some infos about nazi and history of mind control

Some links about origin of mind control in the nazi to create 'werewolves' at the end of the war, 'interesting' .. :p

This book is very interesting because it show all this mentality of training program and mind control that the nazi did. ... lf&f=false

The Last Nazis: SS Werewolf Guerrilla Resistance in Europe 1944-1947 by Perry Biddiscombe

another article on the fullwiki

Some video of a rock group who took the name of the nazi resistance radio 'radio werewolves'. Nazis&Satanistes_L'Idéologie des Elites Esclavagistes Exposée 1/2 ( only subtitle in french the audio is in english) Nazis&Satanistes_L'Idéologie des Elites Esclavagistes Exposée 2/2 ... story.html
Goebbels spoke of the Werwolf almost as if it were an electoral campaign. Despite the other things he had on his mind, he exerted himself to create a new Werwolf radio station, and even tried to found a newspaper. (The radio station actually operated for a few weeks.) Propaganda for and about the Werwolf were among the last products of the regime. In retrospect, some commentators have tended to dismiss the Werwolf as something of a Nazi hoax, one whose primary effect was to induce the western Allies to invade Germany on a broad front, rather than go directly for Berlin. Still, I for one have sometimes wondered just what this "Werwolf" effort was, and how seriously the Nazis took it.
They were first attempt by a government to form underground guerrilla resistance group with extra training and discipline, to form crazy psychopath to make raids on civilian population.

The usa then recruited those guys like him
Otto Skorzeny (12 June 1908 – 5 July 1975) was an Austrian SS-Standartenführer (colonel) in the German Waffen-SS during World War II. After fighting on the Eastern Front, he accompanied the rescue mission that freed the deposed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from captivity.[1] Books and papers written about him prior to the 2013 release of records pursuant to the Nazi War Crimes Declassification Act incorrectly refer to him as "Field Commander" of the operation.[2] Skorzeny was the leader of Operation Greif, in which German soldiers were to infiltrate through enemy lines, using their opponents' language, uniforms, and customs. At the end of the war, Skorzeny was involved with the Werwolf guerrilla movement.

Although he was charged with breaching the 1907 Hague Convention in relation with Operation Greif, the Dachau Military Tribunal acquitted Skorzeny after the war. Skorzeny fled from his holding prison in 1948, first to France, and then to Spain. He later lived in Ireland.
this guy didn't go in jail and the cia recruited him to work on the eastern front against the communist in the paperclip project, with this guy who organized this cell
Reinhard Gehlen (3 April 1902 – 8 June 1979) was a German general who served as chief of the Fremde Heere Ost (FHO) military intelligence unit during the Second World War and who later became leader of the Gehlen Organization and the first President of the Federal Intelligence Service during the Cold War. Gehlen is considered one of the most legendary Cold War spymasters.
Gehlen Organization or Gehlen Org was an intelligence agency established in June 1946 by U.S. occupation authorities in the United States Zone of Germany, and consisted of former members of the 12th Department of the German Army General Staff (Foreign Armies East, or FHO). It carries the name of Wehrmacht Major general Reinhard Gehlen, head of the German military intelligence in the Eastern Front during World War II.

Sorkenzy who was involved with the werewolves worked for cia, and possibly other turquish people linked with gladio, and if you look at all this mess with al qaeda/daesh/iran it's not very far in the bottom.

It's same they used in south america with the 'contras' and al qaeda, same thing, organizing underground group of guerrilla/disruptive to mess up an authority and destabilize a country to put in place a friendly leader.

All the time they train them to be psychopathic terror mongerer people, with strong clanish/enmies behavior, like all the neo military fascist guerrilla thing they did a bit everywhere in the world since the nazi invented the concept. Mind War Lt. Col Dr Michael Aquino Phd Part 1 on Dr J Radio LIVE - April 2015 Mind War part 2- Lt. Col Dr Michael Aquino Phd on Dr J Radio LIVE 4-16-15

what this guy say is crazy too about the subconscious and how to influence a person's though climate, this guy a high military who worked for nsa and worked on psyop since vietnam, he also funded the temple of seth and been member of the church of satan.

this document is crazy about all the history of psyop and guerrilla mind warfar they used since the vietnam : ... h_djvu.txt
Phoenix Program


HISTORY of US Government Human Experimentation:


Human Radiation Studies

Elmer Allen Granddaughter Testimony

Agent Orange

Cold War

Operation Paperclip
Reinhardt Gehlen
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Northwoods


Brainwashing- USSR, China, US

Helms, Gottlieb

Allen Dulles



MKULTRA-1960's, 1970's -





Jolly West


Valerie Wolfe, Claudia Mullen, Chris DeNicola
Programming levels


Nonlethal weapons
Greenham Common



Remote viewing


Trojan Horse




CIA Blowback:
Golden Triangle
Ed Wilson
Katherine Griggs
Guatemala organ donors


Directed Energy Weapons USSR


Directed Energy Weapons Scientists




Military Doctrine
The Aviary


Milliwave radar


CIA/Corporate Proprietaries




Operation Cyclone


John Glenn
Street Theater
TI experience
Weed and Seed


End Game


Phoenix Program:

The Phoenix Program, created by the CIA in 1967, was aimed at "neutralizing" — through
assassination, kidnapping, and torture, the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet
Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It was a terrifying "final solution" that violated the
Geneva Conventions. The Phoenix Program's civilian targets of assassination were VC
tax collectors, supply officers, political cadre, local military officials, and suspected
sympathizers. Faulty intelligence often led to the murder of innocent civilians, rival
Vietnamese would report their enemies as "VC" in order for US troops to kill them. In
1971, William Colby, head of CIA in Vietnam, testified the number killed was 20,857.
South Vietnamese government figures were 40,994 dead. CIA officer Ted Shackley
managed (600 military and (40-50) CIA liaison officers) who were working with South
Vietnamese officers in 44 provinces. Ted Shackley and Robert Komer played key roles in
recruiting Phoenix Program personnel. Many Covert Action officers were Cuban
refugees from the Bay of Pigs fiasco. They ran the CIA's Counter- Terror (CT) Teams,
which were in fact assassination squads. Colby, Komer, and Shackley reported to DCI
Richard Helms and the White House. From the beginning the Phoenix Program was
conceived by the White House and supported by the CIA. Phoenix called for
"neutralizing" 1800 targets a month. About one third of VC targeted for arrest were
summarily executed. Green Berets and Navy SEALs would assassinate suspected VC
sympathizers or cadres, as well as South Vietnamese collaborators and double agents. In
1982 an Ex-Phoenix operative revealed that sometimes orders were given to kill U.S.
military personnel who were considered security risks. He suspects the orders came not
from "division", but from a higher authority such as the CIA or the Office of Naval

say no :D

:ninjano Congo Natty - Micro Chip (Say No)

Re: some infos about nazi and history of mind control

Hello. i had a book about Nazi and the occult many years ago. Not sure if i still have it or not. We have so many books around here. Mostly hers. Always wondered how much of it was for real. I have studied this in the past and had some experiences.

When discussing mind control and Goverments, those that have been on the site while know of the first hand accounts from some members, particualry two. Things like Scangate, PSI wars and the others as noted in the links. No doubt these mental talents exist, but too what degree is anybody's guess as there is so much info on both sides of these issues.
The use of these talents for personal gain by the 1% or 15% is something to watch out,but with out paranoia. As the paraonoia mostlly hurts the self.
On one side everyone uses thier God given talents for some personal gains, but when oppression is caused it becomes a big No.
Discerning the Truth of degree of any mental inputs or intuitive info is a topic of prime concern for those experiencing the unkown or the unproven. Same can be said about many of the conspiricies that abound. So much of what people sense is unproven. Including things I have experienced. Some of which has been verified, most of which has not been verified. For the sake of one's own stability a sort of "so what" attitude does help reduce the frustrations that can result from not having proof of what some may think they know or have experienced. Note that the use of the term "sort of so what" does not mean to not care, as I still do alot.
if people can share thier experiences without being labeled it can help sort these things out into there proper places. ;)


Re: some infos about nazi and history of mind control

Well it's not that much occult, this kind of things have been studied by people with phd and scientists and plenty of them, and i have no doubt it's used to its worst degree possible by all kind of psychopath in various context.

It's not paranoia either, in fact at first i got in this because of on another indigo forum, there was a member who was all the crazy with otherkins, and on experienceproject there is some group related to werewolves, and there are such otherkin group in other place, it's become very trendy actually like wolfy black heart, and teen wolf, it's something that is getting introduce in the underground culture, and there are place they form pack, with alphas and things, even the series teen wolf it's a lot this logic of power and alpha, with a 30 year old guy who date a girl in high school because he is an alpha and more powerful than her classmate with big sport car etc it's weird.

And those group are all organized around hierarchy around this stuff of alpha and power of fighting, exactly like skin head groups.

The other branch is a related to a guy on youtube who post video about a guy in french politics affiliated with anti semitism, well he is a complex person, friend of the humorist dieudoné and they both play a strange game with anti semitism, and alain soral sort of want to unite catholic & muslim against zionist in french politics, and he is affiliated with the esoterist christian bouchet, who wrote a book ' the secret magician of himmler' and other thing about alister crowley, he operate some book editing/satanit cult ring in france, i know this first hand because a friend jeopardized one of his book and he was in anti cult organisation in france, infilitrating satanic group, he know this stuff very well, and the radio werewolve video explaining how to wake up animalistic pulsion in man with music & radio to dominate the world, it was posted by this same guy who post video making all those link between soral and bouchet and occultist ring that goes to moon sect and some other stuff in russia like dukin??? etc.

And this friend recently also has been threatened by a guy who pretended to have military antecedent with an ak47 tatoo and hermine on his arm in this same city this guy christian bouchet live for some other story, but it's clear there is lot of weird thing going on, without being paranoiac either =)

plus all the terrorism and all, it's clear some dark energy have been used a lot in recent past. it just like making algebra.

yesterday been reading this

not sure i'm into reptilian thing and all, but what he describe it's exactly the same kind of behavior, ok in japan they said they had weird 'tiger eyes'

New officers also received this kind of indoctrination. A veteran officer named Tominaga Shozo recalled his first meeting with the troops of a unit that he was to command. This unit had already spent some time in China and was inured to the continuous mayhem and torture of innocents. Shozo was shocked at the appearance of his bloodthirsty troops. "They had evil eyes. They weren't human eyes but the eyes of leopards or tigers."

tiger in japonese it sound like predator werewolf =) =)

same with contras in south america

Re: some infos about nazi and history of mind control


Definitly agree with the below . It's not paranoia to study possibilities, but getting entangled in those possibilities could be a problem. The misuse of PSI type talents is a legitimate concern. The scangate/other people did sometimes take drugs to control some of the symptoms associated with mental experiments. Symptoms which can be similiar to some mental problems like SZ and other.

Nuclear or any power could be all dark energy, or light depending on how its used and by whom.

I believe the best defense to dark things is too let it go thru (not ignore), as mentioned in a previous post. Maybe even transform. I believe this state requires Spirit above any mental levels. But the consistant actual doing of this is easier said then done. Hence shields of various types do help.

Have a good day

Fr Hobby (Have not used the new quote icons)
but it's clear there is lot of weird thing going on, without being paranoiac either =)
plus all the terrorism and all, it's clear some dark energy have been used a lot in recent past. it just like making algebra.

Re: some infos about nazi and history of mind control

i'm working on something more offensive than shields :D White magic exorcism maybe :D

Nuclear or any power could be all dark energy, or light depending on how its used and by whom.

depend how the pyramid is built i guess :p

in the end, the werewolve/demons eats the nazi :p a pyramid built on top of werewolve always collapse , people who thinks otherwise are bad architects =) :D
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