[QUOTE=lilwing1979;1090281]The other one... That hussy!
Yes when MTV was music... Now it's TTV (teen tv)
I bet the government fucked music tv up too... Our governments ruins everything *kicks dirt*[/QUOTE]

Of course the government fucked up music. The government wants people to listen to that shallow egomaniac rap music because that kind of music makes people more ignorant and ignorant people are easier to control. I don't care to watch some raper boast about how rich he is, how much ass he gets, and how much better his life is than mine. These rapers (not all rapers) get rich from selling albums to their poor brothers and sisters who are still in the hood hanging on by a thread and their albums are all about how awsome they are, bitches, blunts, Henessee, money, ect... If you ask me it's sick.
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