There is a Paradice

Death weaved his way through the crowned gauntlet of a wizened court that surrounded his beloved Mystery.
Their glances touched imperceptibly, a silent message betraying nothing to anyone, due faith lay between them like a tactile pond in which the pebble making waves is that glance itself.

He chose a booth for them to meet and after ordering appropriate beverages asked the attending waitress to wait patiently until he was joined. The table was on the periphery of Mystery’s vision, and his back was angled towards her in a way that both tantalized and teased a growing sense of urgency within.

Mystery collected her thoughts together while engaging in distracted conversations with old friends and new contacts.
‘I’m so going to kill him if it takes the rest of my life’ she thought to herself, and added 'I just know this is going to take forever’

She began deflecting conversations and winding up others to their natural uncertainties, then excused herself saying there was someone that needed to die and she was in the mood to slay him anyway, win/win scenario.

As Deth stood to greet Mystery her arms slid fluidly over his shoulders gripping him in an embrace befit for the ending of eternity: she whispered into his ear softly, words meaningful only to each other; keys that unlock a heavenly doorway that is their birthright to the other. Their hands slid together and held tightly for a moment as a regretful reassurance of acceptance and trust.

Once seated silent tensions opened in the release found by looking into the eyes of another in whom one’s own soul is found.
Hands instinctively reached for the others in an outward betrayal of secreted affection. His mind reeled and revelled in the moment of tactile bliss, his fingertips longing to trace the nuances of every rise and dimple her feminine hands expressed; he wondered how long he could stretch this moment of unity, then placed his bet on a better outcome, unity...

He meandered backwards through time reliving child-hood memories sealed away from corruption and decay.. She transformed back into the little girl whose bright energy and drive illuminated her entire being. Inquisitive, demanding, intelligent, a force in herself and fearless in loving. The emotions of poignant scenes tried to engulf his awareness, carefully he struggled to suppress some for later examination while acknowledging and releasing her painful past.

His vision blurred to black and red recalling the moment he found she was to be sent away. The bond and promise they made was impossible. Why be brought together in sacred rites for the future then torn apart, but the fury of knowing what would happen to her. It painted a layer of venomous shame into the soul of a young teenage boy, and for some things hatred became an expression of love, taking life would become an act of giving life, justice and mercy became unrecognizable in the eyes of good men. It was all by designs to entrap and enslave.

Brief contacts through the span of decades formed serpentine imagery and symbolism of their relationship in Deth’s mind. A relationship undeniably frustrated by forces that play upon the consciousness of others. The promise was sealed, inescapable, and little known of the scope and history of the rites used to bond the vociferous to the chalice, and chalice to appoggiatura.

Death felt the familiar wave of cold sweeping through Mystery’s hands. She had reached her limit for the moment, time being the only valuable thing in Death’s grace, there was no need to offer what she already possessed. Letting go their fast grip Mystery then transformed back into the soul he knew and recognized as the keeper of his own soul and source of unconditional love.

Mystery embraced Deth one more time before leaving, cruelly placing her most vulnerable self into his hands then pulling away again to say “We will see each other again, I dont know if it will be the last time or if it will be forever, but I promise you we will see each other again”.

The waitress never came.

And Death fell asleep again, into a death more fit for the living, and for the loving.

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