazz-something, anyways to this song a gigantic being levitating in a lotus position in all colors was protecting me by shooting lightning bolts out of it at things coming my way in syncronisation to the song...!! Goosebumps, in writing it sounds lame but it was pure bliss :)

Re: The All Seeing Eye Pyramid Hidden Meaning

Hello Red Violet 3,
sorry to take so long to respond here, no excuse, lol, just super duper lazy.

I seen the energy and flower of life too, no tripping, just meditatively.
Symbols have their meanings and all, but ultimately they are just memes to me. Memes have a way of taking on a life of their own, and procreating, evolving. Easy to get carried away.

So, having a life of their own, or maybe inertia is a better way of describing it, what i do is allow these patterns to express themselves to my consciousness, but not physically.
With meditation skills, these 'memes' can come and go without my having to become entangled with them, one can stay detached, in control, while allowing the meme to be understood.
The energetic release i described above, yeah was tripping, first time in ten years, i certainly dont need it... especially with the way my brain circuitry werks... omg LOL... Its all kinda vague now, it was just the energy and inertia of the meme being released, i broke the symbol. If i had left it intact i dont think the vision would have transferred to you like that.

Thank you Red,
yes, I'm aware.... , spiritually my only goal is to become an ordinary guy, it'll never happen but i'm not giving up on it, otherwise, i already... that... and... whatever stuff... it's not what anyone thinks its more like being somewhere between trying to remember something and wanting to forget about everything... so just say hell with everything and be ordinary... enlightenment, first step... there's more.. too much more...LOL
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