Ancient Cultures Psychedelic Experimentation

It is said and believed that most ancient cultures in the world used natural psychedelic substances in order to access and perceive the spiritual realm vividly.

I deeply believe in this at least.

I believe that most if not all ancient shamanic cultures, specially native americans, used different plans, mushrooms and substances found in nature to alter their consciousness, connect to nature and to the Divine, communicate with spirits, and also for spiritual and mental healing purposes.

Most indigenous cultures claim to have communicated with Earth, with the trees and the plants, with animal spirits and the Divine.
For example: In most Latin America and in many different parts of the world, people are giving and attending to Yagé ceremonies (Ayahuasca). This indigenous ritual has become very popular these days. However, what is curious about this is that native indigenous claim that "the trees in the Amazon told them which plants and substances to combine in order to make the magic and healing brew". Native indigenous also had deep knowledge about plants properties, specially for healing. Many cultures claim that they got their knowledge straight from Nature.

These kinds of perceptions and knowledge suggest to me that they had been under altered states of consciousness / trance on several occasions in order to perceive in this state and level of depth.

We know they were friends with the Nature and used to know it well. I believe they got their psychedelic substances straight from Nature and developed their spiritual insight and culture based on such experiences.

Nature is full of medicine of different kinds. Both psychedelic / psychoactive and non psychoactive. We have explored these substances too little and ignore that for instance, there are plans which were used for astral travel, for divination, for healing and also plants which take you effortlessly to other dimensions and realms. Nature is full of mysticism and magic in my opinion and I believe that ancient cultures were well aware of this.

I believe that psychedelic substances have had and still have a great impact in human consciousness evolution and they have triggered it through our history.

Of course, take everything with skepticism and make your own conclusions. I may be wrong of course: But this is something that I deeply resonate with, and deeply believe in, which I wanted to share.

Re: Ancient Cultures Psychedelic Experimentation

interesting subject. Wish i could explore it more fully in the first person... again. Every once in a while i pull out my collection and get contact high, just handling certain things is enough for me now.
Tried micro-dosing psylocybe for depression. i wont be trying that again, 3 weeks later i was a wreck looking for a reason to be more wrecked haha.

The best psychedelic observation i made was when my flock of sheep got into the morning glory patch. They held a full on lsd sit in right out of the 60's. It was amazing to watch. Afterwards they were so much more communicative, smarter.
i always wondered if it was psychedelics that bump started human intelligence from mindless grazing to thoughtful actions.

Today i am firmly convinced that everyone's state of mind is subject to chemistry. Mental processes can be switched on or off, amplified, distorted, repressed, or even erased altogether with the application of specific substances.

Re: Ancient Cultures Psychedelic Experimentation

What keeps you from exploring it more fully in the first person then?

I agree that we are not always ready to make the most out of these substances. These substances have the potential to reveal what is buried inside the mind. Sometimes we carry baggage inside the mind and psychedelics may bring this to the surface. We feel more intensely while on these altered states of consciousness so sometimes we may have "bad trips" in which we experience our inner shadows. However, in my perspective and experience, even these "bad trips" are always deeply meaningful.

hahaha its funny to read your experiences micro-dosing with psylocibin. But they can be potential healers too. I have heard and read about people healing different illnesses, mental and physical with the use of these substances.

The mind is really flexible. It can be programmed and re-programmed. I do not know much about chemistry but I imagine it is deeply related to the mental functions.

Re: Ancient Cultures Psychedelic Experimentation

Well, I've explored a bit with psychedelics.
THC is my favourite, I smoke a whole gram or two by myself every day for the past ? idk... years... ok I'd share and everyone knows it but there's no one around so... ahh well.

I smoked enough Salvia Divinorum that I don't need to smoke it anymore, met the Goddess and all that divining stuff... a childhood friend died and I asked the Goddess about Death... She laughed at me and said i already knew everything haha.

Lsd, I have a documentary here from decades ago talking about the monarch slaves and how they used lsd on them. The one victim said the situation was more like "do exactly what we tell you to or we'll pump you full of this shit".
I agree for the most part.

A couple of doses is ok, but the military injects detainees with a lot more and it is not fun, abso9lute torture imo, it's the injection part, takes you from here and now to instantly fucked up. I dunno how anyone came back from that.

mda and lsd first time, in a pilot program adjacent to the monarch program, we were between 6 and 14 years of age, I was 11 or 12, the older ones were rejected and i was at the edge but they kept me.
I know what happened to some of those kids, and I'm still furious about it.

The fellow that started the program was a good guy, but the Brigade came in the middle of the session and forced parents to sign over their children using coercive blackmail and hypnosis techniques, secret legal stuff too. Mother would get calls for years afterwards asking hard questions to us just to see if we could remember anything. If either of us did remember there were consequences, and another drug that wiped out short term memory when combined with hypnosis. She still fears them more than the police. It's like talking to zombies if i bring up anything outside that little box their minds were put into.
Perfect crime. No records, no proof, no memory of it, just a lot of hurtin people and they might not even know why.

I have a few doses here, i'd love to trip with someone just to re-experience the rush, i don't wanna lose my marbles though... just a bit of fun, I only need to touch them and i can taste it, feel it, almost trip.

Shrooms I just go too sleepy,
I learned over the years that my consciousness isn't a toy that I can bend and twist into fun shapes... there's a limit i think i found it a while back haha

here's a link to a list of mind control drugs, interesting to say the least.
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