Dying Plants

So I have this weird occurence happening. Everytime I am not feeling well or about to get sick, the next day, I'll be healed and healthy but I would find my plants died overnight. I used to have some sleep walk but it's been a while since I sleep walked. I stay alone so nobody can tell me if I sleep walk or not. I was worried I sleep walked n I hurt my plants but apparently I tried to find vision and what I saw is the plant just die naturally overnight. Is there any relation that I could have absorb the plant energy and healed..? I am so confused.. Is there a theory where we can absorb energy from other living things?
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Re: Dying Plants

Yes we do absorb energy from other living beings and other living beings can also absorb from us, I think.
It could be that these plants gave you energy or helped you heal somehow. It could also be that they are healing plant species and they naturally healed you; sad that they died though. Does this happen only when you feel low?
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