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Gravity and cats

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:22 am
by planetzarg
I was devastated at the death yesterday of Roger.
He died peacefully kicking the laguna out of a pair of absorbant tennis fans.
As a modern marsupial, he housed his shileleih in the locked and upright position before take off.

Here is his last known plop photo. ... ge-12.html
angry at having trouble with ploppsies,
he curled his bucket.
such was Roger.

Its a well know fact that cats are alergic to gravity and when falling from high buildings
or passing light aircraft
and use their 9 lives of cat spirits
as a parachute
before reaching terminal velocity.

most cats are able to hit the ground at up to 30 mph
with only minor distain.
over 30 mph it becomes a matter of anger
leading to rage over 50mph
and utter run for it at anything over 60.
it is absolutely a bad idea to instigate any gravitic experiments with cats.
They disagree on the interuption to their work programs and daily lives without committee meetings and agendas to table motions at least 3 months before schedule.
Cats are very busy animals, even when they look like they are sleeping 90% of the time, they are in fact 100% dedicated by switching their complete faculties to mining Buttcons.

everyone wants to be a rich cat, or a broke cat, depending on how many cats are Buttcon mining and
how high you extend your lift
to see the dead cat-- if it bounces.


The true value of Buttcon goes down if you really need to go to the small room
and you cant.
it becomes a change
of what is important in life.
to go or to stay.
either way, its an enema
to your bank account
or otherwise.

Gravitic value has no reference to the mutual world of Buttcon.
All gravitic cats know about that
and avoid First Contact
and airline food,
often preferring to land on a mouse
from 20,000 feet.

not by Buttcon.