Seeking Advice For Meditating

Since about a week ago my crown has been going nuts - very intense energy demanding a lot of meditation to process it. Thing is, my left side released first - got the spine tingles and all that; but my right side is completely blocked at the crown - like something is holding it shut. I have tried a number of techniques including crystals to move the right side but it will not release like the left. It is like I am completely split down the middle - in the middle of chakras even. Anyone every experience this? Hoping someone has some advice.
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Re: Seeking Advice For Meditating

Hi Three14

I didn't have that kind of experience, but reading this post made me read about meditation (problems).

Maybe you're trying too hard, meaning controlling or manipulating these energies you feel or don't feel.
Instead, you should just let it go not paying too much attention. So, your body can adjust itself and come into more balance naturally, without pushing it.
It can be that you need little time before it comes into balance.

In the meantime maybe you've already solved the problem :-)
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