Personally I don't put any greens in my smoothies. My smoothies are fruity yumminess!

Btw I made the raw chocolate mousse and it was probably the best chocolate thing I've had in my entire life. It WAS mousse, not one of those "this is an imitation of the real thing but nowhere near as good" type deals. My boyfriend said it was the best desert he's ever had, period.

https://www.healthygreenkitchen.com/raw- ... ousse.html

I very loosely looked over that recipe but mine is different. Instead of the cacao butter I just doubled the coconut oil. I warmed (not cooked) the coconut oil on a very low heat until it melted at 70 some degrees so I could mix it in. I used raw agave instead of honey. And I probably used a few pinches of sea salt instead of just one. :)

I am really enjoying the green smoothies. I am a bit preoccupied with them at the moment because it is so new to me and my system, but I do see this as being a good thing for me.

There are few raw greens I like: romaine, spinach...I think that is it for the salady type greens. I do like a spring mix though. I can't wait to get some dandelion greens to try them and I would NEVER eat parsley anywhere other than a smoothie or a flavoring.

Somebody suggested I put this algae stuff in my smoothies. EWW YUCK. Not yet anyway.

For me I just like to keep my fruity things fruity and my vegetably/green things green. I drank green smoothies for years before coming to the realization that it was better for me to just keep them separate.

Not really, just isn't anywhere near as delicious as the fruit ones I make. :)


I made 99% raw vegan ranch dressing tonight ! (99% because I roasted the garlic) and OMG! It was just as good if not better than the "REAL" Ranch you get at restaurants!

Avocado is the "greenest" thing that goes into my smoothies.

Today's smoothie, which I named "pineapple dream cream":

Raspberries (just a little to make it a light pink)
2 avocado
1 pear

supposedly greens combine well with fruit. i was really enjoying my walking breakfasts these last few months-- strolling in the garden eating bananas and grazing on arugala-- but after a while i had to admit.....

lots of harmless gas all day long. i cut out the morning arugala and it went away. :)

Avocado and pineapple are a great combination! I have noticed that adding kale or cilantro still makes a delicious smoothie that is very easy to drink. Thanks for the idea on the pineapple climbing. I rarely think of buying that because it is so difficult to eat plain. It gives me a sore mouth. But it is sooo good this way.

*It has been a week since I have added daily green smoothies to my diet; I notice weight loss, smoother softer skin with good tone, brighter eyes, more energy and way less energy dropping times, clearer focus, more patience, more peace, calmer gut, less desire for unhealthy foods, cravings for smoothies and salads, and more relaxed muscles. That is ALOT of change in one week.

Oops sorry! I was meaning to but I forgot. Here is the basic recipe, I'll post it and then tell you how I changed it up. :)

1-1/2 c nuts (cashew or mac or combo)
soak them for a creamier dressing (1-2 hr is fine, then drain)

3/4 - 1 c filtered water for blending
3 T lemon juice
(translates into approx 1/2 lemon)
1/3 c cider vinegar
1/3 c evoo
3 T agave ( or 3 soaked dates)
2 cloves garlic
1 t garlic pwd
3 t onion pwd
1 t dill
1 T sea salt
1/2 t basil

and to add after it done:
1/4 c finely minced parsley
1/2 t dill

makes 3 cups
serving size 2 T

vitamix blend all ingredients till creamy and smooth except the last 2, then stir them in.
thickens in fridge.

My notes...

*When I make it, I don't add the dill and parsley at the end, it makes it all thick and weird. I sometimes leave the parsley out all together (for a more basic whiter ranch) or other times, I blend a teeny bit of parsley with the cashews at the beginning, turning the sauce a light green and giving it a more "gourmet" taste and look)

*I also usually make a little less, using about 1 cup of soaked cashews. I have never added lemon juice. I just use 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar (you have to get the RAW unfiltered kind-the pasteurized, filtered kind is worthless shit).

*I don't add any agave or dates. Just isn't necessary in my opinion but you could play around with that.

*I've never used any onion powder, but it might be good (although probably not raw) or garlic powder either...

*I use way more than the amount of garlic they call for, and I brown it verrrrryyyyy slightly in some coconut oil before adding it in. So my ranch is technically not 100% raw. I don't like it with the raw garlic. Raw garlic is just too much for me, I can only do it if I'm trying to use it medicinally. But taste-wise? No thanks.

*I never measure the basil or dill. I just add a lot. :)

That's it! It's yummy!
I have noticed that adding kale or cilantro still makes a delicious smoothie that is very easy to drink.
You've been adding cilantro to your fruit smoothies? Gahhh! I can't imagine. Cilantro is for mexican food, for me. :D

If you want to make your smoothies super healthy and see noticeable difference in your skin, add soaked/ground flaxseed to them. There was a thread about that around here awhile ago.

not very hard this one but it tastes good

take 8-10 bananas
add 1 bunch of chopped spinach (don't need to chop much the blender does that)
add 1 tray of ice blocks

drink and enjoy
a great way of getting your greens if you aren't into big salads

You must have a massive blender if 8-10 bananas fit in it! :D I want to get a bigger one. Mine sucks, it fills all the way up super easy (makes about two glasses and thats it) and if it's very full it won't blend all the way through and you have to stop every minute and stir the top stuff down to the bottom. Grrr...

I was thinking the same thing!! I don't think my blender would hold that many bananas!! My blender does a great job but it is pretty much brand new. I think it holds 64 oz. Maybe 56. IDK. But I do drink the whole pitcher now by myself. I usually get three glasses of it. It takes me allll day to drink it though. And then I have dinner. Actually I tear up dinner, LOL. Last night I had my steak gone before I even realized I was eating it.

I am so thankful that I am back eating better. And this is more raw food than I have ever done for this long so I am happy! Thank you so much Rabana, Climbing, and Patryc. You have all been an inspiration for me to take better care of my body and you have all helped me along the way! :)

well it depends on the size of bananas - bananas vary in size greatly. For example: our bananas over here vary from 5-10 inches. The 5 inch bananas being half the calories the 10 inch ones have so u only need half as many. The 8-10 bananas would be about 6-7 inches for this recipe.

oh - what I do to fit it all in is drink 1 glass of straight bananas after the blending, then I add the spinach. Often there is not enough room for all the spinach once you have the bananas in there. The order that you put the ice in can vary too. Sometimes I put the ice in before the spinach. The ice really makes a big difference with this recipe.


I am so thankful that I am back eating better. And this is more raw food than I have ever done for this long so I am happy! Thank you so much Rabana, Climbing, and Patryc. You have all been an inspiration for me to take better care of my body and you have all helped me along the way! :)[/QUOTE]

Aw. :) You're too much sweetness. Hehe. Thanks for saying I inspired you in my journal too, it meant a lot to me.

off topic- post in the Teen Mom thread more. :D lol

Today is a good one! I was out of avocado and banana which I have been using one of daily to add some creaminess. So this lead to an experiment. It turned out DELICIOUS!!

One whole pineapple, one lemon, a piece of ginger, and parsley. I added some agave because it was a little too sour for me. It is really really yummy. The ginger is amazing. I love ginger!!
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