Ch'ang-O, Goddess Of The Moon And The Elixir Of Immortality

Oh my, this is "good stuff", especially for "energy sensitives" who can handle unusually potent energy safely and comfortably. I find it a truly fine but a "bit much" if encountered for "too long"... Anyway, the link is to material discussing Her and the phenomenon. I leave it to you to intuit an appropriate methodology for accessing "the elixir". If you can and it is too much just ask "your guides" to disconnect you, or use some other approach suggested by your intuition. As a matter of fact it might be wisest to check in with said guides as to the wisdom of such an invocation before doing it in the first place?... Enjoy !! In all events fascinating "mythology"... Of course, i may well be wholly delusional about the reality of the elixir energy, right? :)

"Ch’ang-O as a mortal was a daughter of poor farming family. When she 18 years old she met the young archer Houyi and they became close friends. One day something strange happened. Ten suns rose over the Earth in the sky instead of one and began to burn the Earth. As an expert archer, Houyi saw the suns and was able to shoot down nine suns and leave one with his bow and arrow. Houyi was a hero for saving the Earth. He became king of the land and married Ch’ang-O.

In time Houyi became more of a demanding ruler. He ordered an elixir be made to give him immortality. The pill for this elixir was almost ready for him when Ch’ang-O discovered it and swallowed the pill. Houyi found this out that he went after Ch’ang-O in anger. She escaped out of a window in the palace but did not fall out. She floated instead up into the sky because of the pill’s effects. She landed on the moon. The king still tried to shoot her down with arrows but with no success due to her immortality."

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