Rough Draft Theory (One of many theories): Aliens, Indigo Children, Religion, Science

This is a rough draft that I wrote in parallel last night. Obviously it needs editing but I don't really care about that right now. It's the idea currently that is important.

Theory: Suppose we combined Indigo Children, Religion, Science, and Extraterrestrials into one single loose theory. Maybe it might look something like this..

A society of eternally living aliens (Nordics) lives just outside of our solar system, away from prying human eyes (telescopes). Originally indigenous to Earth, the place they live now is very shiny and white. (Heaven) Several of the higher ranking aliens are noted to have objects relating to various gods, goddesses, and religious figures in their possession. This is to indicate that these beings were actually those gods, goddesses and religious figures. These aliens created humanity, for they are actually our evolutionary future, and we are their evolutionary children.

Nordics = All religious figures, gods, and goddesses. (god, good) Society built of white and silver and light in the sky (Heaven).

They send themselves down onto the planet "reincarnated" as human beings with a higher understanding and higher conscious. This is done in increments (the 12 zodiac cycles), so that humanity can naturally absorb back into its parent society (the Nordics). They are sent and born as musicians, writers, artists, free thinkers, indigo children, spiritual leaders, etc. They are meant to influence humanity into a certain direction. The right path to peace, freedom and happiness.

Indigo Children = Higher beings sent to influence humanity forward.

However they are not the only species. There is also the Draconians. A reptilian race, also indigenous to Earth. The currently live also just outside our solar system in a civilization built with reds and blacks and immense heat. (Hell)This is a species that mostly lived underground, while their counterparts, Nordics, lived on the surface. Nordics, descended from small mammals that survived the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, where as the Draconians, are dinosaurs that survived in caves and underground and developed intelligence, much like. As they evolved, they eventually grew into two separate giant civilizations spanning the entire planet. They both developed super high technology, science, and medicine. Inevitably, they cured death and their civilizations prospered. But as both of their species began to overpopulate, they inevitably waged war and fought against each other for the planet.

Draconians = Living Dinosaurs (Demons) (Evil) that survived underground (Hell).

Eventually they both damaged the planet greatly in their war, and they both had to leave the planet in order to survive. The built great space ships, signed a temporary peace treaty, and respectively left the solar system to make a new home elsewhere, to which they both agreed they would return when the Earth had healed itself so that they may once again try and decide who shall own the planet.

After a few millennia, both civilizations returned. Because both civilizations lived eternally, mass wisdom was achieved between both peoples. After the last conflict nearly destroyed Earth, and the fact that neither side could be killed, they realized that war would not solve their dispute. Instead they decided to play a game. A game to see who would win the earth. They would create two beings, created by the Nordics, and placed on Earth and given one instruction. Don't eat an apple from a tree. The opposition, the Draconians, created and sent a snake on their behalf to try and trick the two beings into eating the apple. Either they would not eat the apple, and the Nordics would win the planet, or they would eat the apple, and the Draconians would win the planet. A simple game to decide who wins.

Technically, the Draconians won. The beings ate the apple. However something unexpected happened that neither side anticipated. The beings that the Nordics created, to which both civilizations called Humans, broke their neural programming and developed a conscious. They had realized what they had done, and expressed emotion. Something these beings were not meant to do (not unlike modern debates on robots and A.I.). Realizing what had happened, both civilizations knew that once the had created life, they had to respect that life. For that was a rule that both civilizations shared.

This was something neither civilization had encountered before, and were both curious about. Seeing as how they both lived forever, they decided to put their debate for the planet on hold, and instead watch and see how this new creation developed, and in the process, created a new agreement. They would wait 12 cycles (The 12 zodiac cycles) for humanity to develop. On the cusp of every cycle, each civilization would transfer the consciousness of select individuals into human embryos on each side's behalf, sent to influence humanity into one of two directions, either the way of the Draconian lifestyle or the way of the Nordic lifestyle. At the end of the 12th cycle, whichever way humanity decided to go, that would be which side won, and either the Nordics would win Earth and come back down to the planet and absorb humanity into it's civilization, or the Draconians would. Truth is, Heaven and Hell are both two words that mean the same thing from each civilzation. It was what they called Earth. Heaven was Earth for the Nordics. Hell was Earth for the Draconians. Both Heaven and Hell mean home.

Heave & Hell = Home. Planet Earth. Hence the phrase "to make Heaven or Hell on Earth".

These individuals from each side would come as a variety of religious figures, gods, goddesses, demons, good, evil, musicians, philosophers, artists, writers, philanthropists, thinkers, scientists, leaders, etc. It would ultimately be up the mass population to decide what it wanted to do. When they died, they would either return to their respective civilizations (Heaven or Hell), or if they were human, they merely died. However sometime during the last few cycles, something happened between these two civilizations that sparked a new war, for they found a new way to war with each other. The would war through Humanity. As each civilizations would send the consciousness of themselves into human embryos, the opposition for ways to disrupt this signal and stop the process. Thus the consciousness is released from the embryo and is taken back to its respective civilization. Or die. Those that are damaged in the process turn out as still births, autistic children, or those with ADD and/or ADHD.

Failed transfer process = Still births, autistic children, children with severe ADD and/or ADHD.

All the while this is happening, something else occurred that neither side anticipated once more. Humanity as a whole grew large enough and smart enough naturally that humanity has accelerated the game and joined in as a Third Faction to this debate. The debate for who owns Earth. This occurred when Humanity developed atomic energy and weapons. Both the Nordics and the Draconians nearly destroyed earth once, they were not willing to let it happen again. Both the Nordics and the Draconians decided to show themselves to various leaders of the world and warn them again using nuclear weapons. learned of the Nordics and Draconians existence and the truth of human origins. (Roughly 1940's-1970's).

This has greatly accelerated the game. Now that humanity has reached its 12th cycle, both civilizations monitor the planet heavily and have sent countless individuals on each side's behalf to influence humanity. Along with the leaders of the various governments also sending out their influence upon humanity. So now it’s a fight between three factions. The Draconians and their influence over mass humanity to win the planet. The Nordics and their influence over mass humanity to win the planet. The Leaders of the World and their influence over mass humanity. However, in 11th, previous cycle, things have become even more complicated. Other species from other solar systems who have met and interacted with the Nordics and Draconians have come to Earth to monitor it for a variety of reasons. The reasons range from scientific endeavors to merely making a game out of "gee, lets see who wins".

This is merely the truth of things. This is both deep, complex, and at the same time, completely straight forward and simple. Furthermore, things will reach their natural conclusions soon enough.. Roughly by 2100.


Creep wrote:Personally I am not interested in them and didn't read. It takes about 140 000 years for the solar system to make one circle around Alcyone and that is Zodiac where one period lasts about 2000 years.
You might be interested in reading the rest then, I touch base on the Zodiac Cycle.

Re: Rough Draft Theory (One of many theories): Aliens, Indigo Children, Religion, Science

'Thus the consciousness is released from the embryo and is taken back to its respective civilization. Or die. Those that are damaged in the process turn out as still births, autistic children, or those with ADD and/or ADHD.

Failed transfer process = Still births, autistic children, children with severe ADD and/or ADHD.'

I emphatically disagree. Autistics and those with ADHD/ADD are damaged failures... really? That's not the 'superior' thinking I would have expected. Akin to dark-age mentality not that long ago that considered such individuals prey, mentally retarded... guinea pigs to be experimented on and abused. Tell any parent who lost a baby to stillbirth it was because of a failed transfer process. Come on. 

So-called 'enlightened beings vastly superior to us' consider such individuals a mistake in their grand plan? Please. If we were created by such pricks I wouldn't acknowledge it. I'd like to think I came from better than that and if not...  *shrugs* 

I guess my son and I should just accept what you say we are and stay out of the way of those who are here to make a difference in our world. /sarcasm

*how's about a little Indigo fire to go with yer coffee?* lol 
“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” —Stephen Covey

“When we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” ~ Thoreau
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