Please share your raw food recipes

I like having raw food in my diet, and I have been pushing more on my daughter. I need some suggestions for new ideas. I really haven't made anything other than a raw spaghetti from zucchini. Everything else is just in its basic form. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese. Really basic and boring. For those of you who eat raw regularly, how do you do it? What do you eat?


Honestly I don't do many recipes. I never have, even prior to eating more raw. I just.... make stuff. lol

The raw vegan nut cheese was one thing that I did use a recipe for, just to get the basics down. But it's extremely simple, once you "get it", you can do whatever you want with it. Make it with Italian spices, add herbs, cut up some peppers and make "pepper jack"... it's up to you. Here is one basic recipe that I know for sure works well but there are a million out there...

https://www.superfoods-for-superhealth.c ... cipes.html

* 1C sunflower seeds
* 1C pumpkin seeds1T Italian herbs
* 1t Celtic sea salt
* spring water

* Place pumpkin and sunflower seeds into a 1 quart jar.
* Add spring water, filling to the 3/4 jar.
* Soak for 2 hours and strain out liquid.
* Blend in Vitamix or other blender with 3/4 jar of spring water, sea salt and herbs.
* Pour into 1 quart jar/mason jar.
* Cover with a sprout lid or cheese cloth.
* Let sit overnight. (to ferment)

Place jar on a plate just in case the cheese rises over the top

* Next morning, turn upside down into a small bowl with sprout lid or cheese cloth secured.
* This will drain out the "whey" and the seed "curds" will remain in the jar, becoming firm like cheese.
* Place upside down in the refrigerator to stop further fermentation for one day.
* Remove bowl of liquid "whey".
* Can spoon out of jar and use OR....
* Strain cheese "curds" through a nut milk bag or fine cheese cloth..
* Form a cheese square and cut into slices..
* Last for 5-7 days in the fridge..

Raw lasagna is pretty easy. I didn't really follow a recipe, just made it like you would any lasagna. The key is getting a veggie slicer to make the noodles really thin, so they turn out like pasta noodles. Here is a pic of mine (I'm sure you saw it in my journal, but just so everyone can see):
Sorry the pics are so giant. As you can see I like to make it decorative using a few baby greens and some sprouts on top. :) I should have taken pics of it when it was cut up into squares with the cheese melting out. It looked much more like "real" lasagna then.

Other than those two things, most of the raw food I eat is just, really simple, no recipe stuff like smoothies and salads. I have about two salads a day and two smoothies a day, on average. I make them up as I go. The next thing I am learning is a raw chocolate mousse. I used to love this chocolate mousse that they had at the Sizzler salad bar, as a kid, lol. Probably god awful unhealthy, I don't even want to know what was in that stuff. I haven't eaten there in years and wouldn't for obvious reasons, but I'd love to get some chocolate back into my life! ALL forms of mainstream chocolate contain soy lecithin so I can't have them... haven't had chocolate in about 6 months or so now since the last time I reacted badly to the soy. My raw chocolate powder just arrived the other day so I'm almost ready, I just need to look at some different recipes.

Another big important thing to the raw foods diet is SPROUTING. I started a sprouting thread awhile ago, you should search and bump. Sprouts provide a ton of energy as you are literally eating "alive" food... they sit on your windowsill and soak up the precious sunlight and that energy goes right into your body. You can really feel it! Mung beans and french lentils are my favorite thing to sprout and I also buy the pre sprouted kinds like radish, clover, etc at the store just because I eat SO many. Broccoli sprouts are good too and an amazing source of antioxidants.

Kimchi is another raw, living food that is fermented and rich in good bacteria, great thing for the raw diet.

I only recently discovered raw cashew butter. Now THAT is yummy!

i regret that someone just gave me some raw almond butter. i'm eating far too much of it, but i don't get many treats. it was good yesterday spread on cucumber slices.

Why would ya regret it? Almonds are a great source of calcium and vitamin E. Hopefully it was sprouted almond butter though. They are sort of hard for me to digest if they are totally raw.

[QUOTE=climbing;750864]Why would ya regret it? Almonds are a great source of calcium and vitamin E. Hopefully it was sprouted almond butter though. They are sort of hard for me to digest if they are totally raw.[/QUOTE]

i was making a joke. i'm throwing aside all dietary principles while i consume this almond butter which may or may not benefit me health-wise. :)

i would say just in the last 5 years have i been able to handle nuts at all. i still try to soak them, even nut butters, etc. i consider them a treat, not a staple because i can't get any around here very often. i do use flaxseed a lot tho.

this isn't totally raw but i spread that almond butter on chunks of steamed butternut squash that i had in the fridge. it was wonderful-- sweet like eating a cookie.

jeez i can't post anything on food now without thinking 'patryc will just roll his eyes'-- lol.

i have daikon and turnips from the garden right now that i have tossed into the fermented veggies.

Fermented Vegetables

the method is very simple and permits much variation. it is basically sauerkraut. i can testify that it keep well in the fridge. i make it with onions, garlic, celery, spices and use it like salad dressing.

1 cup grated burdock root (optional-- can buy in Asian or gourmet food markets)
1 cup grated carrots
2 cups shredded cabbage
a couple large cabbage leaves, set aside
1 tsp or more salt, to taste

* Combine all ingredients except large cabbage leaves in a large clean bowl.
* With your cleaned hands, mix vegetables, massaging the salt in to release some water.
* Taste and add salt to your preference, you should enjoy the flavor.
* Put all ingredients into a one quart canning jar, pushing down firmly with your fist to make sure there are no air bubbles, and that the liquid rises above vegetables.
* Cut and roll the large cabbage leaves, and put them over grated vegetables, pushing down, to keep the other vegetables under the liquid.
* Make sure there are a couple inches left at the top, as the mixture will expand (if you have too much, you can eat the extra as coleslaw.)
* Loosely cap, or cover with a cloth to keep insects out.
* Press the veggies down into liquid each day.
* The fermented (or cultured) vegetables will be ready in 3 to 7 days, depending on your taste. The warmer the weather, the faster it will ferment. The more fermented, the more sour it will be. If you add a bit of juice from the last batch it will ferment even faster and develop more flavor.
* Discard the larger top cabbage leaves, put a lid on the jar and it will keep in the refrigerator for months, until eaten.

My boss and I are actually going to begin eating only raw natural foods for a month and also start the MMS treatment.
Excited! haha
Love this thread. Please keep contributing!

jeez i can't post anything on food now without thinking 'patryc will just roll his eyes'-- lol.
Our beloved Patryc has been kidnapped by the 30banana people and is being held captive at their giant banana-only complex, where everyone wears banana suits and you get whipped if you talk about garlic or nuts. :) ;) :p

Mmmmmm... fermented veggies. So damn good.

Have any of you used nutritional yeast?

I think that lasagna is similar to the way I prepared the pasta. I used a potato peeler to slice the zucchini into noodles. The sauce was a combination of tomatoes, garlic, and nutritional yeast. The yeast made it a cheesy texture.

you need to think about whether or not nutritional yeast sets off your candida.

as far as acid/alkaline in foods goes, its very simple: 99% of fruits and veggies are alkaline forming, 99% of all other foods are acid forming. does that tell you anything?

I really don't know much about nutritional yeast at all. It was just part of the recipe someone gave me. It seemed kind of creepy to me. Is there any health benefit to it?

this is so great getting some activity on this forum again. thanks again patryc :D

more stuff i've posted before:

from time to time i make seed cheese: bunch of ground flax in a bowl and enough water to make a thick dough. cover with a cloth and leave it out on the counter. it will ferment (lactic) and mature for about 3 days eventually souring (not necessarily a bad thing, healthy gut bacteria like sour kraut). i start using it after 24 hours. it can be sliced like bread, nice for those of us that no longer do bread. at present i'm mushing it up with coconut oil- very nice. other things that can be added: any ground nut or seed, i've used lentils, millet, quinoa, sunflower seeds, etc. i've used grated veggies, sprouts, etc. too. ... flax seed

this is from an old thread ... althy diet it has some interesting stuff on it.

ground seeds+oil = butter
ground seeds+some water= cream
ground seeds+more liquid= milk

you have to experiment- soak, don't soak, grind this way or that way. you always get something interesting and palatable. you can even make seed yoghurt and cheese.

best health-wise: raw soaked seeds (soaking nuts and seeds= sprouting them, whether they have grown tails or not)

[QUOTE=evergreen;750959]I really don't know much about nutritional yeast at all. It was just part of the recipe someone gave me. It seemed kind of creepy to me. Is there any health benefit to it?[/QUOTE]

its a type of yeast grown as a supplement. it is full of b-vitamins and other stuff but it is a yeast and if you as a candida host are sensitive to it it will bother you.

i haven't had any nutr. yeast in years, maybe decades. its not related to candida albicans. sure is good on popcorn. :)

kombuchu is a yeast also. many candida people find it helpful as a probiotic and some don't. i've never run into it to try it.

btw i just learned that someone finally opened a natural foods store in this town. haven't had a chance to go see it...

Yep, I learned the hard way when I had violent reactions (and I mean, huge nasty severely painful cysts on my skin) to kombucha. I kept thinking, wtf is this? This is a raw food! It should be healthy!

Horrible... seriously it took weeks to heal from drinking only a couple bottles of that stuff.

hey! cool thread! i do raw every once in a while, though it's becoming more and more frequent. once you go down this path, your taste buds change and you begin to like less processed and seasoned food more and more. i used to be big on seasoning. and now i find myself liking the simpler recipes. the vegetarian restaurant chain, Sweet Tomatoes also played a big factor in my growing like of raw meals. their raw squash and zucchini is so good, much better than what i buy. it has this sweeter taste that's so much more pleasant on the taste buds. :)

anyway, here are some of my recipes...

1. 100%whole wheat penne pasta mixed with raw veggies and topped with cheese. Veggies: chopped zucchini, tomato, and squash.
this one is half raw and half not, but a good way to transition into a raw diet or take a break w/out going totally cooked.

2. Shredded carrots with raisins. You can dribble some honey on top to make it sweeter. You can also add shredded apple for more flavor. Either way this is good dessert or snack.

3. Tomato, avocado and cheese sandwhich w/out bread. Slice the tomatoes first in about a 1/4in depth. Then slice the cheese tinier and place upon the tomato. And then slice the avocado in a size that will fit on the tomato and cheese. I put several of these bite-size sandwiches on my plate and then i dribble olive oil and sprinkle: salt, pepper, and parsley. You can take the avocado out and do just the tomato and cheese. I do that all the time.

nevermind. *na duh* the milk is boiled here first to make cheese. i never even thought of that. oops

ok evergreen scratch out the cheese part in my tomato, cheese and avocado sandwich.


but we've been talking about nut and seed cheese...

if you take nut butter and beat a little water in into it it becomes lighter and more spreadable (and digestible). thats called nut cream. youy can put spices etc. in that.

sorry. when i was responding i was responding to the evergreen's main question. i've never had nut or seed cheese or butter (unless you consider peanut butter a nut butter), so it never registered in my mind to consider it in a recipe.

i've been meaning to try almond butter, but haven't yet. one day...

oh and beating the nut, yah to be honest i'd never have the patience to do that. i give you lots of props for that. :) i tried making paneer cheese once...and it happened only that one time. hehehe!!!

[QUOTE=Shania;751087]sorry. when i was responding i was responding to the evergreen's main question. i've never had nut or seed cheese or butter (unless you consider peanut butter a nut butter), so it never registered in my mind to consider it in a recipe.

no aplogies necessary. we're just trying to learn about raw foods here. i've been at it a long time. and yeah nut butters are just ground up nuts and seeds.

i've been meaning to try almond butter, but haven't yet. one day...

oh and beating the nut, yah to be honest i'd never have the patience to do that. i give you lots of props for that. :) i tried making paneer cheese once...and it happened only that one time. hehehe!

jeez :D you put the nut butter in a bowl. it tends to be dense and sticky. you add a little water and beat it with a spatula or something. it takes less than a minute and is not difficult. when you're done its soft and creamy.

paneer type goat milk cheese is one of the things thats just normal here in the stores.


don't feel you have to respond if i've confused you shania, go take a rest-- :D

Organic Valley has a raw cheddar and raw jack cheese. Also, there is a local dairy lady that sells raw milk, butter, and cheese. She can do this because her customers buy a share of a cow for$50, so we become part cow owners and pay $5 per half gallon of milk. Great recipes, thanks! I don't mind the ones that aren't completely raw as my idea is to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. Not necessarily be all raw.

I made my first green smoothie today. I used random stuff from my kitchen because the co op was out of a lot of stuff Friday evening when I got there. So I blended an avocado, romaine lettuce, a banana, and some blueberries. It was delicious. My hubby had just got home from mountain climbing/crystal hunting and I shared the pitcher with him. He was really impressed how it made him feel. I felt a little giddy from it. :) I go to the co op to put in an order for some fresh organic fruits and veggies on Monday. I am going to get some dandelion greens, baby spinach, parsley, and arugula lettuce, plus pears, strawberries, and mangoes. Oh and avocado and banana. So my plan is to have at least one huge salad a day, a smoothie a day, and my fresh squeezed OJ for my raw additions. That'll be a nice start. :)

I noticed something. Yesterday I ate pretty raw during the day with fresh squeezed OJ, the green smoothie, raw cheese and cashews. At dinner I had some steak and mac n chz ( i know, i know). Anyway, my stomach was really going crazy. Not aching or bloating but just making a lot of noise. This morning I have had coffee and again the OJ so far and again- lots of digestive noises, but no pain at all. Is this because I am digesting food faster with less heavy stuff in there?

Maybe. I know you said you know but DON'T eat Mac N CHeese lol.... AHHHHjsdhfjsdhfdshjf!


But yeah it could be that. You're changing your system. You will probably soon find mac n cheese and other processed foods to be completely intolerable if you keep eating raw.

I think I am a bit obsessed with food lately. :D But anyway, scrambled eggs with tomato slices and raw cheddar cheese is so delicious!! And beautiful when served in a green clay bowl. :)

On another note, I made a smoothie again and the entire pitcher ends up full. Does that happen to you? Do you drink the whole pitcher? I am going for it today since there is no one here to share it with.

My stomach is still making crazy noises but it is GREAT to have no pain!!

I've been having cravings for noodles a lot lately too actually (been grain free "officially" since New years day-we had a pasta dinner for new years eve). It's strange, I didn't crave them at all for awhile. I think my candida is dying off (and screaming for mercy) bit by bit here.

I do plan on eating rice and noodles again in moderation. I'll likely always be close to 100% raw at home, but since I still want to travel the world, rice is a cheap, gluten free food you can get almost anywhere and it isn't realistic for me not to eat it. Plus it's good. :) But I want to get everything healed up and reverse all my intestinal damage before trying it again in moderation.


I didn't want to make a whole thread about this, but it is a side post to this thread.

My mom is an RN. She became a nurse when I was 16. Anyway, I was young and LOVED to eat raw lima beans and raw peas. Plus the white stuff inside the pods. Anyway, my mom, grandmom, dad, etc would tell me that I was going to get a belly ache and to stop eating them raw. If I would eat a lot of fruit, they would say things like "You are gonna shit yourself". So I was happy about the smoothie and told my mom and dad about it yesterday. I couldn't believe their reaction!! They both commented on how I will be 'shitting'. MY MOM WORKED IN SAME DAY SURGERY DOING COLONOSCOPIES!!!

So today my mom tells me (this is really graphic, sorry) that she was pooping like crazy and thought she would fill up the toilet bowl. She said she had raisin bread and shredded wheat the day before and it made her go. I said, "Good, please don't stop eating that just because you don't want to poop." She said, "I will do it once in a while but I don't want to poop like this every day"!

Isn't that really bizarre?

Well shredded wheat is nasty, toxic stuff so you should definitely convince her to stop eating it. (Sorry, cannot help but point that out lol)

But yeah... wtf. They clearly don't get how the body works at all. You WANT to poop.

this is day four of a green smoothie a day for me. yesterday's smoothie had arugula lettuce, spinach, banana, pear and mango. my husband had terrible gas from it. he was afraid to even have a smoothie today. today i used parsley for the green hopefully to help with the gas issue. fruits i used strawberry kiwi and banana.

we have never had arugula lettuce before (i don't believe) maybe that caused the gas. my stomach was a little weird and i didn't move my bowels so well yesterday or this morning.
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