Miracle: The Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive --- Highly Fascinating, Especially For "Energy Sensitives"

Most definitely noteworthy and fascinating. First, read the frequency at 6:00 in the first link and compare it with all of the photos in the 2nd. Be it surely noted in the 2nd link that ALL, imo, of the photos have exactly the same frequency although taken at different times and places. Remarkable, in and of itself. Moreover, imo, all of the 2nd link photos are indentical. vibe wise with the 1st link image. Accordingly, what's you're take on "what's going on". My POV would be that the photos are "real" and that the video image vibe arose as intended by "those concerned"...


https://jesusphotos.altervista.org/Face_ ... n_Mary.htm If this link doesn't work see directly below...

***or go here via "select and go to" and once there select "Photographs of the face of the Virgin Mary"

Real Jesus and Mary photographs
Miraculous photos of Jesus and Mary collected from the web.

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