The Power Of Silence: Braco - His Life And Famous Energy Healing Powers/Work

A very well done documentary. "Energy sensitives" will appreciate the very favorable "vibes" involved. But everyone will enjoy the unusual story more likely than not. The energy experience is well described by one gentleman at some length in detail in the video, at around 27 minutes, for those who are less sensitive to energy. My thought is that anyone benefits from the energy, whether consciously felt or not. The non video links below are to a Wiki article on him and his natal chart for those so inclined... (One point on his chart...his Sun is listed as just entering Sagittarius. Thus his exact time of birth if somewhat earlier in the day, especially if actually quite early that day would probably give him Sun in Scorpio. I "received" the time "intuitively" and, of course, could be wrong) ... mit=Submit

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