I read this book by Gopi Krishna many years ago. It is called' Kundalini. The evolutionary energy in man'

In the book he described his awakening and his realisation that he was spirit not an individual ego. He maintained this is the experiece that every ego will face when their ego evolution is at an end.

He describes being filled with infinite love. Illumination a feeling of love pumping through his veins. He realised his connection to all things. He realised time did not exist. He realised he was telepathic.

He came to the conclusion he could no longer call himself ego as he felt more spirit than ego.

He speaks about his vibrations being so high that he was merely reflecting and merging with everything around him. He had no autonomy. He was no longer individual he was pure spirit.

A fascinating book.
LOve cheenekax


This person sounds like a yogic the kundalini is called the sleeping serpent if yours chakras are healthy the kundalini can slowly make its way up your spine and merges with your chakras this very rare it is said if this happens your inner soul can merge with your consiousness your writings in your comments say it all you would become omniscient all knowing its what a lot of the yogics practice but few ever get to this state of been in there lifetime. Note once the kundalini has fully gone to its highest chakra the crown it can no longer go back down


I consolidate what i remember from an articule i read on a website called collective evolution title of said articule
7000 souls recall their life between lives during Regression Hpnosis,the similarities are astounding. Read it for your self i have an open and i am not concerned what other think. If you looked into hypnosic regression you will know it diconnects the consious minds thus disabling the egos so they not able to make anything up enjoy reading the article i think you find it facinating



Everyone has a different perspective.
A flower is unique and beautiful. Does it need an ego to blossom and grow? Not all sentients are human. Is a flower a low energy.?
If someone had told me years ago that I could channel spirit and animals I would have thought they were mad. I did not have the awareness of what was possible and not possible.
Sometimes it takes an experience to expand our consciousness way beyond the confines of ego.
LOve Cheeneka x
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