VIolet eyes and fire

Friday 8th February i awakened to the sound of singing. I got up walked through the bedroom and opened the bedroom door. The sight in front of me was incredible. Thick black smoke with the flicker of a fire. It was horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Completely sureal.
Took me a minute or two to realise my house was in flames.
In what seemed like a second i had a choice to leave for the meadow or stay . To stay meant fullfiling a destiny of which i still am not sure of.
The second i decided to stay. I felt the heat of the smoke.
I inhaled thick black smoke. The smoke singed my hair and burnt my face and hands.
I managed to get out of the house before it burnt to the ground.
All everyone is talking about is my eyes.
They say they were the most violet blue eyes they have ever seen. They glimpsed my spirit in between worlds
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: VIolet eyes and fire


a tumultuous story indeed. so sorry to hear about that. an edge of life experience that was serious. i thought you wrote violent blue eyes and then i looked again. i am glad you are well and so sorry for your home. our spiritual world is but a spec away...a single thought. a peel of thunder. are you OK now? what will you do if your home is too damaged? are you sure it was the 8th? i mean am i sure it was the 8th?
i am happy to see you writing here anyway. even if it is about terrible news, at least you are well to write so. i hope you make afull recovery very fast :)
you didnt like the house anymore anyway, i think...and fire is a horrid way to go. very painful indeed. i wanted to ask you a question but not now.
some other time maybe. :)
be strong please
its not your time for quite a while yet to see your meadow.

take care of yourself...

Re: VIolet eyes and fire

Thank you for your kind heart and words. You are right. I went to bed on Friday 8th but the fire awakened me at 2.00 in the morning Sat 9th.
I am fortunate as spirit that all my life i have painted my meadow the building that housed these paintings will soon be my new temporary home.
Curious. Twelve years ago to the month I perceived the violet flame. Transformed me from human to spirit. I have often written about it here.
Now I am dealing with a diffrrent flame!😇
The phoenix did rise. I am just not sure how yet.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: VIolet eyes and fire

I strongly advise
for what its worth if anything
that you consider my review from some time back.
about moving on...
the wind of change posts. remember?
with the black cat?
also I did see something recently when you said somebody near to you was arrested and wrote you then to move.....

it seems that push has come to shove in that respect....?

therefore, this event you refer to here, is the outcome of precognative association to spirual ...guidance... of a strong fashion.

I must admit
it appears that i must be absolutely careful what i write here as it comes to pass in fact.

if you wish to speed up your interpritation of your redefined position
i suggest that you devise a few hours of isolation in quietude to seach out the vibrations organically with your feelings.

the music is written there as i see it.

your tune has changed and you search to hear its song.

it seems we are to some degree parallel in our steps along our journey. the parting of the platform during the posting of 'illusion' ended that step for us both.

this can mean only that we have a spiritual cognizance that is well defined from long past times of humanity, when telepathy and seeing was commonplace and normal.

looking back...

it appears that I visited your village about 5000 years ago to barter jars of wine and a sample of tin ore for trinkets, pelts and grains in the North of England. I did not return as the trade was not good and the weather made the sea dangerous to get there. you were a young woman then with 2 children and a witness to the trade that took place over 2 days in what is now called October. The boat was a Phoeneciain sea skiff with one sail and some damages and wear. we had 2 of them. you were not party to the meet by the village fire place, but looked on. the meeting moved to the round house as dusk came and went, and i left in the morning. it was the last deal i did up coast that season.

The wine was the last of the worst as well. sorry about that.

then, we headed over to what is now Den Helder in Nederlands that was Noosanwa to us, meaning the most North place, which we named so as it was the most North place we ever sailed to on that coast. we traded some tin ore and beads for some sheep, goats, and what look like turnips and grains, and went down coast European side on the voyage back home to Tyre. Pronounced Tiy-Re'. which took some time. months. We got back slowly in january amongst the stormy season. going along the coasts and often not docking, just laying to while storm passed. When you docked, there were costs to pay.

we spoke many languages and all badly and in parts, mostly body language and gestures. and sometimes, when we connected, telepathically.

i forget what i was talking about in the first place...

never mind.
Roger is there visiting in your meadow. :)

he aims to be there next time you visit to say hello and wish you well.

moe later about the caves full of bats we escaped from.

Re: VIolet eyes and fire

funny you should say 5000 years!
How many times have I written here that I am a 5000 year old spirit. I am here to learn about love, karma does not effect me and I will never be here again.
I am aware of the 'no time' factor in all of this. In spirit time does not exist so my mind is free of time. No past present or future.
telepathy is no stranger to either of us, it is how spirit communicates. Thoughts are the key to communicating with spirit and silence. Silence is probably the most important if we don't listen how can we hear.
Music has taken on a huge significance to me again after many years. the vibrations move my spirit.
It was very nice to meet Roger in the meadow. :)
I agree we have a history in other worlds and this one. I find I don't have to understand you and your written words to understand exactly what you mean. It is an inner knowing of another beautiful soul.
looking forward to hearing about the cave full of bats we escaped from. :)
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: VIolet eyes and fire

i swear. you are one of very few people who can make me laugh out loud.
thats a gift.
synergies do have countenance.
though few skeptics would give any creedance at all to that idea.

Roger does get about a bit its true...

i recall the dress you wore that few moments our paths crossed before was a simple one with bare arms and you had your daughter who was yowling cradled in your arms and a sort of shawl made from some kind of furry brownish grey animal skin. probably rabbit pelts. you looked underfed and had a look of concern on your face. light hair. blue eyes. actually looked a bit like a thinner faced Kate Moss but only five foot and a bit tall.

i hope you are OK in your new gallery home, which is temporary i suspect. in fact i see that you have already made plans.

the escape from the cave of bats...ah yes. i will add to that later. have to do things now



Re: VIolet eyes and fire

I am beginning to think when i said would i have the strength for the fall out. I was not speaking of the fire.
Something is coming. Something spiritual!
I think i may have lost my way in this reality and i am going to be redirected.
Serpents biting me in dreams. The feeling of the onset of kundalini again!!!!!!
As i said before. I thought one only ever had one awakening. I maybe wrong.
Will let you know. 😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: VIolet eyes and fire

there is a particular application that is for artisans to live work that is acceptable to those creative types
and also a temporary grant of same
is easy
if you create things
from nuts and bolts
and the wings of swans

have a drink with a friendly architect

i am surfing on winds not made of air
lots of it everywhere
makes me feel like i am skateboarding in 4d...

be personal with the personnel....
they can be very helpful and nice :)
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