Bitter Butter - Lucid Dreaming

ALL bitter herbs/plants have the ability of giving vivid/lucid dreams, Calea Zacatechichi being the most bitter of them all! =)
Would be nice if a product with organic extracts from all bitter herbs soaked in Ghee from grass-fed cows were on the market.
One would just take a tablespoon of the yellow/green ultimate lucid dreaming recipe with some hot water before bedtime :)
Hopefully something like this will pretty standard in most homes in the future.
"Bitter Butter" - Brithish Pronounciation ;)

Re: Bitter Butter - Lucid Dreaming

No problem, sharing is caring ;)
Yes Calea Zacatechichi alone smoked or in tea or vaporizer will induce very vivid and lucid dreams, some people have a hard time drinking it due to the bitter taste and after some research I came to understand that most if not all bitter herbs induce vivid dreams. Just do a comparison by googling dream herbs and then google bitter herbs, you will find most of the same on both searches.
I have a huge bag of Calea and like I mentioned that in itself is suffient to give you lucid dreams but I was just thinking what would happen if one mixed extracts from all bitter dream herbs? I'll give it try, I'll order most of them when I can and make a mix myself. I will update you =)
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