nice article, I suffer from this, it's not fun, food allergies are my cause, I have to be very careful as my particular food allergens are in most processed food items (Cow or Goats milk products, Egg white, Yeast and Brazil nuts (only the last one that isn't in almost everything). I agree it can make you really grumpy or sad or angry it's not just your energy levels that are affected, effectively you are being poisoned if you have this disorder. I think we have to remember that many children suffer from this too.

Re: Th Connection Between Digestive Issues and Depression

I agree, leaky gut can cause a lot of problems. Mercury toxicity lead to me having leaky gut, which I am currently healing.
The amino acid L-Glutamine is an excellent ally in healing leaky gut, also peppermint tea, resistant starch's such as potato starch, kefir's, good pro-biotics like prescript assist and staying away from industrial seed oils like soy and sunflower oils, gmo foods, heavily processed garbage foods and pasturised dairy. Also handling stress well always helps with any healing and especially anything to do with the gut. I chant Hu in times of stress as it is great at centering you
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