I warned all of you - I will warn you time after time again.

Do not live life in light, as light, of light or for light.

Role-play the beginning; role-play the black hole.

All answers will become questions - all questions will become answers.

If you do, you will be devoured by something you, yourself, have not prepared yourself for!

Let go - be the hole, and be as whole as a hole can be.

Be the hole - and you are god.

Be the whole - and you are void.

Live the void, be the god of the void. Take control of your universal hunger of energy and personality. Let go - be the hole, not the star which inevitably creates the hole; forgetting itself in the process.

You play god, because you cannot let go - to own the planet, the star, the small world you've become through the void.

You mustn't, I heed you.

You cannot live as something you were not created from! Be the void - your father, your beginning your emergence, not what came through it as a result!

We live by our organs, our blood, our skin, our bone - not our thoughts, not our wishes, not our hunger! This is the becoming, the hunger, the need to grow and expand; to consume, to devour to fuel ourselves once again! This is not life! This is the HOLE of LIFE.

Do not cover the hole - do not feed the hole. When you do, you are running away; you are preventing life from naturally consuming itself; you are expressing a hunger much smaller than the greatest hunger of all, and only Man sees it as a form of giving up, as a form of weakness, but those that truly master the void, and become god as they be the void, not a part of, know this is the belly of the Universe we hone, not own!
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