Philae and traces of extraterrestrial life

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The robot Philae and Rosetta spacecraft, studying the comet tchouri, have identified features that could indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life, a British researcher suggests. A sensational information that has not been approved by the scientific community.

Will there soon be a proof that there is extraterrestrial life? The characteristics of the tchouri comet, on which the robot Philae arose in November, suggest that micro-organisms might be present below the surface. These assumptions are due to the detection of a black crust and glacial lakes. "The characteristics of the comet are often related to the existence of living organisms in a frozen surface," reports The Guardian .

After a period of hibernation, Philae has recharged his batteries and solar resumed service in June. This achievement triggered the enthusiasm of the scientific world. As for the European space probe Rosetta orbits the comet, it "would also collected strange organic material samples that resemble virus particles," the newspaper said.

Forced laugh

But remains a big problem: neither nor Philae Rosetta are equipped for research data on a form of life possible. A proposal to that effect was, apparently, many laughs on the organizing committee of the mission, wrote the Guardian.

"500 years ago, it was necessary to fight for people to accept that the Earth was not the center of the universe, says Chandra Wickramasing, astronomy researcher at the University of Buckingham. Since this revolution, our way of thinking life and biology became geocentric. This design is deeply rooted in our scientific culture and will require a lot of evidence and advances to change that. "

Research scientists, through computer simulations show that microbes might evolve in the regions of the comet containing water. The organisms containing antifreeze salts might remain active until a temperature of -40 ° C.
Researchers are presenting their assumptions at the Royal Astronomical Society, at an annual conference in Wales , from 5 to 9 July 2015.

Monday, July 6, The Guardian published a new article on its website, explaining that "no alien life of Philae on the comet," that "the sensational claim that the Philae spacecraft landed on a Comet teeming life does not hold water, "and that" evidence of possible life on Philae Comet are, at best, fragile. "

[Update, July 7, 2015] This article was originally published under the title "Philae spotted extraterrestrial life index", Monday, July 6. After the clarifications made ​​by The Guardian the next day, who admitted a mistake, we changed the title to evoke the "fantasy" about the possibility of discovery of extraterrestrial life by Philae.

Matthias Somm

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