Native American Wisdom on Earth Spirit Warriors

There are many different labels, names and traits for the people who are somehow on a mission or purpose here on Earth right now. A spiritual purpose more than anything else.

Some call these people lightworkers; others call them starseeds, light warriors, indigos, etc. In the end, all these are labels that serve for identifying people´s traits and purposes here on Earth, in my opinion. However, there seems to be a mutual cause for these souls to be here: To help the Earth and to raise their energy up to the next level of human evolution.

They do this in very different ways and not always aware of doing it or of being prepared for doing it at some point in their life. Each path is very personal, very unique but they flow with a higher purpose. That purpose which made the journey here begin a long time ago to be concluded hopefully in these times we are living: To raise the Earth - Help with the shift and perhaps actively make it happen.

We are all evolving souls, forever. We share the same spark but we are not the same. We are all different expressions of the same Source. Some are healers, some are artists, some are warriors, some are slaves, some are villains, some are heroes, others are shamans while others are protectors, inventors, musicians, etc. Some are many of these aspects together while others are starting to discover their identity and potential in life. All the same Source but all different and unique expressions. We all have different consciousness and wisdom inside of us. We all live by our inner truth or beliefs system.

So... The Earth and its people... This world has been shadowed for many thousands of years already. We all know it: Ignorance, wars, self destruction, crimes and a well established system profiting from it. In order for this to be even possible, humanity - the masses - have to be energetically and actively supporting it. And for this to be possible, a great deal of fear and ignorance is necessary to keep this machine going. In order to achieve this, then the masses brainwash is a viable solution... And choice, because this is what happened.

A brainwashed society, disempowered, enslaved and carrying the burden of deep fear is most likely NOT going to make a change or be able to break free from its condition easily. Especially not if this condition has been repetitive for many incarnations. Sometimes I think that its not that these are young souls; but that they are stuck in their evolutionary process because of living certain limiting conditions for too long. I dont blame them at all... But, I would not put my faith in them to be able to create the change right now. Not alone and by themselves at least. Because think about it: Humanity repressions and cruelty are nothing new. They have already happened for way too long. Humanity knows this and still actively supports this, even today. This says quite a lot, no?

In order to really trigger some change, one must need a somehow different mentality and ways of living and doing things. One can not expect different results through same consciousness and actions, right? When you want a change, then the change begins as a change in consciousness. But also, a very important aspect of a Soul or soulgroup capable of actually achieving a change on this Earth, is strength. I believe that strength and endurance are warrior energy patterns or soul-print. It is necessary: Would a group of weak souls be capable of changing such rigid, difficult and sometimes violent system? If you think about the size of the challenge it represents, you would probably agree with me that a warrior group of souls with a deep level of awareness would be welcome and fitting for this situation.

Different ancient civilizations used to believe in the coming of such souls during these times in order to work for the purpose of helping this planet in many different ways - As a way to make a change along with all humanity.
They used to call them "Warriors of the Rainbow" and here are links of their prophecy: ... ecy-001577

My questions are:

What do you think about this prophecy? Real? Fake?
Do you think these ancestors had real wisdom and insight, or were they primitive in their intellectual / spiritual evolution?
Do you think these Rainbow Warriors are what people call today "Indigo people"?

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