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Hello star children. It became crystal clear to me during a conversation with a fellow indigo that we should gather indigos together for a summit. I feel like having that many people of the same vibe in one room could inspire a lot of change, given that a lot of indigos are driven professionals that have some control in their respective sectors of society. I feel like one of our primary goals of this meeting is to send a wave rippling through the water, for we cannot wake those up around us--We can only show them to the gates. They must come to their own realizations.

Think about how easy it is to replicate a psycho-motor skill after demonstration (a teach-back). We must be living by example, which I am sure many of us are. The problem is that some of us must conform to the social norms as to function effectively in our respective capacities. For example, I work in the medical field and see that many are not willing to acknowledge or accept the positive reality of holistic drugs or psychedelics. Even the studied and effectively demonstrated uses for cannabis. They are conditioned to support the system of medicine that denies the cure to cancer... but, purely out of ignorance and misinformation. This is the society we should not hate or wish to burn down, but to show through love and enduring hope that there are better ways. If enough of us speak up and create the dialogue in our prospective professions, we could affect fundamental change in the paradigm of the world leading to global healing.

I think if we came together as a group and each presented one of their most luminous ideas for the world, I think we could start the path to healing. Who is with me?

I would like to begin small with an event like this, perhaps gathering all who reside within my state of Washington, or a region as large as Cascadia depending on how many are interested and willing to travel. I am thinking of sponsoring this event in August. I need help from everyone who is interested! Let's make this a reality. Please contribute ideas, all are welcome.

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First I want to let you know that I really like how you think about not hating the world and rather BEING the change by showing the path with love or at least compassion.
One of the most draining things to see and to experience is that self hate that many are having these days. Just pointing fingers and judging others harshly but almost never acknowledging the inner shadows and division. In a way it is understandable because right now, more than ever, we are becoming aware of the consequences of our actions on a personal and global scale I think. Judging is always easy but being the change is not. Judging is easy but compassion is not; it requires real growth and a sense of connection.

I really wish you the best in this gathering.
There is / was the idea of doing a similar thing here. It is hard to know if this idea will come to life yet as it depends on few things but here is the idea anyway:

The idea was to organize like a sort of yearly meeting somewhere hopefully central in the world and rather accessible for people from different places (there are people from all over the world here and also coming in the future). The idea was to do this somewhere in the nature with possibility for camping for several days while having artistic activities and live music performances as well as inner healing, spiritual experiences, freedom and connection to Earth (grounding). Of course get to know each other and share ideas and stuff.

This idea came to me, ideally in a beautiful natural place with a beach or forest around.
To be honest I do not know if this idea will come true. As I said, it depends on few things. But who knows? I really like this possibility anyway and I think these things are really possible to do. It is possible that this comes in the future.

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Who is organizing this event? I was unsure of where to post or look for this idea so I came here, haha. I felt like I couldn't be the only one. There's a YouTube channel, InfiniteWaters, I know the host wants to host an event like this called "InfiniteWaters Retreat." I am attempting to contact him currently. I think this is very exciting!

I completely agree with you. It's not easy to come to that realization for some people. Some never find their way to it. I think the messages of American society are slowly improving. For example, the recent anti-bully "speak up" campaign in public schools. I think it's a great message that could have lasting effects. Whether it's merely a corrective action by public schools to prevent school shootings or it's purely intended for greater social impact, who knows. There is a myriad of ways to show your care for others. Some will not show it back, and that's okay.

I suggest the west coast or the pacific northwest to be specific for this event! Beautiful forests and hikes. Beaches and camping areas all down the coast. Cannon beach in Oregon is quite popular, but I am unfamiliar with the area. Northern Cali has the beautiful redwood forest, or Big Sur.

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Hello Rely610

Sorry for the late reply. I have seen this channel you are talking about few times in the past :)
Yes this idea is around, the need for connecting and having fun with like-minded people. As for here, this is just an idea so far. Need to sort out some things first.
I have never been to the US before, so not too familiar with these places :) Right now I am going through transitions and also sorting out some things first but if the interest is there then we can see how to do this when the time comes.
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