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Low THC high CBD hemp powder

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:20 pm
by Hercule Tarot
CBD has many healing properties (just google it) and there's many oils out there, some very expensive.
Many people buy from this place to make cookies, oils, smoke in vaporizer and so on 59 € (euro currency). + shipping ... ves-powder
You get 400 grams of powder. Many all over the world order from them, even reviews on youtube.
59€ is roughly 70 us dollars + shipping costs for 400g.

All legal hemp that people/companies make oils, cookies or tea from in europe is the same, low thc below 0,2% and high amounts of cbd.

So check this out in Sweden you can get a bag of 250 grams ecological raw hemp powder from austria for:.... ... -250g.html

...Around 7 US dollar!! :D I'm writing this because I couldn't sleep and I had a bag of it and made a strong tea by mixing it with butter(I will use coconut oil in the future) This is top quality stuff.
I Just bought 1 kilo from them with coconut oil and other stuff when I felt how good it is.

Huge price difference, my eyes are sleepy now, I will have some real good sleep, check it out if you can, they might send to you if you plan on making oil, cookies or tea :D