My Matrix Moment

Today, as any day, I take care of my pets.
Having walked them until I was exhausted,
I was feeding them some very nice bones I had cooked for them earleir
in small bits as the bones had pretty much fragmented into soft juicy bits.
It was a popular moment.
I was standing in the centre of our small sitting room that has two rooms off it,
between the two doors to the small rooms.
On dog took a piece of succulent bone from my hand and, to get away from the other
went into the further room off this one that we use as a single bedroom.
The other dog still in front of me, took the second piece and turned round to face away from me.

At that exact moment, the first dog came out from the other room from the doorway on my left,
with no bone or anything.
There is no way that dog could have passed me by without my noticing,
and there were only a few seconds of time elapsed-
not enough time to go into the first bedroom, come out, go into the second room,
and come back out again- without having a bone in its teeth, or passing me by.
The arrangement of furniture is such in relation to where I was standing
that it would have had to pass by my left leg by a few inches, and I did not move.

The timing was such, that the first dog going into the small bedroom,
came out from the second room at the exact same moment
that it entered the small bedroom.

There is no way connecting the two rooms,
there being only one door from each into the room where I was,
and one waiste high window to each in the far wall.
Both windows were closed and locked,
way too high for the dogs to jump through,
and not enough time to pass for such a jump to happen.

What happened was
that the first dog that took the first bone
went into one room
and came out of the other almost instantly
minus bone.

Thinking about this, as I do now,
Last night the two dogs,
who usually sleep in the bedroom in their seperate little beds.
refused to settle down and sleep in the room.
They made a big play to leave
They would not let me sleep,
romping around, running about, going round and round.
Sitting down, Standing up. Preening. Over an hour of this game.
They would not go near our bed where I was trying to sleep.

Doing my best to ignore the bullying,
there came a moment that I gave up.
I had the bed cover then, over my head and was in my usual posture
how I like to sleep
when the acrid smell of burning rubber came into my nose.

I jumped up from the bed
and ran to the small bedroom. With dogs running ahead.
There, they settled down and let me sleep.

It was storming and raining hard outside.
We dont have any naked flames in the house.
Nothing was burning. No electrical fires.
All was well and normal.

Yes, its been a rather odd 2 days.
I am waiting to see what will happen later as these oddities usually happen in 3's.

The attitude of the first dog is different too...not so friendly as before... I wonder.
I really do.

Re: My Matrix Moment

Hi planetzarg.
A quite interesting story, and it somehow resonates within me. I think that i had similiar things happening once or twice in my life.
Where things weren´t, were they supposed to be. Or lets say it has been impossible for them to get to where they were, and no other living beings near who could have done that trick on me.
Grin, but imagining a whole dog being teleported is kind of incredible. Cannot remember something like that from my life.
Wondering, what kind of entity is roaming around there. You cannot sense any energy or being? Despite of that smell i mean.
A Frispy Crisbee

Re: My Matrix Moment

It was a very odd event and I cant say it happens every day, thankfully. It did remind me of the cat repeating scene from Matrix first thought in astonishment...
I didnt sense anything, the house is cocooned from negative energies. It has a varing random quantum frequency field around it that dark forces would love to and continuously do try and get through. A bit like modern classical music, if you know what I mean. They would have to know the exact pattern in the moment, and thats impossible to predict or guess as it keeps changing randomly across varying groups of frequencies and harmonics.
Any approach is sensed from afar and the frequencies adjust as soon as they are sensed to be added to the pattern; although this is 'seen', and is attractive, its impregnable from the other sides.
The only energy that is here, is that that was living here and then passed over in the house. Like the old man who died before I came here, and I let that continue as I feel its not right to stop it. It has never evolved to become a problem, otherise that energy would lose its identity and its stuck with what it is.
Sometimes, when we call things as a group, energy is allowed to prevail; but thats always been positive and benign in intent. I dont mess with negatives, although thereby hangs a tail from another story altogether :)

Re: My Matrix Moment


It happened again tonight with the same dog.

I let the dogs out and was sitting in the garden by the door,
waiting for them to finish their performances.
The same dog went round the side of the house on the left
and reappeared about a minute later from the right.

Now you may think well what's the issue with that then?

On the right hand side of the house is a steel gate
in a wall 8 feet high
with bars all up it, tightly fitting in the doorway
and decoration too small for even a cat to get through-
it was designed for that reason.

The dog is sitting on my left while I am writing this.
I suspect that its a third dog
and another incarnation of the first and second version dog.

This dog has a more distant nature to the second
and the second one was slightly different to the first.

Now, I dont mind about this all that much
but it does confuse things.

All I can suspect is that it takes something
to send an envoy
to circle around.
The next time will be the last
as that will make three blind circles.

we enter into the communicative off world valley of vortex production
and I know what it will be because its sub equatorial in rotation.

This is going to be a good one.
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