what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

i will start it off
till this day
and i have seen so many things...............
and the scariest thing i have seen is.............

when i was 7 i woke up, i dont know why i did
and i got out of my bed and walked toward my door
i could see at the end of the hallway  the kitchen light was on
i was scared, i dont know why
so i turned the hall light on
i was walking down the hallway, almost to the kitchen
and i heard something in a very loud whisper type of voice say my name
i turned and it was me
it was wearing the same nightgown, and it looked like me with an evil/wicked face
it laughed giggling constantly and smiled at me
i was so scared i did not make a noise
i was frozen starring at it
i turned and tried to run, but i couldnt move
all i could do was look at it
it laughed and huffed and went back into my bedroom
like waiting for me
i went into the kitchen and cried
eventually, i knew i had to go back in there ( my room that is)
i walked in and did not see anything
i got into my bed
and stayed awake all night
waiting for it to come back and hurt me
it did not show itself again
but i knew it was still there

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

The scariest thing I have ever seen was in a dream.....
This gigantic dark women was coming closer and closer I was frozen with fear and I could not move, I was afraid because like you I recognised her from somewhere..........I woke up screaming......The strange thing was that when she stood right in front of me she smiled.

A few days later I remembered who she was..........my shadow side. We all have one. :)

LOve cheeneka x

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

A UFO hovering over my neighbors' house.  Then about six months later, waking up to an open window, the screen popped out and sitting outside against the house....my blankets still tucked in, but walked straight out from the end of the bed, and muddy feet/leaves in my bed.

Don't know if I was taken or just sleep walked for the one and only time in my life.

My friend that was with me during the sighting didn't talk about it for 18 years.  Still doesn't like to.

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

The scarest thing I I ever saw was a three year old toddler I used to play in a long hallway which was not lite very well due to it nature the way it was. I was always scared of the cellar I used to cls my eyes as I passed the cellar door to reach for the light sw it had jus gone dark so I was partically jumpy. I turned the sw on and looked towards the cellar there was this old lady standin there with a straight solid cold expression on her face she was wearing a thick hat and long dark colored coat as I looked her up and down I noticed her shoes but her feet was not touching the floor some instinct told me this was not normal, screamed in fear and covered my eyes

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

Years later in my thirties
I was suddenly woken in the night for some reason you know when it's the dark of the night everything is quite and calm, I say this because that was not the case I'm not sure how describe the atmosphere but it was not normal. I looked round the room in darkness your eyes get used to the darkness to a degree so you can make things out. It was at this point I could see something starting to materialise from a glow to this unbleavable Shape became clearer and clearer it was so hidious I could feel the fear gripping my mind I was terrified this thing had no human shape or angelic appearance as we were taught in school. Then all of a sudden this thing had inteligence understood my fear it started to disappear just before faded completely it emparted to me it was multidimensional that it could be in many places at once

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

I was depressed and I decided to take a bus ride to the highways and look outside, and I arrived to the arcade and I played on the dancing machine. Beside the dancing machine (DDR) I played, was another dancing machine called Pump it Up, and a player was tirelessly racing to hit those arrows (you hit them with your feet) when the game screen was littering tremendous amount of arrows, more than enough to tire anybody out.

I watched a while, and decided to play on the DDR machine, and only got time to play just 3 rounds. He was playing on the other machine as well. The second stage was already quite stamina draining, and for the final stage, after around 40 seconds, I failed because I was out of breath in the middle of the song. The player who was playing the other dancing machine was tired as hell as well, and both of us were on the floor trying to catch our breathe.
Url for the final song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iggj0UZ_QIE
For reference to other players if any, I passed the bottleneck. It was not the steps alone that took me, but the stamina drain.

We both looked at each other, and that was where the scary part came to me. In fact, other than us exchanging eye contact, it seemed that we both sensed something that was so profound, heart beating, and extremely important. Both of us had to make a choice in our life that is important to both of us, but us, are two people who had a different life. He, to me, would represent the youth energy that has passed long ago. And me, is the person who represents both his history, and the future that he will hold in his life, because I knew that I am much much older than he is, and I accumulated a lot of experience in a very short period of time. Me, to him, both a beginning and an end that represents his own success.

However, whatever choice I made that time, represents death in either part. Both IS death. Dead, both physically, and spiritually, journey wise. I will, not only that I have to eventually give up in living my current life, but I have to choose how I am going to change my life. One of the choice is instant death, probably an accident, and my life will be over. And the other is to live totally differently. Both are death of some part, major part, something that I wanted to cry over for my uselessness in my current situation and unable to change it on my own, and the choice I made at that time, was up to me to choose.

What I knew was, that if I stay, I will have to die. I will no longer be able to make any choice alone and live the life that others live, working, living, making money, etc. I knew this myself that all along I had been violating very important physical-spiritual rules that would have caused me huge penalties, and one of them is instant death. But I was in a sense lucky, because my spiritual guardians had never give up on me. In opposite, they cared about me a lot and gave me chance over chance, despite watching me over making sure I will never do silly things, and they even taught me, take care of me, and stay with me anytime when I need their help.

The frightening fact is, I am not entirely sure what will happen in the future. My world seemed to be between both the living and the spiritual. My choices are running short, and now I only got one way. Something that is not pleasant about me is unfolded, and I was all along trying to hide that secret, and I am afraid I will have to, either way, sigh...

It was so real. I cannot doubt how intense it was, and I am sure even now, that the sudden feeling coming from our eye contact, was real.

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

Indigoviolet, I feel there's a deeper meaning in the message than what you saw and came to you in your dream.. For example, the game was focused on how you're tiring yourself out, and the feeling how it made you feel, it became a roadblock. I see it as a mirror of how you felt in waking life. And how you saw it as a dead end. And old patterns in your perspective that no longer serve you.

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

Hm... then I will ask further, on how and what kind of impresson that came to you in mind. Yes, the dancing game is really a workout, and without enough stamina to last a little bit, I probably won't choose that kind of difficulty. And yes, most of the time, it is when we reach a certain point of tireness, we simply cannot move even a single step. The life gauge will suddenly eat itself because of misses, then when it is drained, we failed the song.

While I do agree on your prespective, I think there is more to this. It is why I was puzzled. While I am now taking the same route to there, I probably don't have the time to go to the arcade today.

But anyways, thank you for your viewpoint, and I would love to hear more prespectives :)

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

The scarest thing i ever seen as a kid i was about three and half to four years old on occasion id have this soft voice pop into head not my own asking me how i was id never tell my parents they probably think i was made. Well the one night i was at my nans and low behold the voice would start talking kept talking oh what this in here and my own voice say what you doing stop messing about leave me alone, well i got really tired and my mom said have a sleep on my nans sofa, so i drifted to sleep for what length of period i dont now i was awakened by one of my parents i think, the only problem was i could not see them what ever i was looking at had no resemblance to any of my relations mom,nan or uncles it looked like a white spiky glowing being with eyes that looked like they were glowing i was so scared that i screamed the place down whoever they were tried to comfort me as i could hear there voices in a normal fashion i eventually cried myself to sleep i awoke next day as if nothing happeded but the soft like voice that used to talk to me never appeared in my head again, from what i have learned over the years i must have had an imature guide assigned to me
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