There, Be Giants

This literary journey is certainly only just begun. Giants be there... can you see them? They're everywhere!

For your thoughtful entertainment...

They say time is in a bottle, that's a different perspective. This is a theme viewed from the book, THE BOOK, and there are many to view however this is a favourite in my synchronicities.
Tis not only in names, but this is a special place in times. Here I viewed the Ages. Even as i write the book manifests itself around me, and so... as with any good book we become both the observer and the participant in the stories, themes, narratives, each and every one of them in our becomings.

And now, it is as if it were always there, a memory of experiencing...

...and i found myself in darkness, the only light being the The Book cast purely in consciousness. Golden threads of recurring theme showing a path through the pages of time and existence. To look is to become immersed.

But I pull back from viewing, thinking again of consequences if i write...

The book snaps shut, the consciousness of a dragon encircles it as if it were a binding lock as at the same time my own soul clenches the book tightly to my body...

NO! i say to would be thief...

then i hear her advice softly spoken, 'You're resisting'

Alright, okay... I'll share...
Again the book opens that we may see, and know, and become.

The pages turn in living experiences as we peer along the golden threads of the recurring themes... my old friend with whom my experience has shared in the beginnings, looks on in silent interest.

Isaiah, 11:8
...and a child shall reach his hand into the nest of the viper and be not harmed...

In the beginnings, people, if we account for the innumerable types of them which have existed here on this particular time/space locus, were more kin to a mushroom or fungus than to our current carbon/flesh forms.

We are the Gad's, and they still do walk among us.

Fungus can grow to enormous sizes, and can be made to possess a wide variety of properties, including multidimensional characteristics...

And so as we peer into the book of living experiences we can see that the Gads created the earth first from a large living mushroom-like fungus. Spiked like a carrot top and a stem shaped in a similar form as we recognize the shape of mankind.
Through the process of fossilization the original earth core was easily fashioned to be as it is today.
Bunch of rocks.
Gold being of particular interest to the Gads and their ways.

The first human forms they created with the spark of soul and made from the primordial constitution of the earth were giant fungal-type flesh, and were found quite useful for the purpose of mining and resource extraction processes.
This however also included resource extraction from that human form itself.
Mineral absorbing into the fungal flesh.

Peering deeper into the pages and becoming engrossed into the golden threads of it's narrative, the pages begin to slow their turning and focus on a certain location.
A deep valley with a pleasant stream...
There is a child playing in the shallow river as it makes its musical sounds over the rocks. There is no vegetation anywhere to be found.
His mother calls to him from the shore, offering him some new form of delight.

It is from the original spiked flower of the original fungus that they and the planet were made from. It is a round mineral cake of many colours, made from the ancient but still edible fruit.
It contains the genetic code for infinite giantism.
The child will become a giant. The kind of giant that never stops growing.
This was forbidden by the Gads

The boy is one of the last children of their race, and he has eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. He knows, and he questions.
His parents and the community try to keep him hidden from the Gads and anyone who would take advantage in the ongoing dramas over the pursuit of mineral extraction.

The boy likes to sit in the stream listening to the water. As it is in the nature of the Old Peoples he takes into his flesh the minerals in the water.
Because he has eaten of the fruit of the original living tree the minerals in the water begin to process within his body.
Soon his lower half appears as if he were wearing what we would recognize as a pair of golden trousers, among other unique features... such as crystal growths which might bring to mind our own modern teen-age affliction of skin blemishes.

One day, as new things were happening and new things appearing all over the land;
plant life was beginning and with it new forms of life;
a long wiggling and undulating movement appeared on the water.
It circled around the child and paused momentarily at the edge of his golden exterior.

A narrowed slit appeared, then two gleaming points...
and it bit the child playing in the water.
The child felt no pain and nothing happened but for a silver streak ran up through the gold giving his upper body the hues of white metallic splendor.
The viper backed away, raised it's head and body from the water. The two locked gazes, a kind of silent knowing passed between them... the ancient agreement of acknowledging the life and presence of the the other. Life and presence that come from one and the same source.

The viper swam away and returned some time later with many more like it.
Circling as it did the first time it drove off any others that would approach to strike. After a time they would all circle in some orderly fashion, each in respect of the others.

The other people were all terrified. For them the bite was 100% fatal. None of the people would venture into the waters for fear their lives.
Things were changing rapidly. Roumers of far away tragedies appeared to be coming true, and closer to home.

Finally, one day the Gads came and they ordered that everyone report for final mineral extraction. Their bodies would be processed for metals and other rare compounds.
This was normal and accepted... except by those who had eaten from the living fruit of knowledge that came from the original tree.

Dutifully the child went with his parents to the final extraction event.
Drama soon unfolded, and while the proceedings took place and the boy became frustrated his mother's last words to him were, 'Don't wander off'.
Angry at what he was witnessing the golden child wandered off.

He knew there was nothing to go back to, the people would all be gone by the end of the day.
Knowing the Gads would come looking for his new gold he walked back up his favorite stream, visiting his favorite pools and wondering at the appearances of all the new forms of life.

Shortly before sunset the ground shook, the water rippled, and a long thundering boom rolled through the canyon walls.
Becoming agitated he began covering his body with layers of mud and debris from the banks of the river while thinking to himself that maybe the Gads would overlook him and go away.
Something passed over him, darting and crisscrossing over the land, up and down the streams, then flew away. He lay still for a long while on the banks of the river...
Then a voice from nearby, seeming out of nowhere.
'We can see you clear as day boy,
but they cant see you in that kind of muck. Lucky little mukker you are.

You're not the only one boy, and you cant hide from us anyway, first of all because of all that Gad damned gold, second because this is what we were made to do, and third because you're going to help save a lot more people just like you if you come with us and agree to help'

He got up and looked around for the voice and realized that there were a number of men on the shoreline covered in muck and **looking more like piles of rock and debris.

And so the child went with the people and they took him to the hidden Motherlode of Old and New Gold...
There is much more to the story, and im sure you can imagine, but for me it is already later than half past six in the morning... and the expanse of golden threads woven in themes kin to themes... after all... perhaps 40 winks and a nap... then pick up another nugget...

Re: There, Be Giants

Old Dragon's and big old books.
Sure it can be intimidating.
THE BOOK is alive, and we do well to ask, how so?
I wont lie, some look too deeply and throw their whole self into the matrix of possible outcomes. Hardly ever though, does anyone succeed in really changing anything, other than their own perspective, all the same this is why THE BOOK is so well guarded, kept safe at all costs, because of those whose very selves had looked deeply and become a part of the life of THE BOOK.

That's why i'm here writing this today, because fear of the dark and the unknown, who are we, where did we come from, where are we going. We have a right to know.

Come closer friend, you need not look yourself, but peer over my shoulder as i guide us along another journey of the golden threads of recurring theme and narrative. You will be perfectly safe at all times, dont be afraid to explore what might arise within your imagination... this is THE BOOK reaching out it's light to you,
however you are forewarned of the consequences of looking direct and too deeply.
There's no rush, there never was, you found Love and its right where you are there is no need to run into the flames,
all things must be
to come to pass
and to come to pass
we all must be
all of those things.

The sky darkens, the Dragon calls with its silent illuminations, darkness focused into pastel rainbows of colour the likes of which have never been seen by the mortal eye. THE BOOK shimmers into manifested existence. It feels so old, so ancient, there's an elusive tangible quality just out of reach of the senses,
The Dragon releases it's hold, the pages turn slowly, reminding us of our origins, how long it takes, and so much patient efforts, then everything begins to move and revving up. There are other old books too, of long lost un-never-verses long past revved up and gone. No one reads them any more, the pages are empty, nothing, gone.

Take your time, its a journey.

The Dragon calls to it's mark and the pages naturally flow to the time and place where a young boy, one of the last of his kind, is met by strangers on a riverbank after narrowly escaping the certain and premeditated doom of his people.

There, look, not at the pages, you know they are there, look within, can you see him right where we left off last time.
Can you feel him?
full of fear and sorrow and anger and wonder and hope and...

They are men of flesh like us, but not us, we are not the same as they, we are rather unique all in all.
hold tight, stay close, i'll move us in a bit closer, there must be something THE BOOK wants to show us, bringing us here as it does i no longer question it, but look with your own imagination, with your own light, where the book reaches to you.
I'm here, i wont let you fall in.

The boy replies to the men who are his newly found friends,

"Who are you, how do you know about my kind? What are you, what are you doing here? Are there really others like me? They are not all gone?"

One of the men responds in even and calming tones,
"Everything will be alright, its safe for us to talk here for a little while, but we should move quickly to the Haven.

Who we are is a long story, there is no official name, but we are part of a tradition as old as this world, we are the Patriots, all beings of this world, fighting for the life of this world. We know where there are others of your kind, they are safe and doing well.

We are here for you. Your mother arranged for us to be here on this day"

The boy was stung by his words, how could she know, she never said... and then he began to realize the silent breadth and depth of her love, the burden she carried to the end, showing how far a mother's love will go to protect her own.

Another man approaches quickly,
"We are out of time, we have to move now, the Gads are returning and they seem angry. I must do this now."

He turned to the boy to address him squarely and forthright.

"Will you come with us?"


"Do you swear to keep all we say and all of our ways silent and secret away from outsiders?"


"Come, you are one of us now."

There is a feeling of a slight shifting, followed by a resettling of the imaginative frames, the imagery shrinks away, back into the book where it belongs safe for all time.

We have looked, and seen into THE BOOK, and it has showed us what it needed us to see in this moment.
There's more,
so much more,
no rush,
take your time,
its a journey
into a moment
with no return,
looking wont change
only you

Re: There, Be Giants

Its a good day.
Should we?
Do think we should open THE BOOK again?
Would you like to see something special hardly anyone else has ever seen?
I think we can.

So let's...

What will it be today? to see the great wizard?
what if we find out his name was really Oz?
Wouldn't that be a hoot!
how 'bout we take bets on it... hmmm?

...tortoises with trees on their backs?
no? awww... maybe next time...
really you gotta see it yourself im not tellin.

i know what you want.
You want to see giants.

I know something better yet...
how about a giant giantess!!!
Yes. That's it!
I think you're really going to like her.

As we enter into that place where The BOOK is eternally guarded by the Old Dragon it is plain to see the dragon is awakened and others have now been here too.

"Are you well, Ancient One?"

The Dragon's thoughts are crystal clear in the air.
I see Zarg's markings, followed by a silent 'all is well.'

'Since you're here, have a look at the binding when you can'

We can now turn to THE BOOK and i will open it for our viewing pleasure, enlightening as it may be.
Dont worry, i know just where to open THE BOOK, its really easy to get lost in the pages around those parts. Eons and eons of time and hardly anything ever happens at all, And remember dont look directly into the pages, look inside your own imagination where the light of the pages reaches you.

Shhhhh... watch... listen...

I approach and whisper, "...Mother..."

A resonant hum oscillates into a filament of light extending from the page we are called to view. Swiftly now, we must open it surely.
Gracefully it sweeps open by the parting of deft hands, and we become immersed in its light.

We find ourselves in an earlier time of the universe, looking out over vast expanses of darkness.
There is life in those vast expanses, life we do not recognize today except as insanities and fabrications.

There are two kinds of life, and each of them is of two kinds, and there are many kinds of each of them.
Positive and negative, male and female.
Every one is unique in their own sense.

This Tome is wise dear friends, wiser than we can ever be...
Look... the Tears of Aquarion fall to earth, poured out eons ago in honour of our dearest Love, the Giantess, our Mother, and we know this because our feet are always welcome upon the earth.
Her name is Tearra.
And she has always been thought of as a prized jewel in this universe,
before and after,
Aquarion is spent, and bows himself to honour the legacy that will become our own life's blood and breath. The waters of life poured out upon all living creatures.

Pull back!!
It is our Dignity
To not look too closely
We must turn back the pages
not too fast not too slow just rightly
Mother deserves our care to see her best.

The frames of the pages curl back to a previous time again, and it seems there are many pages yet towards the very beginning of THE BOOK.
Perhaps if we are fortunate Zarg can tell us of his journey's there too sometime, I can't imagine what excellent prose he might have known in those moments seeing it all happen in such detail.

None the less, here we are, there she is, Tearra, in all her splendor.
Much like the first original peoples of our earth, She is an original Giantess, fungus like in fleshly nature, absorbing all nutrients from space dust to light and other energies by what ever name.
The original first people are quite a reflection of her, and this is in the nature of our physical living being to reflect that which we are made of.
Not only this, but also to reflect what we experience, what our ancestors experienced, becomes a part of what we are and what our offspring become.
Tearra received all nurturing and adoration in the universe where she went, and in turn so do we now and always benefit from her care.
Her reflections are everywhere around us in every day life.
And she is quite aware, even now, sometimes... sometimes... you can see her wink as she turns away shy and knowing.
How can this not remind us of any woman wearing her hair up high in a pony tail to flow openly where she commands it be to cover, reveal, or taunt.
Her flower spike is full, She is full, of life in herself and blessed by companions. They are what we might easier understand as multidimensional beings.
One is her love, The other is Fate.
And the Gad's are here too.
They claim possession, but her Love is a great and terrible champion of the aethers. As she is our mother, He is Your Father no less, the spirit and over-soul of all humanity. The World Dragon, FATHER.
Always they are together as one, an entanglement beyond anyth... hey, did you just see a grinning cat appear in the darkness?
ha, funny.
geez, some people huh.
You can still see some of her original features on any map or looking at satellite pictures, even google earth its obvious.
Looking here we can see she has a beautiful smile, and mischievous no doubt, with a hearty sense of humour.
Can you see yourself in her now,
in them both.
In all the eons of time he has never left her, indeed, even to this day.
We are to be aligned one to another with each other,
not ever humanity against each other,
as they are always as one, mother and father, we can dignify them by our respect to reflect onward the best parts of them both.

lets look closer, what is happening here...
The Gads are flitting to and fro, like little lights blinking in and out across the cosmos. could it be they are looking for something again.
Its true.
The gads claim ownership and decree her time is full and ripe to harvest. She is frightened and thought best to run away, to spare her Love the anguish... but she is caught up in a net of unseen design, and so it was she received into her the seed of forbidden giantism.

Fate decreed that the gads would not have the jewel of the galaxy as they wished to themselves. The gads will call it evil but the greater good will be done by our hands knowing the truth and compassion in the heart of Tearra. Even to this day, look how she offers life and release to all the living.
Eternal giantism is eternal life, now we know why they say to let sleeping giants nap, well, there are other parts to the story.
Eternal giantism can be harmed and killed, unfortunately that was the business of the Gads,
and so they too have been kept to promise looking out for the best interests of Tearra's legacy.

This, here, where we are now in THE BOOK is the galactic oasis they found together in the storms. guarded by the great Aquarion to deny the Gads until the time when their quests became meaningless... and wisdom surface again in them.

I have no heart to turn the next page, i commend it into your own hands, let your heart be your guide.
It's enough to say that upon the approach of the Gad Aquarion gave all first, and at the last good moment of her Fullness Love released her and remained alive, together, now, and forever.

That is to say, as one, we can never truly perish.
There be Giants,
As we will soon see.
There are Dragons too!
Close the book when your done please,
Dragon looks like he needs a nap.
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