Tattoos are permanent...aren't they?

So this evening I was talking to my lover and the conversation went to small tattoos we were discussing about getting with each other next time we were in a city with a tattoo parlour. I apologise in advance if the following conversation seems fragmented I'm just still thoroughly reeling with the information I've absorbed tonight,

I flippantly said something to the effect of him not having to be afraid as he's already had his first tattoo. He stated he was a 'cleanskin'. I said, no, you have the little one on your wrist. I saw it when we first started seeing each other.

The conversation went back and forth for a while until I stated, no, you don't understand. You have a tattoo on your right arm, at the end of where you can see the forks of the wrist extend to the right.

He paused for a moment before asking what the tattoo was of, I stated it was an ohm symbol and that I'd had to push up his bracelet to see it properly when we'd been talking 'that night'.
He asked what bracelet he was wearing.
I stated it was a dark red/maroon braided bracelet with an earthy tone of teal braided through it. It was narrow but had two strands.

This is when the story gets odd and is the very reason I sought out this website.

He stated that when he was 16 he'd had a maroon and teal necklace blessed by a Buddhist monk. He'd been so superstitious about it he took it off whenever he was 'with' a woman and, perhaps more importantly to this story, when he was going to have any photo or video taken. He'd since forgotten about it and there's no way I could have seen a photo of him wearing it to taint my subconscious so that this could be just a realistic dream. To me it's as every bit real as dinner, I've always had lucid dreams, waking dreams and the odd astral projection. This was no such thing. If this conversation hadn't of occurred earlier tonight I would have gone on thinking it was 100% real.

I suppose to add an extra bit of odd information, he's 13 years older than me. My mother used to be an avid jewellery maker and did a lot of beading, when I was three she'd taken me to a store selling beads and let me pick some out. The ones I'd picked out were all deep, earthy reds with the occasional teal. The saleslady had commented saying it was strange to see such a young child pick such a colour pallet and had stated that every child that had come in had just picked the rainbow or the brightest colour they could.

I know this is a very rambly post and I'm sorry, I'm new to this website and just wanted to share my experience and ask for opinions. I don't really know what to expect. I'm just curious as to your thoughts. It's such an odd thing to happen, I'm not even sure how to process it. It was a memory, not a dream. If that makes any sense.

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