Psychic or Esp maybe empath

Now I don't now if it's something to do with the clairs or been empath off an and on throughout my life I have picked on thoughts sentences, words came into my head a minute or two later that person uttered that sentence word for word. Now I tell a story of when I was a kid I used to have a favourite uncle I was never interested in much then till my started talking about things that suddenly interested me well I playing on the small grassed area that one day, my uncle appeared on the step he said something to me but I could not make out what he said so I said something to him words escape me now as it was so long ago, he suddenly had that confused look on his face so I said something else back to him and he got annoyed and shouted out how,on ear did you know what I was going to say and stormed off well this confused me because I did not know what I done wrong I walked into the,kitchen my nan was there. Oh she said what you said to upset your uncle alan. Nan I said I've said nothing I repeated he just got angry cause I said things he was going to tell me. But to me they were just thoughts that suddenly came to me like the title suggests any other folk out there that carry these traits would like to hear thanks

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