Silver/Mercury (Amalgam)Dental Fillings

I would just like to say I recently had my mercury fillings taken out and the chronic symptoms I once had
are disappearing after 17 years of suffering. Don't believe the mainstream dentist's dogma that they are safe, because it is deception.
I had motor skills problems to the level where I couldn't hold a glass of water without shaking, I had every allergy going and
couldn't take a full lung of air. as well as many other crippling symptoms. I couldn't even run gently for more than 30 seconds without coughing my lungs up.
Now after gradually having the 5 mercury filled teeth removed and in the process of doing a heavy metal detox, I am getting my health back. I can now hold a glass of water without shaking, I can run for 30 minutes fine without coughing my lungs up and my allergies are vastly improved.
I had tried many many things to help me to heal from the illness's I once had and some things did help but they only seemed to alleviate the symptoms temporarily. I now realise that nothing could have helped me truly until I had the mercury removed from my system.
Indigo's are especially sensitive to toxins as we are like the Canaries of humanity. So if you have mercury/silver fillings, my advice is to have them removed by a holistic dentist and go on a heavy metal detox.
Its so beautiful to be healthy again and I will never take for granted how good it feels to be able to breath and just do things physically that I couldn't do before. It all has been such a great lesson that has been a true blessing in disguise, so thank you soul for choosing very wisely.

I Love you all!
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