Has Mexico Finally "ReClaimed" Los Angeles? -- A Tale On The Increase In CA

Well, apparently, under the leadership of Governer MoonBeam, as he is "affectionately" called, changes of a not wholly beneficial nature are occurring in my state. I'm in NorCal, which seems to be doing better than SoCal. Although, a few weeks ago there was a nasty firefight between gangs of cretin "illegals", protecting their "territories", not far from me. The illegals welcomed into this "sanctuary state", declared such by GM, mentioned above, are not exactly interested in doing legal employment - selling drugs is a popular "passtime", along with human trafficking and?

These charming occurrences follow close upon the heels of an entire Summer of fires and toxic smoke proliferating in my neck of the woods. The fires destroyed tens of thousands of acres and destroyed thousands of homes. Some sane folks in the area are discussing the strong possibility, based on the facts, that the fires were started by "directed energy weapons" DEW, for some reasons best known to TPTB...

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