Past Life Visions


This Thread is dedicated to Past Lives.
So lets play a game:
Share one of your memories, let it be a short vision or the memory of a total life. Then the next one posts only one of his memories as well, and so on. Always one per post.

I am going to do the start...

I can remember having been a threatened woman by the time of the second world war, trying to escape from a bad situation, most likely in Germany.
Either i must have been a jew or another chased group of minority.
Has been a short vision.

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Past Life Visions

Hey Shaj!
Interesting well I have come to realize that even if I could remember fragments of previous lives I'd prefer not to. I had a dream that "me" and a blonde woman drowned in flud and thought it had something to do with a previous life since everything was so ancient but in reality I walked passed her in the physical world much later on on my way to learn Farsi. After I had passed her I turned around and she turned around also looking at me...but I had to go to be in time for class...Sometimes I see people first in dreams.

But the dream was so overwhelming I thought it was an previous life but it was not and maybe your dream/state of consciousness/insight felt as overwhelming as mine first did but maybe it is a symbol for something else? The reason I mention this is because not even remotely spiritual people spend hundreds of years in heaven(mental world above the astral) in pure bliss between incarnations. So you couldn't have had an incarnation during WW2 since those not even interested in spiritual subjects spend like I said hundreds of years in heaven. Let us say you did live during WW2 the fact that evil forces opressed you would lengthen your stay in heaven even more since karma is also the law of compensation, does this make sense?

Not to take anything from your experience it could be real I don't know but maybe it's symbol or scenario for something else and not a previous life?

Thanks for sharing :D

Re: Past Life Visions


So, I have few images from one past life.

Those were 1920's or 1930's.
In one moment my husband and I are entering the house. We are both dressed accordingly to those fashion time trend . He was a handsome man I have to say :-)
He was going upstairs, I was behind him and in one moment he stopped, turned around and started talking to me.
In the next scene there is a car standing on the road, our car, which is empty. A person is lying on the road, I can only see shoes. Not sure if those were mine or his. I guess there was an accident and a possibility that someone died (or was injured).

The End

Re: Past Life Visions

Hi Hercule.

That dream of yours sounds interesting.
The vividness and clarity that i have experienced were not only a vision. I have been in her shoes and at the same time perceive her from all angles.
Of course i cannot be totally secure about that memory, but i am feeling that way about it.
Who knows, maybe that drowning vision has actually happened with that woman, just that you have experienced it with you guys appearing as how you are looking in this life.
But that is just an idea.
I am hearing about that long break time in heaven for the first time now.
There have been so many interesting things going on over these centuries, unique and timeperiod-related experiences - it would be a pity to miss on them by sitting on the cloudy recovery bench up there.
But i do not have any memories of times between different lifes of mine, so i don't know about that.
The Karma explanation sounds interesting.
What if instead of spending hundreds of yewrs for resolving carma, we could do that in one tough life instead?

Greetings, LadyBelle.

That memory sounds interesting, vast and shortcutted as they are saying they can be.
Wondering why you remembered especially these two scenes, but i guess that time will tell.
Thank you for sharing you two.
So it is my turn again, grin...
Have mentioned it in a different topic, at least partly.

I was floating through a forest close to a wooden cabin. When entering the outer wall i have seen a family of brown Ogers, and the head of them recognized and pointed at me.
Not sure here, but i have felt familiar with that world.

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Past Life Visions

I have seen few visions and memories so far.

But I can start with the most vivid and recent memory. Like I mentioned in another thread, I had a memory of me being a leader in a sort of revolt. Or one of the leaders most likely. I was a young woman wearing a dark hood and carrying what seemed like a sword. I was with a group of people and we were taking an old and grey city; possibly nordic. I saw myself attacking with a sword, or what seemed like it, along with some other people who were doing this with me.

Re: Past Life Visions

Don't know why these exactly. That time I took Guided Meditation for connecting to Akashic Records. My intention was to find out something related to my soulmate from previous life (lives).
Anyway, hopefully come back with something updated :-)

Re: Past Life Visions

Hey All!
Here's great speech in pdf format about reincarnation/karma. ... pt-1.2.pdf

It's funny when he mentions the last of Atlantis going down in a tsunami/ocean because that is exactly what I thought my dream, I wrote about, was all about and a previous life, but most if not of all I dream turns out to be about the future somehow... still, I need to decipher symbols better and with more clarity.

Where would you like to end up in your next lives?

Re: Past Life Visions

Hi there.
The Atlantis thing sounds interesting to me.
Even got myself a Larimar which is said to has its origins in Atlantis.
More interesting to me is the fact that you have mentioned that portuguese island ad being the only upwater leftover of Atlantis.
Because now i have heard it for the second time already. I have heard from a woman who is practizing past life regressions, she has moved there because of these ancient and strong remaining energies of Atlantis. Don't know still if it is true, but she was stating that...i cannot remember the exact expression for that kind of people or souls, but lets call them "lightworker", or just people, souls with the strong intention of supporting earths and humanities shift- that recently a good amount of them has moved there for doing whatecer they are doing and have been doing, but now with backup- energy from that place.
But she has been too expensive for me, grin.
Or was i just too broke?

Anyways, where would i like to live in my next life...
I don't believe that my conscious desire will be put into consideration for where my soul will carnate next time.
I do think that these times here are pretty interesting, a lot of unique and new experiences to be made.
As you have already mentioned it in a different topic, Monsieur Tarot, Humanity is going through 2 main progresses, technological and spiritual.
I think i would like to be able to witness how the spiritual awakening will change humanities view on how to use technology in a more harmonized and synchrone way with mother nature.

But who am i to already know which world would be the next one to be troubled by my person, grin.
I do like surprises.

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Past Life Visions

What if time does not exist? No past, no present and no future. It is all one.

If we are all connected how do i know the memories or what i perceive belongs to me?

Who is me even in oneness?

I struggle with this concept everyday.

I have one opinion and perspective among billions. Like a grain of sand in the desert. I don't think it matters sometimes (my opinion) yet i give it here!

Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Past Life Visions

I guess time is what we use to meassure a sequence of events in a way that we can understand in our condition. Our Spirit self may perceive the wholeness and oneness as Spirit. But we are human right now and we have been making history. This history is not happening all at the same time in this physical realm as it may be in the Spiritual realm.

Here on Earth and as humans, we use a timeline of events. First there is the cause, then come the consequences. Time may be an illusion since what exists is eternity; yet still, we are affected by time. It shapes our lives and our history in a way that can make sense for us.

We are whole as Spirit but we chose to separate and incarnate into different timelines for whatever reason.

We are all connected but we are still living individual lives in this realm. We share the same Source. We are that same Source. But we choose different paths when we decided to separate and start an incarnation journey.

I also believe oneness is a state of consciousness. Some spirits have not become fully aware of this and are still separate from such reality. In order to become aware, spirits go through an evolutionary process. We separate from Source and chose to experience an individual reality.

There is the Oneness. But I do not think we are there yet. Even as spiritual beings we are still caught up in the illusion of division. If we were already in the state of consciousness of Oneness, we would express pure light and perfection. We would not be still caught up in the incarnational process and we wouldnt have spiritual wounds.

Some of our baggage does not even originate from this life which means, our Spirit self is still carrying such burdens. Which means... We are not yet in a state of consciousness of pure Unity. One day we will and we will only be One. But for now, we are living Ego experiences, collecting them, evolving into higher consciousness. One day we will become One again. But right now we are living our individual evolutionary process through our incarnation cycle.

As we live, we collect our inner wisdom which can also be expressed as our intuition. We know ourselves better than anyone else. We perceive our mental patterns, our deep emotions, aspects of our personality, our karmas, talents, our wisdom, etc. And we also have all our memories and wisdom stored within us. Of course there is interconnectedness in existence. For that very same reason, things as remote viewing and astral travel are possible. But we also carry our individual life experiences. From this life and from others. We can more easily access them than we can access the core of Universal existence in which we are everything and everyone. Specially because many of these memories are still affecting us today, in our Ego experience.

I would guess there is no way for me right now to be 100% sure about my other lives. In the end, it is my personal thing, my intuition, my inner wisdom. But sometimes there are many hints and aspects that show me this insight. I cannot prove it of course; and maybe it is not necessary to be proved. In the end this is my healing process, a personal one I guess.

I believe that the eyes are really mirrors of our Soul. Our the main ones at least. When I see these people in my visions, I look at their eyes mainly; I have intuitively recognized myself in there (again, cannot be 100% sure). There is no reason why I would be receiving memories of unrelevant people when I am healing my own existence wounds and when I am recognizing myself there.

This is not science, this is intuition and inner wisdom. It cannot be proved by me. It only holds relevance for me and for my healing process.

The sharing part is more like a fun game; I am also curious about others.

Re: Past Life Visions

Hello you two.

I was about to say something about your statement that time is an illusion, Apple- Cheneeka.
But Red Violets post pretty much reflected my own opinion to that idea. Thank you for that, by the way, grin. There has been a lot that resonated with my own ideas.

I would just repeat her words.
The time experienced in this life, in this physical reality, is following a timeline and events, cause and consequence.
Even if everything is may existing at the same time.

How to know if a memory of a different life is from a past or future life- good question.
Not having had too many conscious memories so far, i can only guess.
And my guess is also going into the direction of intuition.
And if it is a memory of my own life or from another soul, because we are all one?
Well, i do see it like this:
Even if all connected and in the end one big consciousness, right now we are living the experience of separation, which is important and necessary for living certain experiences.
And on our path of growth we are remembering about our connectedness.
But as it is as it is right now, what we are experiencing is for our own individual growth.
That is why i am also convinced that whatever memories we perceive, that they would most likely origin from other lifes that our soul, so we as fragments, have lived or are about to live in the future

Best Greetings
A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Past Life Visions

Hello Shaj 😇

Maybe we don't all experience this reality as an individual. We perceive individuals with physical eyes and our awareness. Perceived with spiritual sight and awareness there is no separation.

Also as omnipresence how do you find an individual in omnipresence?

Time is irrelevant in infinity this could be the past. The present or the future.

We are all evolving differently there is no right or wrong perception or how to evolve.

Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Past Life Visions

A person who does not experience this reality as an individual... Would this be a person with no Ego? Does this person exist?
There is no right or wrong way on how to evolve, I agree with this.
However, in my personal perception, if a Soul is evolving, then to me, it means that this Soul is still caught up in the Ego (nothing wrong with that). Otherwise, there would be no reason for evolving; no need to evolve when you are already fully aware of Omnipresence, perfect Love and Light. When you are already fully integrated with Spirit or Universal Unity Consciousness... What would there be left to evolve?

When we fall into anger and criticism (I am not saying you are doing this, I am saying humans do this; this is a human aspect that we deal with right now), are we not doing it from our Ego perspective of individualism or division from others?

Why would I get angry or hurt by someone if I didnt perceived Ego division? I would just express unconditional love and forgiveness to others... To everyone and everything.

I am personally not there yet. And I have never met anyone who is on this level yet. Actually, my guess is that if we are currently living this Earth shift, it is because we need to evolve so I doubt that there would be a person completely free of the Ego. But then, this is my perception, not necessarily the truth.

Others perceive life differently and that is totally fine. But since we have different personal evolutionary paths, then again, I see individualism here; not exactly Oneness. But I do know that it exists and I have perceived the interconnectedness many times; also empathy which is feeling what others feel and understanding how they feel and why. They remind me that we are all One same energy-consciousness field. However, I also perceive from my Ego illusion. I still feel anger and division sometimes. But that is just me and my level.

Re: Past Life Visions

[font=][/font]Hello 😇
I have theories but no definite answers.
I think on our last evolution we are awakened to our true spirit. Our vibration and frequency is much more heightened after an awakening. Our energy is lighter and we are able to be human and at the same time transcend this teality.

We look up to the sky and see a white cloud but in reality it is not a white cloud. It is an illusion. This cloud like a lighter energy cannot control it's direction. It blows whichever way the wind blows.

Last week i had a notion out of nowhere that I would sell my house. I got a message hours later from my friend saying she was selling her house. I thought it was me selling my house!

This is what I mean by not being able to tell who I is.😇

I experience two realities at the same time I think. As a person and as a spirit. It took a lot of suffering to realise the loss of self I in my mind.

As to evolving I😇 think the essence I am is aware of an energy that will keep evolving even after unconditional love is experienced.
Ego is not just an individual trait. Ego reflects ego energy reflects ego like energy reflects love. It is just that our known logical mind perceives unconditional love as pure love and light and nothing else. Unconditional love does not perceive anger or criticism as bad or good traits. There is no judgement because it is not a personal trait . It is oneness.
If we all reflect each other then which one is angry you. Me. Someone else?

Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Past Life Visions

I really appreciate your perceptions and ideas.

I think you are on a high level of spirituality. Could be because of your experiences and suffering.
Right now, I am on a level in which I am inside the Ego. I do not deny it and do not feel ashamed of this aspect of mine. I also have my spiritual insight. Sometimes they can contradict each other in my perceptions. Sometimes I feel love, empathy and understanding for myself and for others. But sometimes I cannot do that. Sometimes I get individual and defensive and a bit wreckless maybe. Both aspects existing in myself.

So because of this, because I am aware of this shadow side of mine, I am working on acceptance and forgiveness of myself and others... And damn, it is challenging sometimes because of my Ego and my reactive nature.

But you know... Thank you for inspiring with your wisdom and perceptions. It is always good to be reminded :)

Re: Past Life Visions

Imo: The only time is the eternal present. If the universe is seen as Consciousness, we could say all lives are lived simultaneously, but experienced in a subjective and compartmentalized way. (And measured and seen as linear). As for matter, is it not merely energy condensed to a slow vibration? 😊

Re: Past Life Visions

Hi, I am not sure if I this is a past live experience or not. Apparently, this is affecting me and causing issues. As a kid we always played being a wolf, a hero, a monster or whatever that role is but I can assure you, mine is not just as a "Kid Role Playing". I have the instinct of how to climb a trees quickly, I have the memory of how to hunt animals (prey or even predator), I have memory of killing animals for survival, killing animal for fun. As my present life now, I am an animal lover but there is one side of me who always whispers in my head, that I want to hunt them down just for fun like a sport. I do sound cruel right now, I know. I never talked about this before cause I know it is very inhumane. But this voices never stops. Especially when I happened to meet stray animal that was defensive and tried to attack me, I have my quick response of doing a "pose"; I will get down and put one leg in front, the other at the back and my hand touching the ground in the middle, like an animal and I will stare them back and hiss or showing I can attack back. Most animal went back when they see me does that, even a German Shepherd and a snake back off from me. When I meditate, I can always see tree and forest but I am not sure if it is the present vision or past memory cause I have never been there in this life. A little voice in my head always giving me "the call to hunt" every 2-3 months. Most obvious normal people will say I am mental... Maybe I am? I could never find the answer until today.
I am me :D
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